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Guide for Expectant Parents: Decorating the Nursery Room

As parents-to-be, designing and setting up a nursery room for their precious one is the most exciting task on the to-do list. Since the baby will spend a significant amount of time in this space, it becomes crucial to create a safe, comfortable and beautiful environment for them. Our guide on how to set up a nursery room is what expecting parents need to create a cosy and functional space for their baby.

When to Start Planning

Plan ahead before the baby’s arrival, to ensure all bases – budget, space, personal preferences, etc. – are covered, and the expecting parents have a stress-free experience. Starting early gives enough time to research kids’ nursery room ideas and make well-thought out decisions. Setting a timeline and sticking to it becomes easier.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up a nursery room for kids:

Tip.1 Designing Kids Nursery Room

The first step in creating the nursery room is outlining the layout and the space. Whether it’s a spacious room or a cosy corner, utilising the space efficiently is essential. Fleshing out the technical details – the electrical switches, windows and doors – first will help get an idea of where the other nursery room accessories and furniture will go.

Tip.2 Selecting Themes, Wallpaper, Paints and Decor

Picking a theme is the next important step in this process. The expecting parents’ personal style and preferences are important considerations to set the overall tone for the room. While Indian parents have an affinity for pink, blue and cartoon themes, it pays to pick gender-neutral themes that are nature-inspired, vintage or minimalist.

To create a calm ambience for the baby, consider themes with soft colours, and soothing lighting. Accenting a wall with a quirky or vintage wallpaper to blend in your theme will add dimension and texture to the room. Placing a soft rug to the flooring will instantly lift the cozy and safe quotient of the baby’s nursery.

Tip.3 Choosing the Right Furniture

Parents often tend to go overboard in filling-up a nursery with furniture that may or may not prove relevant to their baby. Remember to pick the non-negotiables such as a crib/cot, a changing table, storage cabinets and a nursing chair first. Safety, functionality and durability of these items should be a priority on your checklist.

Tree houses, tents, play gyms can wait for your baby to grow a little. Add these items based on what interests and amuses the child as they tend to outgrow these decor items quickly.

Tip.4 Lighting and Ceiling Considerations

A nursery room should be adequately lit using ambient, task and accent lighting for sleep or play time activities during the day and night.

A baby spends most time lying on its back, therefore decorating the ceiling with playful murals, hanging crib toys and ceiling lights to engage a child can be some creative kids’ nursery room ideas.

Tip.5 Safety Considerations

Safety is of paramount importance at every step of setting up a nursery. From choosing non-toxic paints to avoiding furniture with sharp-edges, from keeping electrical wires and cords concealed to opting out of accessories with choking hazards, it is crucial to baby-proof the nursery every step of the way. Installing baby monitors and smoke detectors add an extra layer of safety to keep the parents’ mind at ease.

Tip.6 Nursery Room Accessories

Accessories are possibly the most fun element of setting up the kids’ nursery room. These decor and essential items help in adding finishing touches to the nursery and tying up the theme together. While wall decals, curtains, and rugs add playful textures to the nursery, essential nursery accessories such as bibs, towels, bath toys, and bottles can also be picked to match the theme and colour scheme.

Some other considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Nursery Room Ideas for Girls
    • Princess theme is one of the most sought after themes for nursery rooms for girls. Soft pastel colours in pink, lavender and mint-green help create a dreamy ambience for this theme. Use fairy tale elements, delicate floral patterns, tulle canopies and sparkling accents to add a touch of enchantment to it.
    • Floral theme with blush tones, botanical artwork, velvety and chiffon textures is another popular theme in the list of nursery room ideas for girls.
    • For a bohemian look mix and match patterns and textures, use macrame and fringe accents, incorporate warm earthy tones infused with metallic shades to bring a free-spirited and boho vibe to the nursery.
  2. Nursery Room Ideas for Boys
  3. While most people find their creative juices running out when designing a nursery for boys, here are some creative ideas to do up a baby boy’s room without it being boring:

    • Create a sense of exploration with an adventure-theme. Use earthy brown and green colour palette with animal prints and decor elements such as binoculars, maps, compass etc to bring excitement to the room.
    • Nautical-inspired theme can be a perfect idea for little sailors. Use a colour palette in the shades of the ocean, create some drama with striped patterns and sea creatures and add sailboats, anchors and shell-themed decor.
  4. Nursery Room Ideas for Twins
  5. Designing a nursery for twins requires thoughtful planning to accommodate two cribs, ample storage, and a functional layout. The following nursery room ideas for twins can be helpful:

    • Use a neutral colour theme and accentuate with navies/greens for boys and soft pastels for girls.
    • Keep the cribs closer together for newborns to instil a sense of security of having the sibling closeby. Eventually as they grow older, add a little distance to prevent them from climbing over another’s crib.
    • Select the correct feeding chair. Generally an oversized chair with upholstered arms would be a good pick to ensure comfort when breastfeeding the twins simultaneously.
    • Add personalised decor to the room in the form of blankets or stuffed animals with their names or wall accents depicting their favourite themes. This will add character to the nursery and build a sense of self-identity in the twins.

There is bound to be a tug of war between style and functionality when decorating a kids’ nursery room. A good rule to keep in mind is to place safety over aesthetics, minimalism over clutter and create a multi-functional space that can transition easily to support a growing baby’s needs. With proper planning and consideration for space, lighting, furniture and safety parents-to-be can design a happy and harmonious nursery for their babies.

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