Musical adventures with shapes for preschoolers!


Are you a teacher looking for innovative ways to teach your kids about shapes? Perhaps you are a parent home-schooling your kid before kindergarten begins and want to prep them for it. Maybe you are a tutor. Or a guardian. Or a nanny.

It does not matter what your role is, what matters is getting kids to learn about shapes so they never forget the differences between them, right? Well, how about fusing a little bit of music to your lesson? You know how fast kids learn nursery rhymes. Perhaps the same trick could work wonders in helping your kids learn about shapes!

But where would you find these shapes songs for kids?! After all, it is not that common. This is a unique approach. And making up a song can be all too difficult. But you do not have to worry about that because below we have listed simple songs for each of the shapes, which you can sing to get your kids excited about them!

  1. Circle
  2. Our circle shape song for kids is both simple and highly informative. A circle as you know is round. So keeping that in mind, we fashioned a little rhyme that makes it easy for kids to remember what a circle is all about.

    “Circles always go round and round.
    No matter if you turn them upside down,
    Or twirl them all around,
    Circles always go round and round.”

  3. Square
  4. ifferent types of shapes for kids require different types of songs. Take for example the square shape. For this one, our song talks about how a circle has 4 equal sides so kids can truly comprehend the structure of a square.

    “There are four sides to a square.
    And they are all the same.
    One, two, three, four – it is all in the name.
    There are four sides to a square.”

  5. Triangle
  6. We think our triangle song is particularly catchy! Not to brag though but it makes learning about triangles so simple and fun. Check it out.

    “One, two, three sides to a triangle.
    See it from every angle
    And you will find
    One, two, three sides to a triangle.”

  7. Rectangle
  8. Of the different types of shapes for kids, it is easy for little ones to get confused between square and a rectangle. But our song makes it very easy to distinguish a rectangle from a square for kids. Have a look!

    “Two sides are short
    Two sides are long
    Clap your hands together
    And sing along to the rectangle song.”

  9. Oval
  10. Not so different from a circle, except for the stretched out look of course. It is rather curved. Egg-like. And that forms the core of our oval song. A great shape for kids that they can sing along to.

    “Oval is the circle’s cousin,
    And it looks like an egg.
    Oval is the circle’s cousin,
    So you will never forget!”

  11. Heart
  12. Correct us if we are wrong, but we think the heart shape is one of the easiest shapes to remember. Kids can instantly recognise it. And it might be one of the first shapes they learn about in this mobile-phone driven world. Nonetheless, here is a short, cute rhyme on the shape of a heart.

    “A symbol of love, usually in red
    Given to family and friends
    That is the shape of a heart,
    That is the shape of a heart.”

  13. Star
  14. Okay there is already a very famous nursery rhyme on stars, which you can definitely use to teach your kids about it but it does not talk much about the shape of a star, does it? We know not. So we think you would be better off using our song as a musical shapes activity for kids.

    “Made of five points that meet in the centre,
    Stars in the sky twinkle and shimmer.
    With rays to bright, only visible at night,
    Stars in the sky twinkle and shimmer.”

  15. Hexagon
  16. This one is a slightly difficult shape to teach kids but with a little effort and a little song, your kids should know exactly what a hexagon is in no time. Here is our rhyme to help you out.

    “Guess which shape is most fun?
    Hexagon is the one!
    With six sides and a shape like none,
    Guess which shape is most fun?
    Hexagon is the one!”

  17. Diamond
  18. Finally, we are at the last shape for today and we know you are fighting the urge to sing “like a diamond in the sky” but hold it because that rhyme is on stars and we already have a little sing-song for it. So of course going in the same tune, we have one for diamonds too. And it goes something like this:

    “Shaped like a kite
    High in the sky
    Painting a pretty sight
    Is the four-pointed diamond.”

Would you like to give us a round of applause? We are only joking! But we had a lot of fun creating rhyming lessons out of shapes, which you can use to teach your kids about this fundamental concept in the realm of space.

When you turn a lesson into a song, kids naturally ease into learning it. That is because they feel relaxed enough to just let loose and have fun while learning. If you keep things straight, preschoolers might get bored or feel too pressured and hence, give up on learning something new for good. The key is to keep lessons light and fun. Like we do at EuroKids!

At EuroKids, we make use of techniques such as songs and visual aids to help kids grasp the basics much faster in a way that the concepts are firmly solidified in their developing brains. Our advanced curriculum is bar none and has already garnered quite a few awards. Our preschools are present in most prominent localities of most cities, thus adding to the many reasons that make it the perfect fit for your child. To know more about us, visit any of our EuroKids branches that are closest to you.