How to maintain the hygiene of your baby’s ears, eyes, and nose


Some things are super obvious.
Like your baby is precious (and of course the cutest in the whole wide world; do not let anybody tell you otherwise).

That they need a bath only about once to maximum three times a week because toddlers are generally super clean. Especially because of their super busy schedule of napping and feeding.

And that there is a way to clean their eyes, ears and nose that is actually very easy to carry out and will not make your bundle of joy uncomfy in any way. Oops! Did we say too much? Well, we kind of wanted to so that is okay. Here is all you need to know about maintaining ear, eye and nose hygiene of your toddler.

Why clean your baby’s nose, eyes and ears regularly?

Well, because even if the rest of your baby stays swaddled and covered all the time, their face is still exposed to the elements. And by extension their eyes, nose and ears. Which means cleaning them a little more often than the number of times you bathe your toddler in a week is kind of necessary. It becomes a hygiene issue. And it follows more or less the same logic as cleaning your baby’s diaper area. Or the folds of their skin. This is where germs and moisture can accumulate, leading to infections. So you want to prevent that.

Besides, wiping your tiny tot’s face regularly (every day if your paediatrician gives the green flag to do so) can help remove things like mucus, dried milk, and dried drool among others. It is key to keeping your baby’s skin healthy. And free from any kind of infections.

Washing your baby’s face: a step by step guide that is easy to follow

We do not want to make things complicated for you, you can be sure of that. We know as parents you have a lot going on and the last thing you want are complex hacks to keep your baby’s face clean. In fact, we know you are not even looking for hacks. You just want genuine tips so you can clean your tot’s face the right way. Without causing them any discomfort. In that spirit, let us show you how!

Step 1: Fill a basin with baby-safe warm water. Which means just warm enough to be gentle on your baby. Do not add soap. Do not make it too warm. 95-100 degrees fahrenheit is good enough if you were wondering.

Step 2: Get your baby in a warm and comfy position. One of your hands should be supporting your baby, while the other is used for cleaning your baby’s face.

Step 3: Dip a super soft, clean cloth in the water and then use it to very gently wipe your baby’s face. Towel-dry your toddler’s face once done.

How to clean baby ears in particular?

Now we come to the good part. Which is how to clean baby ears. Before we get started though, we are compelled to state a very important warning that you must stick to no matter what. Which is:

Never, ever, ever, insert anything, and we anything, no matter how harmless it seems to you, into your baby’s ear canal. No q-tips either. Or any baby ear cleaners. In general, ear drums are very sensitive and delicate, so you can only imagine how sensitive and delicate they are for a baby.

Now warning aside, here is another pro tip you will thank us for. You do not need to clean earwax from your baby’s ears. Leaving the earwax alone is actually healthier than trying to clean it. And that is because earwax actually works as a protective lining, preventing harmful microbes from entering or damaging the ears. When the wax builds up in excess, the ear cleans itself. So there is nothing you need to do on that front.

In fact, all you have to do is clean the external part of your baby’s ears the same way you cleaned their face. That is it. Nothing else is required. Not even that fancy baby ear cleaner.

And how to clean baby nose? Any tips?

Of course we have tips. That is what we are here for. That and to tell you, again, you do not need a baby nose cleaner. Not for everyday cleaning anyway. You may need a baby nose cleaner for medical reasons but only your doctor can help you with that.

Also, just like ears, you should not put anything into your baby’s ears. You may use a nasal saline drop or a rubber bulb syringe if your baby’s nose is severely blocked. But that too only if the doctor recommends. Avoid it otherwise. A cool mist humidifier can also help soothe congestion so clearing your baby’s nasal passage on your own might not be necessary.

Anyway, back to how to clean a baby nose, you just need to wipe the external part of your baby’s nose with warm water and soft, clean cloth. Make sure you clean the outline of their nostrils too. That ought to get rid of any dried up mucus. Once done, pat dry the areas you have cleaned with a soft towel.

Finally, how to clean newborn baby eyes?

We know we have put how to clean newborn baby eyes last on the list but this is where you should begin. Of all three, you should begin with the eyes first. So take that same soft cloth and that same warm water and gently wipe the inner corner of their eye and then the area underneath their eye. Be super-duper gentle. In fact, make sure you use a separate cloth for each eye. You do not want any cross contamination. If you have any questions or confusions concerning this, call up your doctor. They can guide you better about safe eye cleaning techniques.

Following good hygiene and cleaning your baby’s face in the gentlest and most effective way possible can prevent a myriad of infections. However, we still strongly suggest giving your paediatrician a call before trying these tips out. Just to be safe. It is always a better state to be in than being sorry.

That said, before you know it, your baby will be old enough to clean their face on their own! And at that point your concern will likely be about which preschool to put them into. Well, we suggest EuroKids because we have what it takes to offer your child a nurturing environment where they can grow freely and learn at their own pace. Visit us for more!