Fun and Learning- How a Trip to the Aquarium Enhances Preschoolers Knowledge


Discovering the Ocean: Benefits of Aquarium School Trips

  ‘Nemo’ is not the only fish out there waiting to be found.

There’s plenty more fish in the Sea – sorry, ‘Aquarium’, just waiting to be discovered by those little aquatic enthusiasts.

The oceans all over the planet are teeming with life. It’s a whole new world out there, most of which hasn’t even been discovered yet. If you can’t bring kids to the ocean, you can surely bring the ocean to the kids! That is, of course, if a school trip to the aquarium is on the cards!

Nothing beats field trips, where it comes to making for important moments in learning. No matter if they have gone there already or not, a trip to the aquarium never fails to spark a sense of curiosity and wonder in little minds.

Let’s begin, by diving straight into the pool of benefits an aquarium affords kids.

The Benefits of the Aquarium

There’s far more than meets the eye, where it comes to the benefits provided by aquarium visits. Here’s a look at all the reasons a school trip to the aquarium makes for a truly unmissable field trip.

It Enhances their Vocabulary

Apart from the extensive Visual Stimulation preschoolers will be exposed to as they walk through the aquarium, they get a fine sharpening of their Vocabulary, too.

How: You will find children talking amongst themselves, when identifying the unique sea creatures on display. This sense of ‘identification’, along with their reading the sign posts and discovering new names, will go a long way in enriching their vocabulary.

It Promotes a Fine Appreciation of Nature

This is an often-overlooked importance of the aquarium, but of no lesser significance than the others.

How: It is only when children get to witness sea creatures up close and personal, that they are able to fully appreciate the magnitude of life under the sea. This is the only way for them to actually get the feeling to sink in, that there is another world out there just waiting to be discovered.

It fosters a state of Relaxation

It’s impossible to witness a jellyfish circling in water, and not feel a sense of tranquility.

How: There’s just something about an aquarium that gives visitors a sense that they are in a Meditative Space. It’s a great place where your child will simply be able to sit back, and appreciate life. In the case of children who are extremely high-strung, aquariums might just help them attain a Zen-like state, you never know!

It appeals to different Types of Learners

The great thing about an aquarium is, it appeals to several types of learners simultaneously. This is a lesser-known, but vital, importance of the aquarium

How: You will find Visual Learners drawn to the vibrant colors of the Coral Cave, while Auditory Learners are far more attracted to the talks that happen at various times of the day. That’s not all. All those Tactile Learners will have loads of fun interacting with those displays, too.

It helps children gain an in-depth understanding of the Sea World

One of the benefits of an aquarium visit is that children learn a lot more than by merely walking past Sea Creature Exhibits and reading their names.

How: Plenty of aquariums have Educational Programs specially tailored for different age groups. It might be prudent to check out the website of the aquarium a few days in advance, to find out the list of activities for the day you are scheduled to visit. Note: Some aquariums even have webcams that might interest some kids, both pre- and post-visit.

It Fires Imagination

Did you know that Christopher Columbus once saw some manatees, and thought they were mermaids?

How: When children see those mysterious sea creatures, they revel in a sense of wonder. These beautiful creatures in their myriad colors, can fire the imagination of little minds, in a way unlike any other. And yes, seeing them up close is the real deal. Not merely glancing at pictures of them in books!

It helps them learn about Natural Habitats

Aquariums are not merely viewing areas for aquatic animals.

How: There are plenty of aquarium exhibits that simulate the aesthetics and functionality of natural habitats. This attention to detailing in the structure of these exhibits, is not merely aesthetic. In fact, it supports the health and well-being of the animals inside them, too.

It Fosters a Sense of Bonding with other children

That school trip to the aquarium is great for honing their social skills, too.

How: All those ‘Oohs’ and ‘Aahs’ uttered by kids as they see beautiful and unusual creatures, ultimately leads to conversation. The great thing here is, children might even find themselves talking with children they had not spoken to earlier, in school. From Touching Tanks to looking at penguins, the aquarium makes for some great bonding fun.

They provide for a great Entertainment Experience

Need we say this one? Yes, we do! Have you been to an aquarium lately?

How: Modern Aquariums are far better than they used to be, back in the day. Here’s what some of them have on offer.

  • Partially submerged viewing and feeding platforms, with views of large animals swimming around the main tank: Example: Dubai Mall Aquarium.
  • Opportunities for scuba-diving. This even includes courses with certified trainers.
  • Rich digital-interactive displays. This makes for a wonderfully immersive experience.

They Boost Academic Success

That trip to the aquarium has benefits your children will be reaping much later on, too.

How: A study says that, regardless of socioeconomic status, children who take educational trips – like to the aquarium, have better grades. This is because the trips made them more engaged and intellectually curious. All the more reason to plan the next aquarium visit!

  We at EuroKids are always field trip ready. We believe that the extensive visual stimulation they get in aquariums is perfect for a child’s cognitive development. This, apart from the other benefits aquariums afford children, makes them a truly great choice for that Preschooler’s Day Out.