Names of Face Parts and Fun Learning Activities

In everyday life, there are a plethora of things we take for granted.
The ‘air’ we breathe, the ‘houses’ we live in.

The very fact that we are Alive, is something to marvel at. That we are bestowed with a ‘Nose’ to breathe, and ‘Eyes’ to see. Simple physical features, that only the discerning mind of a Child will explore with the utmost fascination.

That being said, it’s never too early to start teaching your little ones about the Different Parts of the Face. The best way to begin doing that, is imparting them with a lesson on the Names of the Different Face Body Parts.Teaching Parts of the Face for Kids, is an exercise that will make for a memorable experience for your toddler or preschooler. After all, when we label something, we bequeath a new lease of life to it.

Time to get in ‘Face Explorer’ mode, and examine the Parts of the Face, beginning with their Names!

Names of Face Body Parts: A Quick Summary

In this section you will find all the Names of the Face Body Parts that your little one needs to know.

Tip: You might want to show your children pictures of the body parts, as you read their names out one by one.

  • You can tell your kids that their ‘cheeks’ are what every adult, including you, tends to ‘pull’ every now and then. These refer to the skin under their eyes that expands when we blow on something.
  • That lovely Music they hear? That’s all thanks to those ‘Ears’! There’s one ear on each side of the head.
  • If you ride a bike, show your child that this is the place where you fasten that helmet strap. It’s the lowest part of the face, located beneath the mouth.
  • While different people might have different-coloured eyes, they all serve the same function. Namely, enabling us to ‘see’ the things around us!
  • This is the skin that we see when we close our eyes. Located both ‘above’, and ‘below’, each eye.
  • Those small wisps of hair dotting the edges of the eyelids, are the prettiest things!
  • Ever wonder why sweat doesn’t make it into our eyes? It’s because of these ‘lines of short hairs’ above both eyes!
  • All that Crying they indulge in when they were babies? It’s because of their mouths! Apart from helping us communicate, mouths are also used for Eating and Breathing.
  • Those ‘taste buds’ that help us taste food? They are located on the Tongue! It also helps us swallow, and even, articulate speech!
  • How do we kiss our Mama and Dada? With these fleshy things called ‘lips!’ We also use them to hold food in our mouths.
  • Did you know that it is more important to breathe air from the nose, than the mouth? Apart from breathing, we use it to Smell.
  • ‘Nothing’ can be ‘Something’, too! Like these two ‘Holes’, that are located at the bottom of our nose.
  • There’s a good reason we are advised to brush our teeth twice a day! These white structures that are found inside our mouths are essential for Chewing our food.

Simple and Enjoyable Methods for Teaching Facial Features to Toddlers and Preschoolers

Teaching Parts of the Face for Kids need not be a chore. Help them learn the different parts of the face, with these fun Activities.


Time to get those Junior Picassos in action!

To do: Get your child to sit in front of a mirror. Then hand them a blank sheet of paper, and some colours to draw with. Watch their excitement, when you tell them they must draw their own portrait. When finished, they must identify the different parts of the face you have already taught them.

Singing Songs about Body Parts

Know the song ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’? It’s just one example of a song you can use to effectively teach the names of different parts of the face, to your little ones.

To do: Make this game more exciting for them, by having them point to the corresponding body part, that you ‘sing’ out loud to them.

Quiz them

All children love being quizzed, so why not make a ‘Quiz’ out of teaching them the names of face body parts?

To do: Begin by pointing out to them the different parts of their face, by lightly touching them as you name each one. Then, ask them a question like ‘Where are Mummy’s eyes?’

Make use of Props

Want to teach kids the names of face parts? Utilizing props is one of the best ways to do just that!

To do: The objective here is to play a game of ‘Dress Up’, using items scoured from your wardrobe. Commonly found items like socks, sunglasses, hats, etc. For instance, you might want to ask them, ‘Where does the Hat go?’ They have to say ‘Head’, and only then can they put it over their little heads!

The Instruction Game

Your toddler will follow instructions far more readily than when they become teenagers. Why not make the most of it in the Now?

To do: Tell them they must do whatever you instruct them to. For instance, opening their mouths when you say ‘Show me your Teeth.’

Mirror Fun

All children love staring in the mirror, so its’s really quite easy to teach them this method of learning face parts.

To do: Standing in front of the mirror, touch you Chin and say its name. Your child must repeat the same after you. Then you can move on to another part of the face, for instance, the ‘eyelashes.’ This is certainly one of the more effective ways to help kids learn face parts.

At EuroKids, we strongly believe in the importance of teaching toddlers and preschoolers the names of the different parts of the Face. Just like with other body parts, it helps them develop that vital sense of Body Awareness.

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