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Holistic Wellness: Nurturing Health for Children and Parents

‘Good Health is the absence of Disease.’
So said someone, who had no idea of the concept of ‘Holistic Wellness’!

When we hear the word ‘Holistic’, it automatically conjures something ‘exotic.’ One might associate the word with a swanky treatment in a luxurious new Spa. It’s like peering into a Menu and reading words like ‘Charbroiled’ and ‘Sauteed.’

 Indeed, fancy sounding words for cooking techniques that are in themselves inherently simple.

And so it is, where it comes to the term ‘Holistic Wellness.’ When we talk about Children Wellness, we imply an ‘integration’ of the various components of good health. Namely, their Physical, Emotional and Mental Health. The idea is to get children to lead lives that are both Active, and Fulfilling.

It’s no wonder, then, that the first part of the word ‘Holistic’, seems to imply ‘Whole.’ After all, Holistic Health is nothing short of being ‘All-Round Good Health.’

Holistic Wellness: In a Nutshell
The concept of Holistic Wellness stems from the idea that Good Health is far from being singular in Nature.
In fact, Holistic Well-Being is an approach that views our health from a 360 degrees perspective, covering the dimensions Body, Mind, Spirit and Social. It is interesting to note here, that if there is even a slight imbalance in any of these dimensions, it will cause a cascading effect on the other dimensions.
This is where Holistic Wellness steps in, checking all the boxes that make the ‘Big Picture’, helping to not only boost our physical health, but our mental clarity as well. That being said, it also helps us face any of the challenges that life throws at us, with our heads held high!

Maintaining Holistic Wellness in Children and Parents

Parents find themselves continually busy, where it comes to ensuring their children are in the ‘Pink of Health.’ So busy, that at times they forget to pay heed to their own health!
It becomes imperative, then, to maintain Holistic Wellness for both children and their parents.
Of course, we put our children first. But that doesn’t mean that we neglect ourselves!
In this section, we will look at all the ways in which we can maintain Holistic Wellness for not only our kids, but for ourselves as well.

Holistic Wellness: How to Sustain it over Time, for Parents and Kids alike

The following are the practices you need to indulge in, to maintain Holistic Wellness for both you and your little one.

The Practice of Yoga

The word ‘Yoga’ is just about the closest word to ‘Holistic’, where it comes to exotic-sounding words!

To do: Signing up for a Yoga Class with your child, might just be the best thing you did, to ensure Holistic Wellness for both of you. Of course, for your child, you have to ensure that Yoga is taught in the age-appropriate way.

Note: There have been studies that have proven that Yoga can boost self-esteem in kids, while promoting compassion and helping them better manage their emotions.

The Practice of Meditation

We live in a world that is getting increasingly ‘virtual’ by the day. One of the best ways to detach from that world is to Meditate!

To do: Meditate together with your child. It does not have to be elaborate. Simply sit together with your eyes closed, and focus on your breathing. When thoughts arise, observe them without judgment, and then let them go.

Tip: Indulge in 15-minute meditation sessions. That’s all it takes, to calm a raging mind.

Eating Right

We are told to avoid Junk Food, but how often do we listen to that piece of advice?
To do: Your child looks up to you as their role model. Be that ‘Healthy Eating Role Model’ for them. Needless to say, focus on eating natural and organic foods, and ensure you stay away from all processed foods.
Tip: ‘How’ you eat is also important. Ensure you eat slowly, and are mindful during the entire eating process.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

The key to good health, lies in being Active!
To do: You don’t have to sign up for a gym subscription with your child. In any case, younger kids will not be allowed in the gym. You can walk together, or even swim together. Anything to get that body moving, and those endorphins flowing!
Tip: Merely taking kids in outdoor spaces where they can simply run and jump, is highly beneficial, too. On that note, take them to ‘Green’ playgrounds. These have been demonstrated to offer a whole range of Physical and Emotional benefits for your children.


Want better Mental and Physical Health? Sleep Better!
To do: Again, you can get your child to indulge in a healthy sleep pattern, if you follow it yourself! You must ensure that both you and your little one get plenty of shuteye. You want to sleep 8 hours a day, for optimal health.
Note: The lack of sleep can be a cause of major concern, increasing the risk for ailments like anxiety and depression.

Using Positive Affirmations

Holistic Health is not merely limited to the Physical, but to the Mental and Spiritual realms as well.

To do: Chant Positive Affirmations daily, along with your child. Like the following:

  • I am happy and filled with joy
  • I am kind to myself and to everyone I meet

Note: Using Affirmations is a wonderful way for children to learn that through their mindset, they can actually curate the most wonderful of experiences.

At EuroKids we believe that placing a focus on Holistic Wellness is integral in today’s fast-paced world. Not only will it get children and parents in prime health, it will also keep them wonderfully poised to face life’s daily challenges head-on!

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