Innovative concepts for a baby memory book

From having a bun in the oven to listening to your baby’s first words and beyond, this whole journey is littered with wonderful milestones! Milestones that you would want to remember for a lifetime. Milestones that if you could look back to whenever you wanted, you would.

And what better way to look back at these beautiful moments of motherhood (and babyhood for when your little one grows older) than a baby memory book? A memory book is a great way to channel your inner creativity while persevering the most precious moments you have had with your tiny munchkin.

Wait, a minute. Are you wondering what is a memory book, and how to make it, and what to write in it? You know we have got all the answers. All you have to do is keep reading so you can deep dive into the world of baby memory books!

What is a memory book?

A memory book is a curation of pictures and texts that is adorned with decorations and is preserved as a precious memory of all the beautiful times that have gone by.

You can create a memory book for any occasion! Be it your days in school or college, your pregnancy, your baby, your wedding, your travels and what-not. The scope is truly vast because any moment that is precious to you and has been captured by a camera can go into the memory book with a little label stating what the memory is.

How to make a baby memory book? 

As for how to make a baby memory book, you need a few things to get started.

  • A photo album or a scrapbook
  • Markers
  • Glue
  • Decorative elements such as stickers, sparkles, beads, buttons etc.
  • And of course, printed pictures of your munchkin

The key is to let your creativity take over because when that happens you know you would have created the best keepsake in the world that is a labour of your love. Pure love.

You can also DIY it and create your own book with printable pages you can download online instead of buying a photo album or a scrapbook. And you can even add small tokens into this book such as your baby’s first pacifier, that button from their first baby suit and other such items of personal sentimental value. That will make your memory book that much richer!

What to write in a memorial book?

Great question because what to write in a memorial book can be the tricky part. Images are quite straightforward but writing is a different ballgame.

However, remember you do not have to write flowery or fancy things. Simply labelling each moment with the time, date and day what it is about is enough. If you want, you can add a couple of quotes, rhymes and lyrics of a lullaby or the songs you sing to your baby too. Keep it simple and sweet so both you and your baby can enjoy flipping through its pages years from now.

What to put in a memory book?

Now begins the fun part! And that is what to put in a memory book! So all the ideas we promised you in the title are now going to be listed below, and believe us, you are going to want to put all of these things in the memory book you make of your baby and for your baby.

  1. A picture of your pregnancy test
  2. Remember when it came positive and how ‘over the moon’ you felt? Well, a picture of your pregnancy test in your baby book along with the date, day and time of when you found out is only going to help you relive that moment like it was yesterday.

  3. Ultrasound pictures
  4. From the first to the very last one, ultrasound pictures are a great addition to your baby memory book! Why? Because it is such a great way to track your baby’s growth while they were still in the belly. Watching that tiny foetus grow all over again is bound to give you some happy tears.

  5. Birth announcement posts
  6. Take a printout of your birth announcement post on social media along with all of the comments and congratulations you got and add them to your memory book. If you got letters or cards congratulating you on your brand new baby, save them too and them here. They will be wonderful memories to cherish.

  7. The story of your baby’s birth
  8. Handwritten. And in your own words. You could add points about how long you were in labour, any challenges that came your way, what you ate on the day your baby was born, the names of all the doctors and nurses who helped you and so on and so forth.

  9. Letters to your baby
  10. You can commemorate each milestone your baby experiences by writing a letter to them that talks about how you felt in that very moment. Or you could write letters to your baby on just about anything you want to.

  11. Family tree
  12. Including your baby’s family tree into the baby memory book is a great way to let your kid know about all their uncles, aunts and cousins as they grow older. Go as far back as you can in your ancestry and try to add pictures to each name.

  13. Baby fun facts
  14. This could be anything! From the weight and height of your baby when they were born to the number one song on the charts that day, celebrity birthdays, movies they were showing in the theatre and more.

  15. Newspaper headline
  16. Take the newspaper from the day your baby was born and add any major good-news headlines to your baby memorial book.

  17. Cards
  18. From baby shower cards to “congratulations, it’s a girl/boy” cards, add them all as beautiful memories you can cherish forever after.

  19. Major milestones
  20. This one is a given! Pictures and anecdotes of all your baby’s milestones are definitely going into their memory book.

  21. Photos
  22. Of anything and everything your baby does that makes you go “aww” has to have their prized spot in the memory book. Call them a must-have!

  24. From their first bedtime story or your favourite quotes on motherhood and the wonders of watching your child grow, these can be both inspiring and sweet to browse through. You can add them in cursive fonts if you want.

  25. Month on month photos
  26. Tracking your baby’s growth, height changes and weight changes. Your kid will love going through these pictures when they have grown older, watching themselves change into who they are today. You could even add your baby’s favourite food at that time, what makes them laugh, foods they hate etc.

  27. Pregnancy announcement
  28. Pictures from your pregnancy photoshoot will be a great addition to your baby memory book. Pick your favourite ones and add them. You could even throw in pictures of the baby nursery both of you decorated before the arrival of your little one.

  29. Baby shower pictures
  30. Pictures of all the fun and games, gifts you got and memories you made with your loved ones should also be in your baby memory book. Try to include as many pictures of your friends and family as you can so you can use them to teach your kids about the people you care for.

  31. Baby footprints
  32. And handprints too. You can add pictures of these or actually get your baby’s imprints in their memory book, the choice is yours. It will be a great keepsake, that is for sure.

  33. Hospital bracelets
  34. That you and your baby got during birth. If daddy got a visitor’s bracelet or a card, you can add that too as a token from your experience of giving birth.

  35. Baby hair
  36. After the ceremonial shaving of their head, you can keep a couple of strands and add them to your baby memory book, labelling them as your baby’s first haircut or something like that. In fact, we suggest adding pictures and tokens from all ceremonies your baby goes through.

You know what is one of the great things of having a baby memory book? When you and your grown-up kid go through one years later, it will serve as a great reminder of the beautiful bond you have shared all through the years, thereby strengthening it further. That is going to be such a wonderful feeling. For more such insightful and interesting blogs, visit EuroKids.

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