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Parachute Games and Activities for Kids: Engaging Fun for Eager Minds

Ever thought of falling from the sky in a parachute?

You’re excused, if you’re not all that adventurous! After all, that’s not the only thing parachutes are for. You might want to join your little ones, for some fun Parachute Activities for Kids!

But first, a look at the Learning Objectives for Parachute Games.

Parachute Games Benefits: Learning Objectives for Parachute Games

Here’s why parachute games make for a great option to keep those eager minds engrossed.

  • Following Directions
  • They help children do what you might otherwise have a hard task explaining to them – getting them to follow directions!

  • A Full-Body Exercise
  • Want to work their entire body, from their arms to their legs? Look no further, than those Parachute Games for Kids!

  • Gets them to see physical activity as ‘fun’, and not a chore! Get kids to debunk the notion that physical activity is hard, by having them indulge in some cool parachute games.

19 Exciting Parachute Games and Activities for Children

Ready to have your kids unfurl that parachute, without the perils of finding themselves falling from the skies with it? Have them indulge in the following games and activities, that involve a parachute!

  1. Parachute Tug of War
  2. This classic game never goes out of style, no matter what the variation!

    How to Play:
    Two teams stand on opposite sides of the parachute, holding it tightly.
    Each team starts on the count of 3, and try to pull the other team onto their side. The team that accomplishes this first, wins.

  3. Mushroom
  4. No, they won’t be ‘eating’ a mushroom, but ‘making’ one instead!

    How to play:
    The kids have to spread out in a circle, holding the parachute’s edges.
    They must pull tight on those edges, and lower the parachute to a point mid-distance between the ground and their knees.
    On cue, they have to lift the parachute up. This is when the parachute will ‘fill with air’ and rise up, resembling a ‘mushroom!’

  5. Parachute Turtle
  6. How lovely it would be, to find oneself in a turtle shell!

    How to play:
    The kids must space out evenly, while holding the edges of the parachute.
    Then they must get into the parachute, and inflate it to resemble the shell of a turtle.
    Now they must walk slowly inside this ‘shell’. The challenge is doing so, without disturbing its shape!

  7. Making Waves
  8. Who needs a wave pool, when you can make waves without water?

    How to play:
    Kids must stand around the parachute, while holding it tight.
    They must simply move their hands up and down, to create those ‘waves’!

  9. Getting Parachute ‘Fleas’ Out
  10. Don’t worry, the ‘fleas’ here refer to tiny plastic balls, not real insects!

    How to play:
    Throw some plastic balls onto the centre of a parachute that is held up by children standing around a circle.
    The children must get that parachute ‘Flea-Free’, by tossing those plastic balls out!

  11. Sea Treasures
  12. Want them to go deep sea diving? Don’t worry, they don’t have to venture into the sea for that!

    How to play:
    A box filled with ‘treasures’ must be placed under a parachute held at waist level by the kids.
    While the rest of the kids make ’waves’ with the parachute, ‘one’ designated ‘diver’ must go in to retrieve the treasure!

  13. Balancing the Ball
  14. A fun variation of the ‘Fleas’ game we discussed above!

    How to Play:
    Like in the earlier game, the children are holding a parachute upwards, but this time round a single beach ball is tossed in its centre.
    Now, instead of tossing that ball off, the kids must balance it so it doesn’t fall!

  15. Circus Tent
  16. Get them to form their own circus troupe!

    How to Play:
    After holding that parachute up, the kids must come closer to each other, inside it.
    Let them enjoy the circus tent of their own creation!

  17. Parachute Merry-Go-Round
  18. Who needs to go to an amusement park, when you can bring one home?

    How to Play:
    The kids must stand in a circle, evenly spaced from each other and holding the edges of the parachute.
    Play some music. As it plays, they must move round in a circle, with that parachute. When it stops playing, they must pause.

  19. The Number Switch
  20. This fun game, is always exciting for little kids.

    How to Play:
    Every child holding an edge of a parachute raised above their heads, is assigned a number.
    When the ‘switch’ is announced, like ‘3 with 1’, the kids in question must trade places. Here, number ‘3’ will run towards number 1, and replace them. Needless to say, number ‘1’will do likewise!

  21. The Icebreaker
  22. Similar to the one above, but with an endearing twist!

    How to Play:
    Like in the previous game, the numbers of two children holding the parachute’s edges, are called out.
    The children have to meet each other in the centre, and ‘shake hands’ before going back to their positions.

  23. Parachute Tag
  24. How cool it will be, to be ‘tagged’ inside a parachute, even though the objective is avoiding it!

    How to Play:
    The name of one of the children standing around a parachute, is called out.
    That child must successfully run to another end of the parachute, before the child there moves the parachute down and ‘tags’ them.

  25. The Parachute Dance
  26. Why simply ‘stand’ around the parachute, when you can ‘dance’ around it?

    How to Play:
    Children have to stand in position around a parachute, while holding its edges.
    When the music plays, they have to dance. They can even do this after going ‘under’ it!

  27. Parachute Popcorn
  28. Yes, they can make their very own ‘Parachute Popcorn’, with this fun activity!

    How to Play:
    Children must stand in a circle, holding the parachute edges, onto which mini bean bags are tossed.
    They have to move the parachute up and down, to make that virtual popcorn ‘pop’!

  29. Shark!
  30. Again, not a word you’re going to be hearing in real ‘Water’!

    How to Play:
    Children must sit in a circle around a parachute that lies flat on the ground, lifting the edge near them to their chest.
    A designated child is the ‘shark’. They must go under the parachute, and grab the legs of a child in the circle, trying to pull them inside.
    The attacked child is now the next ‘shark’!

  31. Parachute See-Saw
  32. A kind of Tug-Of-War, in which ‘everyone’ wins!

    How to Play:
    Children must hold the edges of a parachute, while sitting down.
    They must then gently pull back and forth on those edges, mimicking a seesaw.

    • Story Time
    • One thing about stories is, they are best told in the most exotic places.

      How to Play:
      Children have to stand inside a parachute that is held atop their heads.
      It’s time for you, the storyteller, to crawl in and tell them an unforgettable story!

    • The Weather Reporter
    • Yes, parachutes are subject to a variety of weather conditions, even on the ground!

      The kids must stand in a circle, holding the edges of the parachute.
      One child is the designated ‘Weather Reporter’. They will say things like ‘light wind’ and ‘cyclone’, and all kids must comply with said instructions, by getting the parachute to ‘flutter’ or ‘swing wildly’, in accordance with said instructions.

    • Cat and Mouse
    • This game is sure to get them thinking they are the real-life Tom and Jerry!

      How to Play:
      The parachute must be held by the kids at waist level.
      One child, the ‘cat’, will go on top of the chute. The other, the ‘mouse’, goes down.
      The objective of the cat is to catch the mouse. The other players must try to make it difficult for the cat, by moving the chute up and down.

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