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Nuts For Babies: When To Introduce, Benefits, And Recipes

Are you thinking of introducing nuts to babies but need to figure out the health benefits of nuts for babies or the types of nuts to give babies? Well, worry not! We got covered. Let’s deep dive into understanding the nuts for babies – when to introduce them, the health benefits of nuts for babies and some nutrilicious recipes as well.

When a baby is shifting to solid food, all parents think about all the tasty food they can give their little ones – maintaining all the nutritional value. And that’s where many questions around everything they think of including in a kid’s diet pop up. Nuts are also one such food option. While all nuts for babies hold great nutritional importance, introducing nuts to babies can be challenging. You might go nuts yourself if your baby swallows the nut and chokes. Hence, it is essential to understand what types of nuts to give babies for their safety, how to introduce nuts to babies, and the health benefits of nuts for babies.

Is It Safe to Give Nuts to a Baby?

Nuts are one of the most healthy natural edibles found in vegetation worldwide. You can naturally integrate nuts for babies into the diet – without thinking of any particular danger. Nuts can be introduced into a baby’s diet from around 9-10 months of age. You can either give it in solid form or powdered form. But you should do so only after checking with your baby’s pediatrician, as some kids can be allergic to certain nuts.

When Can You Introduce Nuts to Your Baby?

You don’t have to wait for any particular age to introduce nuts to your baby. Nuts for babies can add that little crunch to their favourite food. If you are thinking about the best time to introduce nuts to babies – the answer is as soon as your baby is ready to take solid food. You can start giving nuts while your baby is 6 months old – so that the health benefits of nuts in babies can be seen in your child from early childhood. If you are considering allergies, you need to know that if you start giving potentially allergenic food at a lower age, your baby will have fewer chances of getting allergies.

Nutritional Benefits of Nuts for Infants

The types of nuts to give babies that are available worldwide are a sign of the humongous health benefits of nuts for babies. Including them in the diet can provide excellent nutrients to infants. Most nuts for babies are essential to support the initial phases of growth & development:

  • Many nuts for babies, like peanuts or pistachios, tend to contain resveratrol, which helps support the development of your little one’s immune system.
  • Vitamin E, flavonoids, and various antioxidants in the nuts ensure your baby’s body effectively flushes out the waste.
  • One of the most significant health benefits of nuts for babies includes enhancing brain function and development.
  • Walnuts are those types of nuts to give babies known to be a rich reserve of omega-3 acids. This makes them highly essential in maintaining good health and proper blood circulation.
  • Nuts usually contain unsaturated fats. These fats are highly beneficial for the body compared to other kinds of fat.
  • For primarily vegetarian families, nuts provide the necessary amount of protein the baby’s body needs.
  • Another of the essential health benefits of nuts for babies is that they contain enough fibrous elements.
  • Some nuts also contain phosphorus in reasonable amounts. This plays a crucial role in developing the teeth and bones in young babies effectively.

Types of Nuts To Give Babies

Almost all nuts for babies are going to go! Although if you suspect an allergy, please check with your pediatrician for the same. Some of the nuts that can be given to your little ones are:

Chia Seeds
Sunflower seeds
Sesame Seeds seeds
Hemp Seeds
Pine Nuts
Macadamia nuts

Recipes Made from Nuts

Nuts for babies can be introduced in powdered form – the easiest and mess-free way. You can use this powder in many ways – savoury & sweet delicacies per your child’s preference.

Simply grind the nut you choose, or mix different nuts to make it a fine powder. All you have to do is incorporate these nuts into various food options. Some of the nuts for babies in powdered form recipes are:

  1. Nuts Milk:
  2. Milk is said to be a complete food in itself, but when you add nuts to milk – it becomes even healthier. And since your child is already accustomed to having milk in their early childhood, the best way to introduce nuts to babies can be by offering them nuts milk. Simply add a couple of spoons of nut powder and give the milk a few stirs to mix it well before you serve it to your little one. When doing this, if you want, you can skip health drinks like Bournvita, Complan etc.

  3. Nut Smoothie:
  4. After Nut Milk, Nut Smoothie is a simple recipe that maximises the health benefits of nuts for babies. Ghee roast the nuts of your choice like Cashews, Pine Seeds, Almonds, Flaxseeds etc. Post that, grind it coarsely in a grinder (you can grind it with some sugar as well). Mix it well with a fruit pulp like strawberries, mango, musk-melon, guava, banana or papaya.

  5. Nutty-Paratha:
  6. If your toddler is ready to chew some parathas, you can prepare a delicious stuffing using nut powder (by simply blending all the nuts of your choice). You can roast the powdered nuts with ghee, jeera, salt and onion. Stuff this into your paratha and let your child relish the same.

  7. Nutty-Dips:
  8. If your toddler enjoys finger foods, then you can serve finger foods with some fantastic nutty dips. These dips enhance the taste as an accompaniment and display the incredible health benefits of nuts for babies. Use different ball peppers, olive oil, beetroot, and yogurt as the base of these dips, some salt, mint or oregano for seasoning and add your nut powder to give a crunch. 


While nuts for babies have the potential to show some allergic reactions, there are also many health benefits of nuts for babies. Introducing nuts to babies early is beneficial, considering both – the nutritional value and chances of potential allergy. Nuts can be given as a paste on an empty stomach in the morning (after being soaked overnight) or in powdered form, incorporating them into various food forms.

At Eurokids, we understand the importance of health and nutrients. While we teach your kids the value of balanced diets, we also include nuts for babies in their meals. Click here to know more, or visit a Eurokids centre for fun summer activities for your child.

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