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Fun and Engaging Podcasts for Children- A List of Kid-Friendly Podcasts

Best Kid-Friendly Podcasts : Engaging Journeys for Young Mind

‘It’s not the Destination, it’s the journey.’

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The question is, how does one make that journey for kids, like a road trip, so engaging that you don’t find them once saying, ‘Are we there yet?’

Be it on a road trip or while they are snuggled up in their favorite blanket at home on a chilly winter day, Podcasts for children never fail to get their attention. If you’re looking to engage your kids while at the same time keep them away from those addictive screens, you might want to give podcasts a try.

In this blog post we have curated a list of the best podcasts that will ensure that your children never have a dull moment. Be it on a road trip or simply when they find themselves saying ‘I’m bored!’

Without further ado, here’s our list of the best podcasts to listen to.

The Best Kid-friendly Podcasts

All famous podcasts have one thing in common. They incorporate stellar sound effects, groovy music and sometimes even multiple voices, to tell absorbing stories.

The following, according to us, are the best podcasts you want to get your children listening to.

Story Pirates

Want a captivating audio show that tells hugely entertaining stories written by kids?

Highlights: There are fun stories like ‘Eat a Spider a Day’, and ‘Princess Lifeguard Camp’, that are sure to keep little ones entertained simply on account of their inherent goofiness.

Ages: 5 to 12

Circle Round

This is a heady mix of famous folk tales from around the world, narrated by eminent personalities like Broadway actress Phillipa Soo.

Highlights: You will find that each episode in this podcast is accompanied by an original score, that helps foster a connection between the cultural tale and the celebrity guest.

Ages: 2+

Girl Tales

One of the best podcasts to listen to, when you want your little ones to be uplifted by some diversity-embracing talk.

Highlights: Written exclusively by female, non-binary and trans authors, this podcast retells popular fairy tales through a highly empowering lens.

Ages: 8+

Peace Out

While there might not be any magic formula to get your children to sleep, this podcast can surely help.

Highlights: This wonderful series of podcasts is characterized by calming stories that inculcate the habits of mindfulness and meditation in young children.

Ages: 5-13

Newsy Paloozi

Is your child an absolute news buff? You might want to get them to listen to this one.

Highlights: In this amazing podcast, even heavy issues like Gun Control are treated delicately. What’s great about this podcast is, each episode is accompanied by a child correspondent in conversation with an adult, to get a firm sense of what is going on.

Ages: 7+

Smash Boom Best

One of the most famous podcasts out there, this one gets children to spark their debating skills.

Highlights: In this highly entertaining show for kids and families, two opposing ideas are taken and smashed together, letting you decide which one is best. With topics like Aliens vs Robots, and Invisibility vs Flying, it makes for some great debating fun.

Ages: 8+

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

Let’s face it. You’re not going to have all the answers to the questions posed by your innately curious child. That’s where this podcast fits neatly into the picture.

Highlights: This one’s for children who are ever-curious about the world we live in. For kids who ask questions like ‘Why is the Sky blue?’, this podcast does a fine job in providing them answers rooted in reality.

Ages: 5 to 9

Greeking Out

If your children are into mythological stories, this one is highly recommended.

Highlights: This podcast does a wonderful job of re-telling classic Greek myths in kid-friendly form. Bonus: It also has a couple of forays into mythic tales from other cultures, like Noki from Norse mythology.

Ages: 8-12

Brains On!

For all the Science Buffs out there!

Highlights: This podcast is great for children to explore scientific concepts, such as the possibility of Life on other Planets. What makes it even more charming, is that each episode is co-hosted by a different kid who gives their own spin on fun topics.

Ages: 8+

Five Minutes with Dad

This one gets children engrossed in some highly relatable conversations.

Highlights: Nick Pavlidis (the Dad) and the school-age Pavlos and Angela, make for the most charming hosts. Children will enjoy listening to how this father and his kids tackle everyday issues, like staying positive in school.

Ages: 7+

Aaron’s World

This podcast that is great for kids who love Dinosaurs, was in fact created by a child!

Highlights: This 50-episode drama features the adventures of Aaron and his computer sidekick INO, as they explore the prehistoric world of dinosaurs. Each episode focuses on a single topic, like Iguanodon or Microraptor.

Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child

This one is for all the kids who like to start the day grooving to their favorite beats.

Highlights: Parents will be overjoyed to learn that even some tracks that were part of the playlist in their formative years, make the cut here!

Who, When, Wow!

Get your children to say ‘Wow!’, to some historical figures lesser known to them.

Highlights: This history-based podcast has a fine mix of biographies, that range from famous scientists to legends like the great magician Harry Houdini.

Short and Curly

This podcast is truly wonderful because it makes children think about a whole range of things from an ethical perspective.

Highlights: There are serious questions brought to the fore in this podcast. Questions like, ‘Is it ever Ok to lie?’, that help kids take a fresh look at their previously held concepts of Right and Wrong.

 We at EuroKids are all for nurturing children’s listening skills through podcasts that entertain and educate. We believe that they offer kids a window into a portal of stories told in a unique fashion. If there’s any time to start honing listening skills with a podcast for your child, it is now.

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