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Is a Montessori Floor Bed Right for My Child ?

Are you looking to create the best Montessori for your kid but worried about the Montessori bed for your baby? Are you worried if your baby is in the correct Montessori bed age? Well, we understand that from when you had your baby in the womb to taking care of them during the infant phase, the two most important things were their safety and comfort. And now, all you can think is about their ease at the Montessori toddler bed.

As the name suggests, it’s a bed on the floor. It can be as fancy as possible and as simple as just a cotton mattress. There is no correct Montessori bed age. Some children start when they are 5-10 months old. At the same time, others begin from the period of 2 months. Starting early has its advantages as well as challenges. Hence, before choosing the bed, ensure your baby’s age matches Montessori bed age.

The idea of your baby sleeping on the Montessori floor bed for kids might sound discomforting, risky and challenging. But, after knowing its benefits, you will definitely change your mind. It is about providing your baby with a bed within reach and level.

1. Instill Independence Early: Montessori floor beds for kids are useful in giving them a sense of power and initiative. It helps them in building trust in themselves. And grow on their experiences.

2. Access To Adventure: Instead of being confined in a crib, a Montessori bed for baby will give them an open space. This gives them enough room for movement and vision development – inviting a world of wonders and adventures. This enhances their motor skills as well as their creative quotient.

3. Regulating Sense of Sleep: Contradictory to a crib, a Montessori toddler bed facilitates a learning journey in a child. You might find your child sleeping on the floor or carpet in the initial days. But there is nothing to be worried about. With time, they will start recognising their bed, develop consciousness to sleep on it and behaviour around it. They will even begin to take themselves to bed whenever they feel sleepy or want to relax.

4. Making Connections Around: Imagine a baby stuck in a crib who doesn’t have access to the surrounding—the objects, textures, temperatures, etc. Having a Montessori toddler bed gives them the confidence to act contradictory to a crib where they see the world behind bars. With time they even get the courage to alter their surroundings based on their experiences. This teaches them about their sleeping cues, boundaries, self-control and decision-making.

5. Ease & Affordability: Like other baby products, Montessori toddler beds aren’t expensive and easy to assemble. The market is full of cute and safe DIY beds. You can either buy them or instead use an existing mattress to create a floor bed for your baby. Match it with comfortable cushions that will give your baby some support. Use colourful and playful bedsheets. You can use plastic sheets to avoid getting the mattress wet if the baby is not always wearing a diaper—ease of using a Montessori floor bed for kids as a parent.

6. Preparing Them For Preschool: Many babies struggle when they start going to daycare. They get scared from a confined space to a crib to a huge spacious room. Settling in a preschool can be so overwhelming for some kids that this experience can traumatize them. At EuroKids, we ensure the smooth settling in of kids and engaging interactions of your kids with other kids and teachers.

While having a Montessori toddler bed is suitable for your child, it is crucial for you to baby-proof the room you plan to install the bed in. This will reduce the chances of accidents and make the entire room a safe space where your kids can express themselves freely.

1. Secure furniture to walls: One of the most important things is to ensure that objects don’t tip over and fall on your baby. Consider the room a big crib where the baby will move around and push and pull things – this may lead to falling of the objects and items kept on that. Securing furniture from falls reduces the chances of accidents.

2. Corner guarding: Every room has sharp corners that can hurt your baby. Use corner bumpers to cover the corners of the room.

3. Cover outlets: Ensure that all the outlets, like electric boards, drain pipes, etc., are covered before installing a Montessori bed for the baby. This reduces the chances of accidents like electrical hazards.

4. Removing cords and strings: When babies are in the open space, everything around interests them and grabs their attention. Electric cords, telephone wires, and cloth strings are no different. In a playful mood, your baby can end up tangling themselves in these cords and strings, which can hurt them in many ways. Hence it is vital not to leave around in the room where your kid can reach them.

5. Keep necessities in the room: Since your baby is going to spend a lot of time in this room, ensure you have other baby products at quick access for yourself. Dedicate a cabinet where you can keep baby wipes, diapers, toys etc. Also, if you are planning a baby monitor plan, where would you want to install the cameras?

Finding a Montessori floor bed for kids will leave you many options. From cabin beds to low-platform beds or simply putting the mattress on the floor, you can pick a bed based on your budget, personal choice, kid’s room decor and age.

At EuroKids, we provide safe, comfortable beds for your kids. The ease of your children is equally important to us, along with an engaging learning journey.

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