How to transition from bassinet to crib?

Transitions, transitions!
From the moment your tiny, precious one starts growing in your belly, changes seem like the forever constant. And we guess that makes sense. Each change, after all, is a beautiful new chapter waiting to unfold. Like a millstone around the corner just waiting to happen. Turning into pictures that you can keep in your scrapbook as cherished memories that stay with you.

One such transition is the switching up your baby’s sleeping place from a bassinet to a crib. Now, we know you have questions about that too. And to be fair, it can feel like a very big decision. A crucial one too. So let us break it down and show you when transitioning a baby from bassinet to crib makes sense! And of course, how you and your baby can do it comfortably.

There comes a time when your baby gets too big for the bassinet…

If you check the label of your bassinet carefully, you will see something interesting. And that is the weight limit warning it comes with. Now that range roughly falls between 4 kg and 8 kg. Which makes a bassinet perfect for a newborn. But if your baby’s weight is higher than 8 kg, it might be time to retire the good ol’ bassinet. That is also true if your baby looks way too cramped in there with not enough wiggle room for their tiny hands and feet!

So does that mean it is time to retire the bassinet for good?

Perhaps. But hear us out before you make that ultimate decision.

Now your baby’s weight and height are definitely good markers to know if your wee one has outgrown the bassinet, you still might want to watch out for a couple of other signs. For example, has your tiny tot become more mobile? What we mean to say is that do you find them now exploring their limbs, trying to get up and being all giggly and amazed? That could indicate incoming baby sleep milestones!

Think rolling over! Or pulling up! Or sleeping even 5 to 6 hours straight without waking you up for a little midnight snack, courtesy mommy. These are all major indicators that your bassinet can now go back to the basement and the crib can come out. Because, we do not mean to scare you, but the chances of injury are quite high if your tot rolls over in a bassinet. And you want to prevent that.

Okay then when do babies move from bassinet to crib?

Mm-hmm. There is! Considering all the baby sleep milestones and height and weight changes we have discussed, the appropriate age should come up to about 4 to 6 months of age. The ballpark figure because it can vary from baby to baby. There is no absolute, fixed number.

Anyhoo, your bassinet may even have an age limit on its label. So you might want to check that and follow it to a T. At least in the sense that you do not go using it beyond the age limit prescribed. You can definitely stop using the bassinet sooner if you notice all of the signs we have talked about.

Alright how is transitioning a baby from bassinet to crib carried out?

We get that babies can be fussy about where they sleep too. Transitions like these can be full of hiccups along the way. But there are ways to smoothen this bassinet to crib process for you and your wee one. Here is how:

  1. Stick to that bedtime routine
  2. And if you have not crafted one yet for your baby, do it now! The sooner you start, the more forgiving you will be to your own sleep cycle, which for sure can go topsy-turvy after your baby is born. Be consistent and have cutesy rituals around it such as cuddling, bedtime stories and more. Babies love a good routine so make sure you do this daily. The familiarity of the routine will definitely ease their journey from bassinet to crib.

  3. Create a super comfy nursery
  4. From getting the right crib to keeping the right temperature – there is a lot you can do to make your baby’s nursery comfy. Make sure the mattress you choose is nice and firm. Loose sheets and blankets are a no-no. Avoid keeping toys in the crib. You do not want any accidents. But dim the lights and maybe turn out white noise so your baby is lulled into sleep despite the newness of their crib.

  5. Keep the crib in your room
  6. Initially only! The familiarity of having you around can be so comforting for your baby that it might just make it easy for them to shift from bassinet to crib. You see, sleeping in a crib and a new room can be one two many (pun intended) changes for your baby. So take it slow.

  7. Or sleep in the nursery
  8. Again, for a few nights only! Remember, the intention is to make the bassinet to crib transition as easy on your baby as possible. So keep a little couch or a single bed in the nursery so you can crash there for the first week or so. Maybe mom and dad can take turns each night and sleep in the nursery. And whoever sleeps in the nursery that night has to be on diaper duty! Could be a nice little system.

  9. Swaddle your baby
  10. Babies love a good swaddle! And why should they not? It is so cosy and snug. Not to mention utterly comforting. So if you want to make the bassinet to crib transition easy, swaddle your tot before putting them to bed each night. They will end up feeling safe and warm like they are in a hug, which can prevent any nightly tantrums.

  11. Keep it gradual
  12. You do not want to overwhelm your baby. From being next to you to in a room next to you is a big change for your baby. We are talking huge. So instead of suddenly breaking out the crib one night, use daytime naps to transition your baby from bassinet to crib. That ought to get them used to the change slowly and gradually.

Bassinet vs crib – which is better though?

Honestly, there is no question of bassinet vs. crib. Both serve a different purpose and a different age group. And you have to use one after the other in succession anyway. So yep, there is no winner between them because there is no competition between them.

Little ones are so precious are they not? Though the transition from bassinet to crib is a major, soon time will fly by and bring another major transition! That from home to preschool. And you want to prepare yourself for that transition by choosing a good preschool beforehand. Like EuroKids! Our award-winning curriculum will give the competitive advantage your child needs to excel. Visit any of our schools nearest to you to know more!

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