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Join Hands With EuroKids

The preschool franchise business is suitable for individuals who want to start a business that is long-term in nature, investment friendly and has the potential to give stable returns. When you start a pre-school franchise business, you will require hard work, commitment and a partner who has the complete knowledge of how to run a successful pre-school franchise. EuroKids is that perfect partner who will help you start your franchise with its expert knowledge and support structure which it gives new partners.

Why EuroKids?

  1. Hands-on approach:
  2. EuroKids is a well-established name in preschool business company, which gives you the practical and hands-on approach to running a successful pre-school franchise. The franchise owners are parents themselves who were able to take care of their children while learning and teaching the basics of an early education at home.

  3. Triple bottom line:
  4. The company believes in “triple bottom line” approach, which means social, economic and environmental. EuroKids focuses on the interests of all three areas which ensures business sustainability and growth for the future.

  5. Easy to start with:
  6. Easy to get started with EuroKids because the company runs on an Open Franchise model where any aspiring businessman can open a pre-school franchise business with no experience, little capital and less hassle.

How to choose the best franchise for me?

There are several criteria that the franchisor of the pre-school franchise needs to follow. They should be involved with training and the aftercare of children and should be honest with the business. With EuroKids, there are around 1400 preschools pan India. It has the capability to train children for Early Childhood Education. The prices for the EuroKids programs in India are very reasonable and you need not pay any money upfront. With EuroKids, you also get to work with the operator who has the know-how of how to run the business in the best way. This is why the success rate of the EuroKids preschool franchise is very high in India.

What can you expect from EuroKids?

  1. Infrastructure & Ambience :
  2. EuroKids designs pre-schools for you, by sharing with you the interior and exterior design, standardised look of the preschool, branding visuals, and logos which help you create an attractive pre-school.”

  3. Furniture & Equipment:
  4. EuroKids provides child-friendly furniture with rounded edges, customized furniture like children’s tables and chairs, toy cupboards, puppet units, special sofas, children’s library, bag holders, storage units, fun room equipment, reception area etc.

  5. Researched Curriculum:
  6. The curriculum is established on the basis of research findings by Centre of the Developing Child at Harvard University; that focuses on developing ‘Executive Function Skills’ in young children.

  7. Teaching Aids:
  8. EuroKids shares the curriculum that teachers must disseminate at your pre-school. We provide daily teaching plans, pre-formatted curriculum, toys to build skills in children, texture painting sets, art & craft kits, sand kits, creative workbooks which help children to learn and develop holistically.

  9. Teacher Training & Skill Updating :
  10. We help teachers to test their knowledge and refresh their skills periodically through our online teacher training programs. These programs are backed by regular audits which are done to ensure that our teachers remain the best in the business.

  11. Marketing & Operational Support :
  12. We provide you national level advertising through print ads and television commercials and help with local area support like outdoor signages, events and activations.

  13. Lead Management Support :
  14. At the time of admissions, we provide you Prospective leads who are looking to enrol their children into a Pre-School.

Entrepreneurship is not just about hard work and dedication, but also about taking risks in a business which can pay off at some point. Choosing the right business to start from, without the right partner, can be very risky. Partnering with EuroKids, India’s leading preschool franchise, is the best investment one can make.

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