Jungle Party Games for Kids

‘I am Simba. Son of Mufasa.’

No, that’s not your son forgetting you are his father! In all probability, he’s just fresh out of playing a cool Jungle Adventure Game!

Jungle-themed Party Games, are sure to create a ‘Wild’ atmosphere in the environs of your home, or wherever they are played. After all, young children spend copious amounts of time in a world of Make-Believe.

It’s only natural that Jungle Party games will bring out an animal streak in kids. And you can relax, we’re only talking about wild, unadulterated fun here! Just like all animals in the wild are undoubtedly privy to, every day of their lives.

Looking for a Jungle Game for your child? You will find it here, along with some cool Jungle Activities, too.

Time for discovering some fun ways to keep those Junior Jungle Explorers busy!

Jungle Party Games and Activities for Kids (h2)

Get ready, Junior Tarzan! The Jungle Games and Activities we have curated for you in this section, are sure to get you craving for endless Jungle Fun!

Jungle Scavenger Hunt

In the jungle, it’s all about a good Hunt! The best part of this game is, it can be played both Indoors and Outdoors.

  • In the designated party area, hide jungle toys for your guests to find. For this, you can use stuffed animals or even printouts of jungle animals that can be downloaded from the Internet.
  • Hand a list of animals to each guest, and see who can find the most.

Feeding the Lions

You might not want to do this in the wild or even in a zoo, but it’s fun in this cool game!

  • From card paper, make several cut-outs of lion heads in varying sizes, with each mouth a different size.
  • Using a string, suspend the lion heads from a chair and get your kids to toss bean bags into their ‘mouths.’ A point needs to be given for every bean bag that successfully enters the mouth of a lion.
  • Needless to say, the highest scorer wins!

Animal Charades

A version of Dumb Charades, this one makes for a classic Jungle Adventure Game.

  • Writing names of different animals on pieces of paper, place them in a hat.
  • Divide your party guests in two teams. Have each team take turns picking an animal name from the hat, and performing charades. The other team members, of course, must guess the animal correctly.
  • The team that gets the most guesses right, is the Winning Team.

Elephant Race

Do elephants race? Yes they do, in this awesome Jungle Game for Kids!

  • Dividing the guests into two teams, have the members of each team stand in a line.
  • The first child has to bend forward at the waist and put one arm in front of his face, to resemble an elephant’s trunk. Then they must reach out between their legs, to the person behind.
  • The child behind must bend over and grab the leader’s ‘tail’ with their ‘trunk.’ Then, they must extend their own ‘tail’ between their legs, and so on.
  • Once the two teams of elephants are all set to go, that Elephant Race can commence!

Jungle Play Area

For the especially younger ones, this makes for a Jungle Activity that will keep them busy for hours on end.

  • In a space designated as the Jungle Play Area, scatter some Jungle Animals all around.
  • Throw in some fake plants, along with sticks and leaves collected from the Outdoors, and Voila! You have an awesome Jungle Play Area!

Monkey Tag

Just like the classic game of Freeze Tag, but even better!

  • The child who is tagged, instead of freezing themselves in place, needs to act like a Monkey!
  • The tagged player must continue behaving like a monkey, and assist the Original Monkey in their goal of tagging the remaining players.

The Jungle Swing Game

Get them to ape their favourite Tarzan Boy, in this Jungle Swing Game that is sure to bring out the ‘Monkey’ in children! The things required for this game are simply The Outdoors, some Paddling Pools and a sturdy Tree.

  • Filling some paddling pools with water, place them under a solid branch of a sturdy tree in the Outdoors.
  • For dramatic effect, put some plastic crocodiles in the pools.
  • Tying a rope to the branch, let it hang so your child can reach it easily.
  • Have them swing and see if they can make it across the makeshift ‘Swamp’, without falling prey to those nasty Crocodiles!

Explorer Relay Race

Have your child call their friends over, to play this fun racing game!

  • Set up an obstacle course in your home, with simple objects like pillows.
  • Divide the children into two teams.
  • With a plastic bucket in their hand, a member from each team must navigate their way through the obstacle course.
  • Their objective is reaching a Treasure Chest at the end of the obstacle course. From it they must fish out a plastic coin and place it in their bucket, before returning to their starting position.
  • The game continues until time runs out. Then, the team with the most coins is declared the Winner.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

All children are monkeys at times. Even more so, with this game that has them literally ‘Aping the Apes!’

  • Children have to stand in line behind a child designated as The Monkey.
  • As The Monkey moves around, the rest of the kids have to imitate the actions of their leader!

Find the Animal Mommy

All children love their Mommies. Naturally, so do all Animal Babies!

  • Make printouts of animal babies, and hand one each, to your child and their friends.
  • Kids have to find the respective Mommy Animal from printouts scattered across the playing area, for the Baby Animal print out they hold.

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