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What-A-Melon: The Benefits of Watermelon for Kids

EuroKidsJul 2, 2024

Nothing quite refreshes, like a good old slice of Watermelon! It’s true. That enticing slice of ‘Red Goodness’, sprinkled with…


Nutritional Powerhouse: Benefits of Ghee for Children’s Development

EuroKidsJul 2, 2024

It is evident that as parents to children, we would always wish to ensure that the kids are provided with…


King of Nuts: The Advantages of Introducing Almonds to Toddlers

EuroKidsJul 2, 2024

Remember the time when, as a little child, you were told to have a ‘couple of almonds’ before going for…


Beyond Vitamin A: Carrots and their Importance for Children

EuroKidsJul 2, 2024

‘Eat your Greens!’ How many times do you remember yelling that out loud to your kids, in an attempt to…


An Atom Bomb of Nutrients: Why Kids need to eat more Kiwi

EuroKidsJul 2, 2024

If you are one of those people who might have ever wondered ‘What is Kiwi Fruit’, you’re not alone. Chances…