How To Raise Preschool Kids During The COVID-19 Pandemic

How To Raise Preschool Kids During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Funny how we moved from talking about children’s performance in schools to now discussing their well-being at home. This world is constantly changing but we bet none of us thought that it’ll change so much in so little time. It’s not easy, it’s not normal, so please stop being so hard on yourself. It is difficult to take care of family, work, do household chores and keep your little ones occupied, all at the same time.

How to keep your preschoolers busy

Since most of us are currently stressed out in the working world, this one is pretty obvious but most of us don’t apply it right. For young kids, especially in the early ages, their environment and surroundings is very important for their mental development. When you have younger kids, its not always easy to have constant supervision as they are curious and impulsive; which means, they often find new ways to get out of everything. Of course, we as their caregivers should be very strict in terms of rules but if we have to let go of some things in the name of bringing up kids, we will. The first thing that you need to do is to find an area where your little ones will be happy. Do they like to read? Is there any empty space? If yes, then try to convert it into their reading zone.

How to raise your preschoolers during the COVID-19 pandemic

If you’re a young family with a toddler or younger children, you might be looking for an efficient and effective way to keep your kids entertained without killing yourself doing so. Children do not have too much physical strength to play an active game or tackle an obstacle course, so you’ll have to do the work for them. However, parents can play an active role by matching the game to their kid’s physical abilities. There’s more than one way to teach them. You can give them an activity-rich and fun activity-lesson or you can even create an activity-rich and fun game for them. Another way is to allow your kids to play outside. This might be quite dangerous if the weather isn’t as warm as usual and it may also result in accidents like drowning in the backyard pool, etc.

Why is it important to take care of our preschoolers?

Lack of knowledge, preparation, and education can have negative effects on a child’s health and development. This has an impact on the health of the entire family, including those parents whose kids are at school or in preschool. It’s not impossible to learn and develop important life skills at a young age, yet most parents don’t have the knowledge to keep their kids safe and healthy. Preschool kids learn a lot but when you don’t play with your kids, how are they going to learn? All it takes is a few minutes and helps them develop confidence. There are so many exciting activities that are great for their mental health. They learn important things like how to engage, how to cooperate, how to be good friends.


We are all entitled to our opinion, and we are allowed to have our own priorities. But please don’t forget, that being a parent is a full time job, and not a job of making sure that you put food on the table, clothes on the backs and meet the basic needs of your kids. Being a parent is a lot about giving, supporting, teaching, love and caring. And having a child is giving them life, it’s a life-long commitment.