Indoor Soccer Games for Daycare Children


Fun Indoor Soccer Game

  Got a budding soccer star at home?

You want to do all you can, to encourage them in the pursuit of the sport!

As a parent, your child looks up to you more than anyone in the world, Soccer Coach included. You could be their silent mentor, as you help them learn the ropes of playing soccer in refreshingly different ways. Introducing them to some fun indoor soccer games is a great way to begin.

While playing in the schoolyard all year is great for honing soccer skills, too much of it will burn out even the best players. Here’s where Fun Soccer Games step in, keeping things light and ensuring plenty of spice is added to your child’s soccer training.

What A Soccer Game Is: The Basics

In a nutshell, the game of Soccer is a team sport played between two teams of 11 players each. These players primarily use their feet to propel a ball around a rectangular pitch.

The objective of the game for each team is scoring more goals than the opposing team. A goal is scored by moving the ball beyond the goal line into a rectangular-framed goal that is defended by the opposing team.

Fun Indoor Soccer Games for Preschoolers

Looking for a fun Indoor Soccer Game? Here, you will find several! The best part is, all of them can be played within the confines of your home itself. When looking at Daycare Games for Kids that are Soccer-based, these are on top of the list.

It’s Kick Off Time! Let’s get started, and explore the best fun soccer games.

After all, that’s the ‘Goal’ of this piece!

Freeze Tag Soccer

Enjoyed a game of Freeze Tag as a child? It can be played with soccer balls, too!

How to play: One player is designated as ‘It.’ The rest of the players take their soccer balls and try their best to keep them away from the clutches of ‘It.’ When a Chaser touches a player’s ball, that player is frozen, and must stand with their legs apart, holding their ball above their head.

Note: How can they be unfrozen? If another player dribbles their ball between their legs!

Stop the Ball Game

What is a Soccer Game, other than a means to control that soccer ball?

How to Play: Ask the kids to sit behind a line, before tipping some soccer balls in a large space. When you say ‘Go!’, the children have to stop as many balls as possible, before the sand timer runs out.

Note: They can stop the balls in any fashion they like, as long as they are rendered completely still.

Soccer Blob

This fun game will have kids laughing out loud at the end of it.

How to Play: Two players holding hands constitute the ‘Blob’. This blob is designated with the task of chasing down other players, each dribbling their own soccer ball. If the blob happens to kick another player’s ball, that player needs to link hands with the blob.

Note: Watch the fun as the blob grows. While it gets more difficult to move, it’s harder for the others to avoid it.

Balls in the Basket

All you need for these fun games is a laundry basket and a soccer ball!

How to Play: Keep an empty laundry basket within throwing distance, and let your child have a shot at throwing the ball into it. If they miss, no problem! Have them try again, as many times as they like. Practice makes perfect, after all.

Tip: You might want to move that basket nearer or further away, to adapt to your child’s skill.

Death Square

Don’t worry, this game is full of ‘Life’, not Death!

How to Play: Kids have to dribble soccer balls within the space of a marked square. The aim is controlling their own ball, while trying to kick out everyone else’s. If they manage to kick a ball out of the Death Square, they get a point.

Note: The evicted player has to perform a skill to re-enter the square, like balancing that soccer ball on their head for a few seconds!

Kicking the Ball

This is largely what soccer is about, and involves high levels of balance and coordination.

How to Play: Teach your child to swing their whole body, in an attempt to land an effective ball-kick.  As one of their legs moves forward, the opposite arm should swing backward.

Tip: You want to make a game out of all that kicking, and the best way to do that is to introduce variations. For instance, seeing how high they can kick, or how far. Once they are beginning to kick the ball a little accurately, they can start kicking the ball back and forth to one another, in pairs.

Simon Says

When Simon is the coach, all the kids must heed his advice!

How to Play: Kids have to ensure that they follow any instruction that begins only with ‘Simon Says.’ All other instructions are to be ignored. These instructions could range from ‘Simon Says Stop the Ball’ while they are dribbling, to ‘Simon Says switch the ball with another player.’

Note: If a  child does anything different from Simon’s commands, they are out of the game.

Target Practice

What’s better than a laundry basket and a pair of hands? An actual goal and a pair of legs!

How to Play: Get a child-sized goal and let your child practice kicking the ball into it, as many times as they wish. Junior Pele will never tire of this fun soccer game!

Tip: You might wish to switch roles, and be the Kicker while they play Goalie!

At EuroKids, we believe that Indoor Soccer games provide Children with skill-building opportunities they might miss, if they only play soccer outdoor games. You must encourage those Soccer Buffs to indulge in some of the games listed here. It will go a long way in improving  their shooting accuracy and tactical awareness, amongst other skills.