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Holi Activities Bursting with Color for Preschoolers

It’s that time of the year again. The proverbial ‘twilight zone’ between our Winter and Summer, that finds its crescendo in a festival we love like no other: Holi, of course!

Back in the day, we would lose sleep on the eve of Holi, thinking of all the fun we were going to have filling water balloons the next day. The mere thought of throwing Water Balloons on our friends, or simply smearing their faces with colour, saw our excitement grow by leaps and bounds! Now, the time has come for our kids to discover the joy of this delightful Festival, as much as we did back in the day.

In this article, we will learn all about fun Holi Activities for your preschooler. These include some cool Holi Art and Craft Activities that will help kids celebrate Holi in a uniquely different way. Ready to start ‘cooling off’ already? Time to beat the heat, with some fun Holi Activities for Kindergartners!

Holi Activities Bursting with Colour for Preschoolers

When we think of ‘Holi’, we think of two things: ‘Water’ and ‘Colour’! Presenting some fun Holi Activities and Holi Craft Ideas for Preschool.

The Oil, Water and Colour Experiment

Want to get your children to indulge in an activity that’s both Fun and Educational at the same time?
To do:

  • Rub one of your child’s hands with baby oil, and the other with water.
  • Apply colour to both hands, and tell them to leave it on for 5 minutes.
  • Wash both hands.

The Takeaway: Children will learn that it is better to apply oil to their skin, before playing Holi. This is because oil does not mix so well with water, and hence the paint gets off more easily. Compared to when it is mixed with water, that is.

Rainbow on a Plate

This is one Holi Activity for Kindergarten, you don’t want to miss.
To do:

  • Take some coloured candy, preferably ‘Gems’, and line them around the circumference of a plate. Note: Here, you must ensure that the plate is one that gently slopes from the edges towards the middle.
  • Pour some lukewarm water in the middle of the plate.
    Note: Make sure the water touches ‘all’ the candies.
  • Watch the delight on your kids’ faces, as the candies start melting and you get a ‘rainbow’ on the

DIY Tie Dye T-Shirt!

Children love wearing Tie Dye T-shirts. Imagine their excitement, when they learn they will be making one themselves! Craft Activities on Holi like this one, are the best.
To do:

  • Tie some rubber bands at random spots, on a plain white T-shirt.
  • Using a spray bottle, spray some water on the knotted parts of the T-shirt.
  • Get your children to colour the knotted parts, using the sketch pens of their choice.
  • Voila! They have created their first-ever Tie Dye T-Shirt.

Making their Own Rangoli

Holi Art and Craft Activities include getting kids to make Rangoli from scratch!
To do:

  • Get your child to ‘paint’ the design of their choosing on plain white card paper, using Glue.
  • Let them indulge in the joy of scattering Holi colours over the designs they have created.
  • Finally, get them to blow off the extra ‘Rangoli.’
    Bonus: This one’s a Rangoli that is going to stand the test of time!

Disappearing Colours

The next best thing to seeing myriad colours, is watching them disappear! This one’s a Holi Activity for Kindergarten, kids will never tire of it.
To do:

  • Gather a few transparent glasses. Then, mix a different food colour in each glass, with water.
  • With the help of a dropper, add a few drops of laundry bleach to each glass.
  • Watch them marvel, as they see those colours ‘disappear’, as though by magic.

Tip: To ‘up’ the excitement, get them to add more of that laundry bleach, till a particular colour has completely vanished!

Blow-Painting Holi Cards

When it comes to Holi Activities, Holi Craft Ideas for Preschool like this one, are the best! All you need for this fun Activity, is some Food Colouring, Card Paper, a Pipette and some Straws.
To do:

  • Using the pipette, drop some food colours onto the inside of a plain card that has been created from a large piece of card paper.
  • Using the straws, blow onto those blobs of colours, and see the colours splash just like they do when you play with them outside.
  • Let the unique creation your child has made, dry thoroughly. Then, they have their very first self-curated Holi card!

Having a Colour Party

Holi is incomplete, without your child rubbing some colour onto the faces of their friends!
To do:

  • Announce that you are throwing a Holi Colour Party. Invite as many friends of your little one to it as you can. Even their parents. The more the merrier!
  • Ensure you use only ‘non-toxic, washable’ colours.
  • Go to your backyard or any other open space, give everyone adequate colour to play with, and let the party begin!

Shooting down Water Cups

Needless to say, children will go completely crazy ‘shooting’ each other with their ‘pichkaris’. Presenting an idea for ‘more’ water-shooting fun!
To do:

  • Stack disposable cups on top of each other.
  • Then, let them go wild with their water guns, as they try and shoot all the cups down.

Holi-themed Colouring Sheets

This one’s for the times you want to indulge in some good old Holi fun, without creating a mess!
To do:

  • Get onto the Internet, to download some cool, printable colouring sheets that are Holi-themed.
  • When you have those sheets printed out, give them some wax crayons and let them have a ball colouring within the spaces.
    Note: You don’t want to stress too much on their colouring ‘within the lines’. After all, it is Holi. Its very premise is ‘creating a mess’!

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