Keeping Kids Active and Healthy

Keeping Kids Active and Healthy

The importance of physical activity cannot be stressed enough. No matter the age of your child, indulging in daily physical activity is key to a healthy body, mind and yes, even soul.

The benefits of physical activity for children are great, truth be told. From developing healthy muscles, joints and bones to building a strong heart and lungs – the advantages do not stop here. You can also expect better coordination, properly developed motor skills, improved focus and flexibility and the maintenance of optimal weight. And of course, who can deny that it is a great way to channel all the pent up energy that kids have?

But the challenge is getting kids away from their screens and to the great outdoors! However, there are a few tips and tricks that can surely help you achieve that. Keep reading and you will find the answer to your query of “how to be strong physically” as far as your kids are concerned.

How to be active all the time: the kids edition

Though kids are naturally active, the modern-day addiction to screens can make them lose touch with that side. Here ways that work when it comes to keeping your kids physically active:

  1. Pick an activity they love

When it comes to choosing the right fitness exercises for kids, you are better off picking an activity they will enjoy. There would be higher chances of them pursuing that activity for the long term. Anything that is too overwhelming, strenuous or not to their liking is bound to lead to quick abandonment of the said activity. After all, it can be frustrating to pursue something that you do not like. So to keep them interesting, choose an age appropriate activity that is to their liking.

  1. Create scope for physical activity

The next time your child fusses, do not try to quell their tantrums with a video game or extra TV time. Instead, encourage them to go outdoors and play with their friends. You can also plan physical activities for children by enrolling them in sports classes (again, only the sports they want to pursue), or by taking them to the playground or local park frequently.  That ought to get them moving.

  1. Talk to your paediatrician

If you are a new parent to a younger child, finding the right ways to encourage your kid to spend more time on the playground can seem like a daunting task. However, do not worry. Your paediatrician can help you. Consult them to get advice on how to introduce your kids to new physical activities and how to keep them interested and engaged in them. They can even give you advice on how to be strong physically that might work well for your kids.

  1. Give them safety gear

Often fear can be a stumbling block, preventing your kids from pursuing outdoor activities. Be it swimming or cycling or even a sport like cricket, you must get your kids proper safety gear so they can play the games they like without having to worry about getting injured. High quality protective gear and moisture-wicking clothing can really help them feel comfortable while indulging in sporty time in the great outdoors.

  1. Make enough time for sports

Well, if you block your child’s daily schedule with tuitions, you will likely not be able to find the answer to your query of “how to be active all the time” when it pertains to your kids. After all, all work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Or Jill, a dull girl. Try not to over-exhaust your kids by making them follow a hectic study schedule. Include ample playtime so they can indulge in some sporty fun without feeling bogged down.

  1. Stock up on toys

Wondering if strenuous activities are the perfect solution to “how to get physically stronger” for your kids? Kids do not need intensive workouts to become stronger like adults do. Just engaging in your regular playtime with toys that encourage physical movement can be enough for them, depending on their age. So be sure to stock up on toys such as jump ropes, balls, roller skates, cricket sets and more to keep your kids on their toes. Literally!

  1. Be the role model kids can emulate

One of the most effective ways to get your kids to do any good thing you want them to do is to lead by example. Want fitness exercises for kids to be a part of their daily routine? Do your daily exercises in front of them so they can feel encouraged to get their daily dose of fitness activities as well. That’s not all, make time to play with them outdoors everyday. Show them you are involved and want to have fun too. Even if it is a simple activity like playing ball, they would feel extra motivated to do it daily once they start having fun.

  1. Remember not to overdo it

Kids need a break. They also need variation. A repeat of the same set physical activities for children can tire them out and even lead to boredom. Hence, be sure to teach them to read their body signals so they know when they are exhausted. And regulate any and all rigorous activities so they do not burn out. Also, include a bunch of different activities so they do not get bored. If you notice a drop in your child’s activity levels or find out they are losing weight, consult with your doctor before resuming said activities.

We hope the above tips help you in your quest to find the answer to “how to get your kids physically stronger”. The above hacks are easy to implement and can lead to a dramatic improvement in your child’s lifestyle and physical fitness. At EuroKids, we proactively engage kids in sports, games and other physical activities so they can develop in a holistic manner. You can find out more about the best practices we follow by paying us a visit.

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