Fun and Easy Ways to teach your Kids Names of Vegetables and Fruits

Fun and Easy Ways to teach your Kids Vegetable and Fruit Names

As parents, we all struggle to get our children to eat fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. If you didn’t know already, the trick lies in having them garner a sense of curiosity in these healthy foods, sufficient to get them asking for them.

All children need is a little confidence sprinkled with some curiosity, to make them see those healthy foods in a different light. Beginning with an introduction to different fruits and vegetables, might not be all that bad an idea.

Here’s a look at how you can get your kids to take more notice of fruits and veggies.

Cooking a simple meal

Learning the names of vegetables for kids is one of the best ways to get them to learn about veggies and eat them, too!

Get your children involved in everything related to meal prep, right from buying the ingredients in the market, to helping prepare the meal in the kitchen. Oh, don’t forget assembling the meal and laying the dinner table, too! Looking for ways to get your kids excited about vegetables? Check out these vegetable recipes for kids that are sure to be a hit at the dinner table.

Bonus: A family that cooks together, stays together!

The Fruit and Vegetable Game

Fruit names for kids are seared effectively into those young minds, when they learn to differentiate them from vegetables. In this simple game, all you have to do is show your children, one by one, items from an assortment of fruits and vegetables procured from the market. A really great way to learn the name of fruits and vegetables, for kids.

The objective of the game is simple: identify which item is a fruit and which one, a vegetable. Okay, perhaps not all that simple!

Growing your own vegetables and fruits

Learning the names of vegetables for kids was never easier. The same goes with fruits. Growing them home from scratch is a wonderful way to introduce your little one to them. There are plenty of salad vegetables that grow beautifully in pots. Many herbs, too, can be grown indoors.

Start from the seed stage. Tomatoes are an excellent choice. Children will love eating this ripe, fleshy fruit when it’s time for that ‘harvest’.

Tip: Choose the fruits and vegetables you grow based on conditions available.

The Fruits and Vegetables Alphabet

Teaching both the names of vegetables for kids and the alphabet, too? Is that even possible? It is, when you incorporate fruits and vegetables in that alphabet learning chart that you can design on your own at home, if you don’t have an appropriate guide. As the alphabet slowly sinks in, children will learn the names of fruits and vegetables, too, with a sense of ease. A great way of learning the name of fruits and vegetables with accompanying pictures for kids.

A Pretend Farmers’ Market

You don’t have to take your little one to the farmers’ market when you can bring that market home! All you have to do is go to the market and get as many different varieties of fruits and vegetables as you possibly can. Then, simply remove the items in your kitchen that are not fruits and vegetables, before you declare that market open.

Teach your kids all about how farmers grow the fruits and vegetables in your market, before taking them one day to the ‘actual’ farmers’ market!

Fruit and Veggies Art

Learning the name of fruits for kids becomes a wonderfully fun exercise when you introduce them to the joy of colouring food cut-outs. Needless to say, the same goes with vegetables.

What’s more, this activity helps them identify colors and shapes. A fun way to learn the name of fruits with pictures for kids while simultaneously honing their sensory skills.

Food of the Week

At the beginning of every week, introduce your child to a specific fruit or vegetable. Show them the different ways in which you can cook/eat that food item. Their sense of curiosity piqued, this goes a long way in teaching the names of fruits and vegetables for kids.

Fruit and Vegetable Blind Testing

Want to teach children the names of vegetables and fruits, and get them to eat them, too? Try this!

All you have to do is blindfold your child before feeding them little slices of fruits and vegetables, one by one, that they have to identify correctly.

Tip: You can provide a nice twist to this game by playing it in categories like ‘Green fruits and vegetables’. Certainly one of the best ways to get those greens in!

At EuroKids we believe that ‘Healthy children are happy children’. We do everything in our power to educate children about the importance of eating right, which includes teaching them about the dangers of eating junk food. This, apart from teaching them the importance of incorporating fruits and vegetables in their diet, of course.