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Mind-blowing fun facts that will captivate children

Kids love a good fact. Throw a crazy, kind of unbelievable one at them and you will watch their eyes light up with a mix of glee and curiosity! Not only do they get impressed that you know this out-of-the-world, veritable tidbit, they also get the chance to quench their thirst for knowledge and learn more about our fascinating world and all its equally fascinating creatures!

We have curated a list of amazing facts for kids that are sure to wow your children, be it at the dinner table or during the card ride back home.

  1. It is humanly impossible to sneeze and keep your eyes open at the same time!

  2. And it is also impossible to lick your elbows. Go ahead and give it a shot!

  3. Right up until 1952, Olympic medals were handed out for sculptures, paintings, music, literature and other forms of art!

  4. The amount of Nutella manufactured every year is enough to complete 1.8 round trips of the earth!

  5. This is one of those amazing facts for kids that will blow your mind! Did you know the origin of French can be traced back to Belgium? They are not French!

  6. Can you guess the number of seconds in a year? It is 31,536,000 seconds!

  7. Did you know what the fear of numbers is called? Arithmophobia. Now it makes sense why they call it arithmetics!

  8. If you add up each of the opposite sides of a dice, the sum total will come up to 7.

  9. Known as the Pinnochio effect, your nose actually turns a bit warm every time you tell a lie.

  10. This one might be well-known but a reminder is always. Tomatoes are fruits, not veggies.

  11. There is only one number that is spelt in as many letters as its figure. Not a clue? It is number four!

  12. Here is another interesting fact for kids. Just like your fingerprint, your tongue has a unique print too.

  13. This one of the lazybones! On average, humans sleep for about 25 years of their lives!

  14. Your sense of smell also goes to sleep when you do, which means you will not be able to smell when you snooze.

  15. You get access to a phone network at the base camp of Mt. Everest.

  16. Every newborn is color blind. They develop the ability to see colours at 5 months of age.

  17. Think square watermelons do not exist? This interesting fact for kids will shock you! You can actually buy one in Japan!

  18. Sneeze or cough? Do you know which one of them is the fastest of all? The answer is sneezes! They can travel at the highest speed of 167 km/h.

  19. Clouds may look weightless but they can weigh up to 1.1 billion pounds!

  20. This easy, amazing fact will blow your mind! While an adult human has 206 bones, a baby has 300 of them.

  21. Every planet in our solar system spins counterclockwise. Can you guess which one does not? It is Venus!

  22. It is virtually not possible for the human brain to experience the sensation of pain.

  23. Bananas are a rich source of potassium and as such can be deemed radioactive!

  24. Making to the list of easy, amazing facts, did you know cranberries bounce like a ball in their ripe state?

  25. There is only one fruit whose seeds are on the outside instead of the inside and that is a strawberry.

  26. Wind does not have a sound of its own. You only hear the sound of wind when it blows against something else.

  27. No matter what legend says, it is very much possible for lightning to strike twice.

  28. Your teeny tiny human nose is capable of detecting about a trillion smells.

  29. On average, a woman’s heart beats faster than that of a man’s.

  30. Virtually the strength of human teeth equals that of a shark!

  31. Ready for another fact for the day for kids? Every day, a human can lose anywhere between 50 to 100 strands of the hair on their head.

  32. Everyday on the planet Neptune is just about 16 hours long.

  33. However, on the planet Venus, each day can last 243 earth days. That is close to a year!

Were not all of these facts equally fun and gripping? You can even turn these into little facts of the day for kids and help them learn more about how the world works and all bizarre things that happen on this planet! At EuroKids, all of our teachers make it a point to share interesting trivia about their subjects to keep kids engaged and expand their knowledge base. Visit your nearest centre to learn about our curriculum!

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