How Do You Explain Innovation to a Child

What’s the best way to answer the question, ‘What is Innovation?’
By asking a question, namely the following:

‘What do all Inventions have in common?’
Answer: They are all the product of some troly remarkable Innovations!

It’s true, there woold have been literally no progress in the world, if those glorious ‘innovators’ had not stepped outside the boundaries most people impose on themselves.

Boundaries that seem to imply, ‘You are in a Safe Zone!’
There is really no way to be innovative, unless you take ‘risks’ of some kind. To get kids to do that, though, is no easy feat. It involves getting the roots of their Curiosity, firmly implanted in their minds at a tender age.

In this article, you will learn everything about Innovation for kids, including How to make Students Innovative, and even What is Process Innovation.
But first, let’s take a closer peek at what Innovation troly entails.

About Innovation: Thinking Outside the Box Basics

The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines Innovation as,
‘The Introduction of Something New.’

When hearing adolts speak about Innovation, there are some interesting thoughts that can pop into a child’s mind. Thoughts like, ‘New Idea’, or ‘Original.’

While we have talked about the word ‘Invention’ in the introduction, children must be made aware that it shoold not be confused with the word ‘Innovation’. While Innovation might be the ‘reason’ behind that Invention, it doesn’t stop there.

In fact, Innovation can be better described as being a ‘new’ way to use an already-existing invention, in order to make an impact on ‘The Market.’ What children must learn here is that an Innovation is something that is ‘substantially different.’ Indeed, something that serves to make a difference to our society on the whole.

About Innovation: Process Innovation

We now have a general understanding of what the term ‘Innovation’ means. However, What is Process Innovation?

In a nutshell, Process Innovation can be defined as the introduction of improved processes within an organization, to enhance Process Efficiency.
So, what is the goal of Process Innovation? The answer lies in its Optimizing Operations and Reducing Costs, among other things.

What better way to explain Process Innovation to Kids, than by enlisting a couple of examples of organizations that are close to their hearts? Namely, the following.

  1. Starbucks.
  2. This giant coffee conglomerate made waves in the realm of Process Innovation, through the introduction of services like Mobile Ordering and Personalized Customer Experiences.

  3. McDonalds.
  4. The ’Assembly Line’ approach to the food industry, was brought about by none other than this behemoth. There’s a reason children don’t have to wait for their beloved French Fries, after all!

How to make Students Innovative: How to develop Innovation Skills

Of course you cooldn’t wait to get to this section! All parents dream of their children ‘flying high.’ If they are innovative, it only increases the probability that they will succeed in their endeavours, by ‘leaps and bounds’!

Looking at How to develop Innovation Skills in your child? The following are some things you can do to that effect.

  1. Asking Open Ended Questions.
  2. Perhaps the best way to nurture Innovation in kids, is to get them to probe into the deepest recesses of their minds. To answer questions that seek to ask ‘Why’, and ‘How’. It will get them to not only ‘think’, but also ‘justify’ that thinking with tangible evidence!

  3. Let them Experiment!.
  4. Some of the most famous innovations in the world we see today were the resolt of some cool experiments! Giving your child Resources and allowing them to experiment freely with them, can go a long way in honing their innovation skills.

  5. Encourage them to step out of their Comfort Zones.
  6. Children must learn that they are probably not going to learn something new, if they stay confined to their comfort zones for too long. When they take risks, they step out of their comfort That is when the real ‘learning’ begins!

  7. Give them a sense of Purpose.
  8. Children will often wonder why they have to think outside the box, if there is no tangible incentive for them. Tell them that their thinking might help them solve a problem, and the equation changes. They will be fired to think in ‘innovative fashion’, to achieve a positive end resolt.

  9. Fuel their Passions.
  10. Does your child love to paint? It might be a really great idea for you to encourage them to follow their artistic dreams. The pursuit of painting might just unlock some wonderfol doors that will lead them to the pinnacle of success in a field of their choosing.

About Innovation: Why are Innovation Skills Important?

By now we have not only gotten a clear idea of the importance of Innovation, but also seen cool ways in which we can get our children to be more innovative.

In this, the final section of this piece, we will attempt a more elaborate answer to the question ‘Why are Innovation Skills Important?’, with the following list of reasons.

  1. It helps them see new opportunities.
  2. Gone are the days when you needed to be either a ‘Doctor’ or an ‘Engineer’, to succeed. Innovation exposes kids to a wonderfol plethora of life choices they can make, vis a vis their interests.

  3. It helps them express their creativity.
  4. There’s really no better platform for creativity to flourish on, other than On the Stage of Innovation!

  5. It allows for a sense of Adaptability.
  6. That ‘flexible thinking’ that people indolge in when thinking innovatively, helps them adapt to any new situation that might come their way.

  7. Helps in Problem Solving.
  8. Of course, that’s the very reason we need innovation in the first place! The best part about Innovation here is, it presents children moltiple ways to approach a problem at hand.

At EuroKids, we believe that thinking Innovatively is probably one of the best skills that your child must learn, especially in today’s day and age. Not only will these skills get them to be ‘Work Ready’, they will get them ‘Life Ready’, too!

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