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Getting Nutty About Coconuts: The Unique Benefits of Coconut for Children

If there’s one thing you probably didn’t know about your favourite ‘Coconut’, it is this:

It’s not a ‘Nut’!

Believe it or not, but this exotic food item that we find ourselves harking towards for its supply of refreshing water, is actually a ‘fruit’! There’s one thing for certain, though: the Benefits of coconut are indeed varied and profound.

In this article, you will learn about all the Nutritional Properties of Coconut, that make it an excellent source of food for our children. You heard that right! It’s not just the ‘water’ in this tasty Nut or Fruit or whatever you might like to call it, but even its succulent ‘flesh’ that offers those benefits. Join us at EuroKids, as we journey up the Tree of Information, and crack that Nut of Knowledge at the top. The idea, of course, is to shed light on the Benefits of Coconut that every parent needs to know, for the betterment of their child’s health.

Table of Contents:

  • Coconut for Kids: Decoding the Coconut, Layer by Layer
  • Benefits of Coconut: Nutritional Properties of Coconut
  • The Benefits of Coconut for Kids
  • Coconut for Kids: Decoding the Coconut, Layer by Layer

    Now that we have established that the coconut is a ‘fruit’, let us navigate it layer by layer.

    1. Exocarp
    2. The outermost layer is green in colour and smooth in texture.

    3. Mesocarp
    4. That husky, fibrous layer that you commonly see in coconuts used for ‘pujas.’

    5. Endocarp
    6. The innermost layer, this one is hard and brown. It’s on the inside of the endocarp that we find that edible flesh that we refer to as ‘coconut meat.’

    Benefits of Coconut: Nutritional Properties of Coconut

    There’s plenty more that meets the eye inside that beloved ‘green nut’, than merely ‘coconut water’! The following is a list of all the nutrients it’s packed with, that really ‘pack a punch’ where it comes to boosting the health of children.

    1. High fat content
    2. No need to panic here! The ‘fat’ in the coconut refers mostly to ‘medium-chain fatty acids’, that are instrumental in boosting brain function, and even improving cholesterol levels.

    3. Packed with Protein and Fiber
    4. In a world where people are insistent on getting ever more ‘protein’, this comes as great news. What’s more, it’s got ‘carbohydrates’ that are nothing short of that insoluble ‘fibre’ essential for all children.

    5. Laced with Essential Minerals
    6. The following are just some of the minerals found in Coconut: Manganese, Copper, Iron and Magnesium.

    The Benefits of Coconut for Kids

    When we think of ‘Coconut’, our first thought is of a straw inside that large shell, that leads to the wonderful ‘Water of Life.’ Why do we call it the Water of Life? Read on, for all the wonderful Benefits of Coconut that make it an indispensable part of your child’s diet!

    1. Great for the Skin
    2. Want your little one’s skin to glow? The ultra-moisturizing properties of coconut water, will ensure just that.

      Bonus: Coconut water is great for the prevention of ‘acne’, too!

    3. Antibacterial Properties
    4. Which parent out there doesn’t want their child to be infection-free?

      Cool Fact: It is believed that the Antibacterial Properties of Coconut stem from the ‘coconut oil’ inside it.

      Bonus: The benefits of coconut here might very well extend to preventing infections arising from root canal treatments.

    5. Great for Digestion
    6. That ‘fibre’ we spoke of earlier? It’s a great digestion-enhancer.

      Bonus: It helps prevent ‘acid reflux’, too!

    7. Easy to add to the diet
      In a world where we struggle to get our kids to eat something nutritious, this one’s a sweet bonus!
    8. To do: If your child is not fond of drinking coconut water, see if they relish the meat instead! Even if they don’t, it’s easy to add shredded coconut to stews and curries that your children might love tucking into.

    9. It can aid in Weight Loss
    10. In an age where more children are becoming obese than ever before, it’s vital to get them to eat right! Interestingly, the Uses of Coconut in Weight Loss are linked to those ‘fats’ we spoke of earlier. They induce that ‘fat-burning’ process we all crave so earnestly.

    11. It helps prevent Dehydration
    12. Have you ever given your child some ‘Electral’ to help them stave off dehydration? The next time round, give them some coconut water instead!

      Cool Fact: The coconut is packed with more electrolytes than any energy drink out there, which makes it especially beneficial for preventing dehydration.

    13. It may help control Blood Sugar
    14. Obesity is not the only health issue out there, where it comes to our kids. We don’t want their sugar levels spiking every now and then, too! Since the humble coconut is high in fat and fibre and low in carbs, this might prove beneficial for maintaining healthy sugar levels.

    As we have seen, the Benefits of Coconut are indeed plenty, where it comes to aiding the overall health of our kids. After reading this article from the EuroKids stable, we are sure that in all probability you will never look at a Coconut like you did before. Now that you’re sufficiently equipped with the knowledge of the Uses of Coconut for Bettering Kids’ Health, go on out there and stock up on some Coconuts for the entire family!


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