Fun Reading Games for Kids

Fun Reading Games for Kids

What happens when you combine the Love of Reading, with the Love of Play?

The answer: Some Great Cerebral Fun!

Reading Games for Kids play a huge role in getting children to better understand the concepts of The Written Word. Language forms an essential part of our daily lives, and teaching it in an interesting manner makes it easier for children to understand it.

Are you ready to embark on a delightful journey, and uncover some really cool Reading games? Let’s begin!

Games for Improving Reading Skills

If you place a keen emphasis on Early Reading Games, you will find your child benefits greatly from the several advantages they offer. It is only with the passage of time, that you will comprehend their significance.

Here’s presenting the Best Reading Games. If your child is not an avid reader yet, they will surely be, after they indulge in even a few of these fun Reading Games for Kids.

Treasure Hunt

The happiness that stems from solving a riddle and getting a prize? Priceless!

How to Play: Hide their toys along with some gifts, in different parts of your house. Jot down simple clues on pieces of paper, vis a vis their locations. Clues like ‘Where is the umbrella kept?’ The children have to find each clue, read it out loud and find the designated object.

Ages: 4+

Spot The Alphabet

Time to spring those Letter Detectives into action!

How to Play: Make a set of flashcards with different words on them. Start by showing any two flashcards to your child, and ask them to find a letter common to both cards. Then prompt them to read the letter aloud, to aid their speech and memory development.

Note: Each pair of flashcards should only have one letter in common.


Ages: 3+

The Yes and No Word Game

Early Reading Games like this one, are sure to pique the interest of budding readers.

How to Play: Turn some carefully curated Word Lists into a fun ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ Word Game. You can do this by asking questions like the following:

  • Does the word end in a vowel?
  • Does the word begin with the letter ___?

Ages: 4+

The Red Light, Green Light Reading Game

If you’re looking for games that improve reading skills, try one that really makes an impression!

How to Play: All you need is to hand your child some simple text to read. This could be a list of words, a paragraph or even a passage. When you say ‘Green Light’, your child must start reading the text. When you say ‘Red Light’, they must stop. You have to keep alternating between the two ‘Lights’, until they make it to the end.


Ages: 5+

Junior Scrabble

All of us have wonderful memories playing Scrabble in days gone by. While our kids might be too young for the formal Scrabble game, they can play this version that’s a twist on the classic.

How to Play: Give your child a wide variety of letters (instead of the usual Seven) from the Scrabble Set. Provide them with a pen and paper, too. Now, encourage them to come up with as many words as they can, using those letters.

Tip: You might want to start off with three-letter words, and then gradually get them to create words with more letters.

Ages: 5+

The Say and Stomp Game

Kids delight in stomping on things. Why not get them to hone their language skills, while they do?

How to Play: Take some Styrofoam cups and write different letters on the top of them. Now place them on the floor in a line, a little distance apart from each other. Your child has to stomp on each cup, after reading out loud the name of the letter on its top.

Ages: 4+

I Spy, With Words

Most of us have played this fun game of spotting objects since our youth. The best part is, it can be played just about anywhere!

How to Play: Take your child out for a walk in, say, the supermarket. Play the game of I Spy with them by saying something to the tune of ‘I spy something we drink each morning, that starts with the letter M.’

Note: As your child grows older, make it even more interesting. Say something like ‘I spy something that rhymes with a Car’, when there’s that rhyming ‘Jar’ in close proximity in the kitchen.

Ages: 3 to 6

Foam-Word Game

Who needs Scrabble, when you can use Foam Letters to create a fun word game?

How to Play: Take plenty of foam letters and mix them up. Then let those Word Curators go wild, creating as many different words as they possibly can from those letters.

Ages: 5+

Word-Based Snakes and Ladders

All children love playing Snakes and Ladders. Why not get them to read along as they play?

How to Play: All you need to do is take a pen and write down simple words your child can read, on all the 100 squares on the board. Your child has to read the words out loud, as they cross them. Oh, and when they get ‘bitten’ by those snakes, it provides them the opportunity to read them out again!

Ages: 4+

Sequence Letters

They say ‘A Picture speaks a thousand Words.’ In this classic board game, rest assured that each picture will speak at least ‘one’ word!

How to Play: This board game has printed pictures and a set of cards that have letters written on them in uppercase and lowercase. Your child needs to identify the picture and read the name of the object out loud. Then they have to find a letter card that matches the sound of the world’s first letter.

Ages: 4+

At EuroKids it is our firm belief that Reading Games make learning to read a fun and enjoyable activity. The more enjoyable it gets, the more children will be motivated in their pursuit of Reading.

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