Funny Jokes For Toddlers, And Preschoolers

Fill grumpy moments with fun & laughter for your little one with funny baby jokes. Clap! Clap! What are you thinking about? Some funny jokes for toddlers that can tickle them off with laughter? Well, we are here to join your enjoyment team. Those notorious creatures love jokes for toddlers, and it’s not a secret anymore. Short, sweet, comic puns and jokes for preschoolers can be used to get these little comedians ready for their preschool.

Try some knock-knock jokes, act-a-gag jokes, and silly-funny wordplays to make your child’s grumpy face shine with laughter. Let them laugh out loud with funny baby jokes about everything and anything around them. Funny jokes for kids can be about food, plants, vehicles, the sky, colours, animals, vegetables, gadgets and whatnot! While you turn their frown upside down with jokes for toddlers, you can also teach them a few things here and there about these objects.

Making your little laugh might be challenging in their highly cranky mood, but some tickling funny baby jokes can solve your problem in just a few minutes.

Are you, too, looking for some jokes for preschoolers to keep them in-hand handy whenever you want to spread laughter in your children’s life? Here are some exciting funny baby jokes we collated just for you

Animal Jokes For Toddlers

Where do elephants pack their clothes?
In their trunks!

What do you call a fish without an eye?
A fish.

Why do bees have sticky hair?
Because they use a honeycomb.

What did the Dalmatian say after lunch?
That hit the spot!

What was the first animal in space?
The cow that jumped over the moon.

What did the cat say when he fell off the table?

Why did the chicken cross the playground?
To get to the other slide!

What do you do when a dinosaur sneezes?
Get out of the way!

Why do giraffes have such long necks?
Because they have smelly feet.

Where would you find an elephant?
The same place you lost her.

What do you call a seagull who lives at a bay?
A baygull!

How do piggies say goodnight?
With hogs and kisses.

What do you say to a cow who’s in your way?

Where do penguins keep their money?
In snow banks!

What do you call a cow’s favourite dance move?
A milkshake!

What do you call an alligator dressed in a vest?
An investigator!

What dinosaur makes the coolest music?
The raptor!

What did one duck say to his funny friend?
You quack me up!

 Funny Baby Jokes About Food

What fruit do twins love?

What kind of keys are sweet?

What do you call two bananas?

Why won’t peanut butter tell you a secret?
He’s afraid you’ll spread it.

Funny Baby Jokes About People

What kind of shoes do robbers wear?

Why can’t Elsa have a balloon?
Because she will let it go.

Why did Johnny throw the clock out of the window?
Because he wanted to see time fly.

Why was the snow yellow?
ecause Elsa let it go! 

What did the left eye say to the right eye?
Between us, something smells.

Things to keep in mind when you are telling funny baby jokes

  1. Likings & Dislikings of Your Kids: While your intention might be to bust your child with a laugh by telling them funny baby jokes. It might be crossfire if your funny jokes for preschoolers are about their favourite thing, person or something of interest.
  2. Similarly, they may enjoy the joke even more if it is about something they don’t like.
  3. Sensitive Topics That Might Be Insulting To Your Kid: There might be some jokes for toddlers that might remind them of situations or incidents that might trigger them. This might cause some stress, inferiority or even anxiety. We should not forget that our idea of telling kids funny baby jokes is to make them laugh and lighten their mood. Our efforts should not impact them emotionally.
  4. Insulting or Objectifying Other People: Be careful when telling jokes to preschoolers. Insulting or objectifying funny baby jokes about someone might ingrain a habit of bullying others in your kids. As a growing child, their mind cannot differentiate between good and evil. Anything they hear from parents or adults they idolize might be normal to use for them. It will become difficult for you to reform these habits in later years.
  5. Non-Biased Funny Baby Jokes: Sometimes, when telling funny baby jokes, we don’t consider the biases we might create. In our jokes for toddlers, we should ensure no biases are formed towards gender, caste, country, or social standards. Otherwise, this might build perceptions lasting for a long time (sometimes even for one entire life). As they grow up, these beliefs might become a topic of judgement for them and towards them.  


Babies are not the hardest critics, yet they are very moody. Hence, figuring out what will make them laugh and what will not take some time. But making them laugh hard by telling funny baby jokes won’t be challenging once you do.

Funny jokes for kids can be repeated to them; they love to laugh at the same jokes for preschoolers, unlike us adults. Jokes for toddlers are easy to remember, and if you want, you can buy cute little books of funny baby jokes for those grumpy times.

At Eurokids, we understand the benefits of good mood, laughter and age-appropriate learning that your little ones can have from jokes for preschoolers. We aim to provide better psychological, cognitive and emotional growth in a light, stress-free environment. We work towards enhancing the benefits of jokes for toddlers by improving comprehension and retention. Click here to know more or to visit a Eurokids centre for preschool admission for your child.

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