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Mastering Top, Bottom, Middle, Above, and Below: Fun Activities for Preschoolers

‘Top, Middle or Bottom?’
That’s the question you might want to pose to your preschooler, vis a vis the Physical Orientation of an object. For instance, the Wheel of a Car!

Of course, not before you teach them ‘What is Above and Below’, in the first place!

While the physical orientations of objects in Space are things that older kids take for granted, it’s no piece of cake for toddlers! In the very first place, they are struggling to master the word ‘Wheel’. To add to that, you are asking them whether it’s at the Top, Middle or Bottom!

You can rest assured that in this article you will find all there is to know, when it comes to learning how to teach Above and Below to your little ones. We have all sorts of things compiled for your perusal, including some cool Top and Bottom Activities for Preschoolers and even the answer to the cryptic question, ‘What has a Bottom at the Top?’

Are you ready, to get down to the Bottom of things, and discover everything there is to know about ‘Top, Middle and Bottom?’ Let us begin, with a look at how to teach the Top, Middle and Bottom concept to kids.

Top, Bottom and Middle Concept for Preschoolers

If we have to reinforce the concepts Top, Bottom and Middle to Preschoolers, we must first get them to understand what each of them means.


This is the highest point of something.


This refers to the lowest point of something.


This is the point that is equidistant from the sides of something.
Once they have gotten a basic understanding of what Top, Bottom and Middle are, it’s time to give this exercise an interesting twist. Ask them the question,
‘What has a Bottom at the Top?’
Oh, and just in case you didn’t know yourself, the answer is ‘A person’s Legs!’ Your kids will squeal in delight ,when they know you are referring to a person’s ‘Bottom’, that naturally finds itself on ‘Top’ when a person’s Legs are upright!

Ways to Teach Top, Middle and Bottom to Preschoolers

Looking for some cool Top and Bottom Activities that will help your child more easily absorb the spatial concepts that are Top, Middle and Bottom? The following are some cool Activities that will help them do just that!

Making a Tower, With Blocks

Playing with blocks is always a great deal of fun. You can use this to your advantage, and teach them all about spatial concepts, too.

To do: Have them construct a tower with your help, of different-coloured blocks. Then, nonchalantly discuss with them which colour blocks are at the top, which are in the middle, and which in the bottom. Now rearrange the blocks, and quiz them as to which colour now finds itself at the top or bottom.

Making Caricatures of Bodies

Drawing is something that keeps kids engaged for hours!

To do: Get them to draw a sketch of their own bodies. It doesn’t have to be perfect, of course! Then, have them label what they believe to be their ‘Top’, ‘Bottom’ and ‘Middle.’

Oil, Water and Pebbles

Children will be fascinated with this experiment, that will not only show them ‘how things float’, but reinforce those concepts of Top and Bottom, too.

To do: Take a glass and put some pebbles in it. Then add some water and oil. Needless to say, the stones will be at the bottom of the glass, the water in the middle, and the oil on top. Quiz your children about their positions, and see if they get them right!

Looking All Around

This one’s an activity that you can perform in the confines of your Living Room itself!

To do: You want to ask your children what are the things they can see all around them, that are at the Top, Bottom and Middle. For instance, the Television might be in the Middle, that antique painting on Top, and the lush carpet at the Bottom!

How to Teach Above and Below to Preschoolers

All right, so we have pretty much mastered the art of explaining Top, Bottom and Middle to Preschoolers. What about ‘Above’ and ‘Below’?

Needless to say, the best way that children learn is when they have Fun! The following are some Fun Activities that you can get them to engage in. Activities that will surely instill the concepts of ‘Above’ and ‘Below’, succinctly well in those impressionable minds.

The Seesaw Experience

Which child does not love going Up and Down on a Seesaw?

To do: Take them to the park, and say out loud the words ‘Up’ and ‘Down’, whenever your kids find themselves on the respective Seesaw positions. Then, have them shout out the same, and see if they get it right.

The Up and Down Game

Who’s ‘Up’ for a Game? Pretty much every child out there, you will find!

To do: The game is simple, really. When you call out an ‘Alphabet’, your children must stand ‘Up.’ Conversely, when you call out the name of a ‘Letter’, they must sit ‘Down’!

The Above and Below Treasure Hunt

Your kids will not only find those Physical Treasures, but be enriched with the Treasure of Knowledge, too!

To do: Get your kids to engage in a Treasure Hunt, with clues like the following:

  • It is in a place where we walk, ‘Below’ the carpet.
  • It is in a place where we keep our toys, ‘Above’ the shoes drawer.

Making Use of Animal Actions

All children are fascinated by animals! This exercise will make for tons of fun for them!

To do: Ask them questions like the following:

  • When fish swim in the sea, are they swimming Above or Below the water surface?
  • Do birds fly Above or Below clouds?

At EuroKids we believe that teaching kids spatial concepts like Top, Middle and Bottom, is a most important exercise. It helps them become more independent, and far more able to perform daily tasks.

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