Mastering Balance: A Guide to Balance Boards for Kids

They say that ‘Balance’ is the key to a good life. How wonderful then, it would be, to have something specifically designed to master just that!

Not exactly the kind of balance we are speaking of here, but a critical one, nonetheless. There is a fine line, where it comes to walking the line between ‘balance’ and ‘falling’. Children need to learn these ‘balance skills’, to simply explore the world around them.

If your mind is ridden with queries like ‘How to use a Balance Board’ and ‘What does a Balance Board do?’, you can rest assured you will find all the answers here. The purpose of this article is to examine everything from How to Use a Balance Board, to Balance Board Benefits. Ready to get started, and usher in that critical sense of ‘balance’ in the lives of your children? Let’s begin with an essential understanding of Balance Boards!

Balance Boards for Kids: What they are

Ever heard of the term ‘Wobble Board’? It’s a moniker for that Balance Board.

In a nutshell, that Balance Board for Kids is a toy that can be used by children, in the realm of Imaginative Play. So, where does the word ‘Balance’ fit in? Needless to say, these ingenuous toys are specifically designed to aid in the Balance and Coordination skills of your child! Apart from helping them ace these core Motor Skills, that balance board will do remarkable things for your little one’s Posture!

Balance Board For Kids: How to Use them

If you’re looking at How to Use a Balance Board for Kids, you will be surprised to learn that there is no mere singular way to use them, but rather, several. Here are just some of the examples of their versatility.

  1. The Balancing Act
  2. Kids can never get enough of this one! The mere act of rocking back and forth on them without falling, makes for a huge accomplishment for them!

  3. Climbing Ramp
  4. A truly versatile way to use that balance board, this one. All you have to do is place one end of that board on the floor, and prop the other end onto a chair or even their bed. Then, let those little climbers scale their mini-Everests!

  5. Slide
  6. A slight variation of what we did in the point above. All you have to do is flip that balance board upside down, and let your children slide down it!

Balance Board For Kids: Benefits of using a Balance Board

Of course there are several benefits to using that balance board, you know that well by now. This section attempts to uncover just how beneficial they truly are.

  1. They improve Balance
  2. This one’s so important, it needs a mention time and again. After all, there’s a reason the word ‘balance’ forms an integral part of the names of these remarkable toys.

    Interesting Fact: Apart from honing vital skills like Balance and Coordination, Balance Boards do a great job at improving Proprioception. This is a term used for the general awareness of the body’s Position and Movement.

  3. They improve Motor Skills
  4. If there is one most important thing that children are doing when they use those balance boards, it is making use of their Muscle and Coordination skills. All in an attempt to master that fine art of ‘Balance’, of course!

    Note: The importance of mastering those motor skills early on, should never be undermined! It is on account of this, that they develop the confidence to indulge in activities that make even more use of their muscles in the future.

  5. Encourages them to Play
  6. Okay, so What does a Balance Board do, apart from working on the ‘balance’ and ‘coordination’ skills of kids? For starters, here’s this one – it gets them to play more! Your child will be absolutely stoked when you get them a balance board to play with. They can use it in all sorts of Imaginative Play, like making it that ‘bridge over the moat surrounding a castle’, or even the castle itself!

Balance Board For Kids: Balance Board Exercises

Just when you might think you know all there is to learn about those Balance Boards, here’s more! Presenting some fun Balance Board Exercises for kids, that will take their usage of their favourite balance boards to the next level.

  1. The Ball Games
  2. It’s always fun playing with a ball, and even more so with a balance board underneath your feet!

    What you need: Soft balls, a balance board, a basket.

    How to:
    Play catch with your child, as they stand on that board. This will test their balance skills, in a fun and unique fashion.
    The Basket Game is another fun game for your child to indulge in, as they try and balance on that board. Keep an empty basket nearby, and have them try and toss those balls in!

  3. Conscious Wobbling
  4. Mastering the art of Balance, is no mere cup of tea!

    What you need: A balance board, a kid eager to balance!

    How to:
    Standing on the balance board, they must slowly lean onto its front so that it touches the floor.
    Now have them slowly lean backwards on the board, so that it touches the floor behind.
    Get them to repeat this back-and-forth exercise slowly, for a period of around 30 seconds.
    Note: If they need to, allow them to use the wall for support. In the event your child is finding it way too easy, you want them to stretch their arms above their heads, as they wobble back and forth.

  5. Balance Board Squats
  6. Kids will find the act of squatting on those boards, a great deal of fun!

    What you need: A balance board and a happy squatter!

    How to:
    Standing with their feet a bit wider than hip-distance apart, have them extend their arms in front of them.
    Let them squat as low as they can.
    Get them to perform at least 10 reps.

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