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How to Track Health Information At Preschools Effectively

Health, a thing that can never be purchased, is without question, one of the most essential things to life and well-being. As parents and caregivers, we must recognise signs and symptoms of caution, that alert us to any ill-health that little bundles of joy may have. While it is true that sickness can’t always be avoided, it’s also true that prevention is considered to be better than cure. As parents, we might be aware, with eyes wide open of the illnesses that commonly suffer our dear little ones, but the same may not be true for teachers. The health of your kids must be checked regularly. However, to avoid any major concerns, you must provide the preschool which your kid attends with a detailed report of any existing health conditions or allergies that your child suffers from. This allows teachers and caregivers at your preschool to provide immediate and utmost care to your little tots. Before delving deep into why it is essential for you as a parent to provide health care information to your preschool, first, let’s understand what health care information entails.

What Is Health Care Information?

To track the health of their little ones at preschool, parents must be upfront and transparent regarding any medical conditions which ail their kids. For proper, immediate and effective treatment to be provided to your kids, you need to provide accurate information. Simply put, healthcare information means providing a detailed account of any serious and troublesome ailments that afflict or hamper the lives of your little ones. This information can prove vital for a preschool as they will be equipped with the tools and aids to deal with the issue systematically and immediately. In almost all cases, schools including preschools provide a data information form for parents or guardians to fill in that requires the parents or guardian’s information as well as their child’s health record. It is based on this that preschool health records for individual students can be maintained. To effectively ensure safety in schools, schools must lay down a childcare health policy to track student health.

Child Care Health Policy To Track Children’s Health At Preschool

To get parents, teachers and paediatricians to see eye to eye, crucial information regarding a kid’s health is required. Preschools should maintain a clear-cut health policy that is transparent to parents and doctors. Enforcing a health policy is mandatory and parents should also be vigilant when checking the same. Some factors to consider when thinking about health policy include:

  • Records of immunisation by a qualified and approved medical professional.
  • Documentation procedure for non-emergency medical conditions.
  • A list of allergies, if any, should be provided in detail.
  • Documents and reports from regular health checkups.
  • Control of spreading infections.
  • Necessary measures to be taken up in case of a pandemic.

How To Track Child Health

While there is no perfect solution or system to this, an upgrade from pen and paper could be an integrated automated system to which both parents and educators have access. Through the official software of the preschool information regarding medical conditions can be shared and recorded between parents and teachers. This allows for quick access to information at the touch of a button. In today’s world of digitisation, expecting a system like this shouldn’t be a very big challenge. A system like this will provide a platform for information to be stored over a long course of time, with preschools being able to maintain health records for many years after students leave school.

Importance of Tracking Child Health Care

  1. Child safety
  2. It isnt an unknown fact that preschools are responsible for the safety of kids while they are there. In respect of this, it becomes crucial for preschools to be provided with the relevant healthcare information to provide immediate medical assistance to kids. Being aware of prevailing health conditions provides educators and medical professionals with relevant information to create a safe environment at preschools.

  3. Medical emergencies
  4. Quick access to required medical information could be the difference between life and death. Timely and accurate information regarding allergies can be of great help when the window of opportunity for a time of action is small. Also, healthcare records should be systematically maintained and organised by preschools to make them available for use whenever needed.

  5. Communication and transparency of parents
  6. Effective and clear lines of communication between preschool officials and parents are imperative to maintain a truthful and documented record of medical information for kids. While it is expected for parents to cooperate with the preschool staff, the same is expected of the preschool staff. Timely and regular updates regarding the health of kids should be communicated from the preschool to parents.

  7. Readying medical professionals
  8. While a preschool can’t have full-time doctors stationed there, there are a few measures that can be taken to avoid any unfortunate episodes. For instance, a child suffering from asthma can be treated with medical aid by a nurse in the infirmary of the preschool. Having the necessary medical equipment like a nebulizer can only be availed of if the medical information regarding the child’s preexisting asthma problem is communicated to the school.

Tips To Address Medical Emergencies At Preschools

  • Stay calm and don’t get paranoid. Getting worried or paranoid only escalates the situation and doesn’t resolve it.
  • Understand what the problem is by checking the child’s medical records. Once this is done can you only proceed to the next phase of seeking help.
  • Inform the medical professional immediately of the issue to save valuable time and address the problem.
  • Update the parent regarding the child’s health and ask him or her to come to the preschool to take the child back home.
  • Maintain a record of emergencies which took place and how they were dealt with.

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