Loss Of Appetite In Toddlers: Causes And Ways To Deal With It
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Loss Of Appetite In Toddlers: Causes And Ways To Deal With It

The biggest concern for every parent is when their child is not eating correctly, and as a new parent, it can be challenging to handle the sudden loss of appetite in a toddler. It’s a prevalent thing for ages 1 to 5 that various factors can cause loss of appetite in children, and it’s normal to face such challenges. Many thoughts may cross your mind, like what is the reason behind toddler loss of appetite? Why are they never hungry? Are they not liking the food? How can you increase hunger in children naturally? But we’ve got you covered with all the answers you are looking for, so let’s dig in to find out the reasons and ways to increase hunger in children naturally.

Here are some causes of loss of appetite in Toddlers:


It’s the most common reason for the sudden loss of appetite in toddlers. It can happen due to illnesses like the common cold, flu, and ear infection. In that case, you can check if your child has a fever. Are they lethargic or irritable? Do they have any other symptoms, like a cough or runny nose? If you feel that the little ones are facing something like that, then it’s important to take them to the doctor to rule out any serious illness. There are other reasons as well for the loss of appetite in children.


If your baby is in the teething stage, then it can be difficult for them to intake anything as it may cause pain and discomfort in the mouth and throat. The process can start as early as when they are 3 months old. Due to this, they can show symptoms like irritability, excessive drooling, gum sensitivity, and trouble sleeping. This can be overwhelming for both parent and child as it causes loss of appetite. Try giving your child a toy to chew that will help them get relief from pain. You can also try cold foods and drinks to cool the temperature, which will help numb the gums.

Growth Spurts:

For every parent seeing their toddler grow big is the most adorable moment, but it comes with some hassles for you and your child. It’s a time when your toddlers go through quick physical growth in height and weight, which can be the reason for a loss of appetite in children. Your kid may get cranky or moody during this phase. This is normal, and this will pass. As a parent, it’s essential to make sure that their child is eating healthy, like lots of fruits and vegetables, which they will definitely run away from, but there are ways to increase hunger in children naturally which we will see further in the blog.

Changes in Routine:

As the kid grows, many things around him change, like starting school, daily routine, playing time, and also, for instance, moving to a new home. Changes in routine can cause stress and anxiety in toddlers and can cause a loss of appetite in children.

As a parent, you should try to maintain a sense of normalcy, try setting a schedule for mealtimes and bedtimes and stick to them as much as possible. Introduce new foods gradually and try not to force them all at once.

How to Increase Hunger in Children Naturally? Look Out for Some Tips-

– Reduce Their Snack Intake:

Remember the time when we all used to love binging on snacks and avoiding Roti Sabzi?? Everyone loves snacking on foods that are not good for our health, and kids are no special case. A parent needs to reduce the snack intake to increase hunger in the child naturally. You can also set a good example by eating healthy snacks yourself and avoiding processed foods. Two small healthy snacks a day are fine and will not cause any harm.

Encourage Playing Each Day:

For toddlers of this generation, it’s crucial to know the importance of going out and playing when they have thousands of reasons not to go! As a parent, it’s your responsibility to encourage and motivate your child to play so that there is some physical activity which will surely increase hunger in the child naturally as it will help to have a higher metabolism.

Make Mealtimes Fun:

Make mealtimes fun by involving your child in the process. Let them help you measure and mix ingredients and count out utensils. It will help them to increase their interest in what’s being prepared. Try making a healthier version of their favourite foods. In this way, you will make them more likely to try out new foods.

Be Patient:

It is essential to be patient when dealing with children’s appetite loss. Encourage your child to eat, but do not force them. It may take some time for their appetite to return to normal. Remember that this is likely temporary and that your child will eventually start eating again. Also, resting is equally important. Know if Montessori floor beds are good for your children.

In conclusion, loss of appetite in children is common and can be caused by various factors. As a parent, it is essential to remain calm and patient to support and encourage your child. It can be resolved with time and patience. In the meantime, these tips should help them through the sudden loss of appetite in toddlers.

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