List of Desert Animals and Their Adaptations

What do you imagine when you hear the word, ‘desert’?’ You think of a desert camp, tons of sand, heat, and camels. Camels are perhaps the first thing that comes to your mind. Do you know other desert animals’ names other than camels? There are many other types of animals that reside in the desert.

Still can’t remember what kinds of animals live on a desert?

If not, here’s an article that shares the list of desert animals and their adaptations. Dive right in to find out more about desert animals. We shall also unravel how they survive on a desert. Read the article fully to understand how animals survive in harsh conditions and which ones can do it. 

So, What’s A Desert Animal? 

A desert is a tough place to survive. You can’t imagine living in a desert simply because it gets too hot during the day, and too cold at night. And the animals that survive in such harsh environments are known as desert animals.

There are a few animals that can survive in these conditions because they have adapted to the surroundings. The list of desert animals’ names includes more than just camels. You will get to know once you move forward.

What Does A Desert Animal Eat?

Due to physical adaptations, desert animals can survive and thrive in all kinds of extreme conditions. They make use of plants, carcasses, and insects in the desert.

When the climate gets tough, the water and food gets scarce. But the desert animals are used to what and how much they have. How do animals survive in the desert? We can answer that.

Here’s a list of food items they eat in a desert:

  1. All kinds of desert plants:
  2. There are some plants that can store water in the stems. Goats, camels, and deer rely on cactus and brittlebush in this case.

  3. Carcass or dead animals:
  4. How do animals survive in the desert? Well, they have to eat to survive. They eat dead animals when they can’t find food. Always remember that living beings can find different ways to survive.

  5. Insects:
  6. Chameleons and iguanas of the desert eat insects to survive and thrive.

List of Desert Animals You Should Know Of

We have prepared a list of the desert animals you should know. Let’s look at it quickly.

  1. Camel:
  2. The famous camel is fairly large in size. They survive in heat and cold climatic conditions. In fact they are quite fit for desert life. You might have seen a jump on the back. And, of course, camels have long necks as well. Do you know they have energy-rich fat in their humps? This is the reason they can stay without food or water for a long time.

  3. Peccary:
  4. Since we are talking about desert animals adaptations, you have to know about the mammal called javelin or peccary. These mammals love prickly pears and succulent plants. They can survive on succulent plants till the rain gods arrive with some new food plants and water.

  5. Black-tailed jackrabbit:
  6. So, please note these are not rabbits. There is a difference between hares and rabbits. You find them in Mexico or the Western United States. Give the credit to their long ears; they are quite a survivor. When the temperature soars, they use their ears to regulate blood flow. Do you know characteristics of desert animals can help them survive in a place like a desert? The same goes for a camel or a hare.

  7. Fire Ants:
  8. Have you ever seen the brown-coloured ants? They are called fire ants. Did you also know they eat birds, dead animals, seeds, and other insects? They are quite a carnivore. Don’t try to get up close and personal with these ants: they can sting human beings and other animals. The sting is perhaps one of the characteristics of desert animals that helps them survive in the harsh place.

  9. Roadrunner:
  10. You have probably seen the Roadrunner show. You know they are quite fast! These fast and furious creatures eat fruits, eggs, reptiles, insects, snails, and much more. They have got quite an appetite. The good part is they don’t need a drop of water to survive. Sure, if there is water, they will drink a sip, but it is not a need.

  11. Desert Monitor:
  12. This is the type of animal that looks like a lizard. They can eat anything. While it can be a scary thought; these animals swallow everything fully. They eat birds, reptiles, eggs, and mammals.

  13. Dromedary:
  14. Say hello to the Arabian camel. They have a hump on the back which can store an insane amount of fat. The long eyelashes protect their eyes from sand. Since they have large footpads, there is no issue in navigating the desert.

  15. Onager:
  16. This one is a herbivore. They are wild horses that can survive with scarce food or water. They eat grass, herbs, bushes, and foliage.

Imagine living on a desert with scarce water and no lush trees with fruits and vegetables. You can’t even imagine! But since these animals have certain characteristics, they survive for a long time. You can’t expect a tiger or a monkey living in such conditions.

Desert animals adaptations are such that they can survive and thrive in a ruthless place like a desert. There is a lesson to learn from these animals! Even if there is scarcity, the animals make peace with what they have. But, once again, it is their characteristics that helps them to survive. You already know about the hare and the camel example.

Concluding Thoughts

Now that you know about desert animals and their adaptations, you have a little more knowledge. The next time someone asks you about desert animals or asks you to join a desert camping trip, you would know what all animals live there. Do you want to know more about desert animals or other exciting facts? Go to EuroKids official website and find out some new and intriguing things including desert animals and how they survive with scarce water and food. There is so much more to find out!

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