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Indoor Motor Activities for Preschoolers

The rate of developing gross motor activities for kids at home is not the same for everyone. These activities include running, jumping, and throwing. If kids find these skills difficult to learn, then a little help is required to push them through some fun home activities.

Indoor motor activities for preschoolers:

Online preschools use different interesting indoor activities for all-round development of kids. Some of these are:

  1. Picking the fruit: Attach the soft toy fruit objects in a yarn tied across two poles. Let the kids pick specific “fruits” and collect them in a bag. The fruits can also be made by cutting them from cardboard or paper plates to hang them on the yarn.

  2. Giant memory cards:A pack of paper plates or cards is needed for this, which has to be split into equal piles. Draw simple pictures on each of them that your kids can identify. The pictures should be in both sets. Keep the memory cards facing down on the ground, and let the kid turn two cards and place them together if they are the same.

  3. Trampolines: It is a great way of enhancing balance by jumping. A mini trampoline can be set up at home, and the kid can be supervised to enjoy it safely.

  4. Hopscotch: It is a great way of enhancing balance by jumping. A mini trampoline can be set up at home, and the kid can be supervised to enjoy it safely.

  5. Balloon and bubble: In this game, kids try to pop as many bubbles as possible by chasing them. Thus they learn to run, jump, and move in a zigzag way as needed. It is also applicable while playing with balloons, trying to catch and kick them

  6. Dancing: It is a great motor practice that helps kids develop skills like coordination, balance, and motor sequencing. They also gradually learn to be aware of the music’s rhythm. Online playgroups are often allowed to dance on songs with lyrics that add to their movement so they can enjoy themselves.

Which motor activities are best for kids?

Some of the best motor activities that Online play schools involve the kids in are as follows:

  1. Painting: This helps in enhancing the manual dexterity of kids by improving their hand-eye coordination. They learn to hold a brush and get better control over it as a tool.

  2. Playdough and putty: Kids squeeze, pinch, stretch and roll the play dough to form different shapes. They should also be allowed to use scissors for cutting the clay, all of which improves fine motor skills.

  3. Gardening: This is an interesting activity that promotes gross motor skills as it needs smaller muscle control. Hand-eye coordination is also needed for safely transferring the seedlings into the garden. Another example is learning to hold a trowel for digging.

  4. Color mixing experiment with water: This involves taking a cup quarter full of water, and an empty cup. Mix some colour in the water to make it more interesting. With the help of a medicine syringe, ask kids to transfer it to the empty cup. This will help kids in learning squirting and dropping cautiously. The same can be done using a sponge instead of a syringe.

  5. Race of transferring rice grains: This involves letting the kid transfer rice grains from a full bowl to an empty bowl, with a tweezer. It can be replaced with wider beads if they find rice grains difficult.

What are the benefits of Indoor motor activities for preschoolers conducted in online kindergarten?

  1. Better coordination between hand and eyes: This is promoted by games like ping pong. Getting involved in these games at a young age helps accomplish various tasks in everyday lives as their fine motor skills are developed.

  2. Child becomes creative: When kids come across various problems and numerous situations, their critical skills get developed. An example is getting along with other kids who are not like them. They learn to express their emotions, and the new things explore their creativity safely.

  3. Better social skills:Kids relate with others through indoor physical activities. They learn empathy, understand others, and learn interpersonal skills, which turn out to be quite useful when they grow up.

  4. Physical fitness: The body movements in indoor games help kids stay physically fit. This enhances their reflexes. Also, they are at a lower risk of developing cardiovascular issues in the future.

  5. Learning from new experiences: New experiences such as role-playing and pretend playing help them to resolve issues, deal with conflicts, and develop social skills. All these help them efficiently handle any situation in life the right way.


While the pandemic prevents kids from socialising with others in school, it is important that online pre-schools put their best efforts into incorporating interesting games indoors, which can help the kids develop different motor skills that would be beneficial in the long run.

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