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Five Tips For Putting Families at Ease On Their First Day Of School

Every child has a different approach to looking at the first day of their school. Some are excited, others are wondering if they will be liked, and there are a bunch of them who are very scared about the experience.

The first day of school is indeed a big event in a child’s life. But what goes on in a parent’s head? Parents are worried about their kids, and they want the child to feel welcomed. They feel so scared whether their child will blend in and make friends in the school. And, of course, they want to know if the kids are safe and comfortable.

Well, we are here to offer five tips for putting families at ease on their first day of school. As an educational institution, we want you to know a little about helping parents feel at ease.

Dive right in to know more!

Why Is The First Day Of School Challenging For Most Parents? 

We know what parents feel when they drop their children to school. They feel scared and excited all at the same time. They want to know the school is the safest place for their children.

These days we hear of mishaps everyday, and that’s why parents are paranoid to leave their child behind. The feeling is justified, and we completely understand.

The educational institution should focus on making young minds and parents feel secure and comfortable. How do they do that? We have got lots of tips here – just for you. Head to the next section to know more.

5 Tips For You To Work On 

  1. Give Them a Warm Smile
  2. An icebreaker could be giving a warm smile to the parents. A smile can showcase inclusivity, confidence, and excitement. Parents know their children will be alright and the educators are warm enough to help students blend in.

    Children get attracted to positive vibes, so the smile will be reassuring. Smiling can help boost mood as well as health, so give a smile when parents and children enter the institution. If you give cold vibes to the parents and children on the first day of school, they will never return.

    Smile, be kind, and have a pleasant tone. A soft tone and a smile on the face would do the trick.

  3. Make The Classroom Inviting
  4. Here is another first day of school tips parents: keep the classroom neat and clean. A clean classroom is much more inviting than a cluttered one.

    The family such as parents and siblings will be dropping the child on the first day. They want to walk into an organised classroom where they know where to put their belongings. And, of course, the furniture should be suitable for young children. It should not have sharp edges or be too tall. Children love to run around during break, so there should be ample space to move.

    Consider investing in an activity room where you have ample space, games, toys (if the school is really young ones), or interactive objects. Parents will be confident their child is going to the right place to study.

    The first day of school experience ought to be positive!

  5. Answer Every Question The Parent May Have
  6. Putting families at ease can be overwhelming. But, we have a golden tip for you. The first day of school experience can be better if you answer all the queries of the parents.

    Parents will have questions, and you should answer them as politely as possible. Some questions will be like this:

    What if something happens to my Lizzy?
    Would you alert us if my child falls sick?
    How do you deal with bullies in the class?
    Are there any activities for children?
    Do you have an emergency first aid kit in school?
    What time do they eat lunch?
    Is there a security camera?

    You will get countless questions, but it is important for you to not get bothered, and answer them. This is how you put parents at ease.

    If you are arrogant or ignorant, parents will find a school with compassionate teachers.

  7. Find a Solution For Language Barriers
  8. Not every child that comes into the school is English-speaking. Maybe they are from Spain, France, Italy, or India. How do you cope with this situation?

    Perhaps go through the list of students, and find different ways to make the child and parent feel welcome.

    There is no harm in making others feel inclusive. For example, learn how to say hello in different languages. It’s not even that difficult.

    For example, Indians say Namaste to each other. That’s the way they greet each other. The French say bonjour, Spaniards say Hola! Find out more about the basic hello(s) in different languages and make use of it on the first day of school.

    This is one of the best first days of school tips parents. The parents will feel you made the effort to be a lot more pleasant and let the child feel included.

  9. Share The Communication Options With The Parents
  10. Parents want to know the different ways you will keep in touch with them. When you purchase a product, you want the customer care number, email, or an instant messaging option.

    Well, you can share the communication options with the parents. If there is a specific application for live CCTV footage, that will also help parents feel much more comfortable.

    Parents want to send their children to a school that prioritises their safety and ensures that they are feeling comfortable and happy. Schools are meant for education, but they are also the breeding ground for socialisation.

Concluding Thoughts

The first day of school is always challenging for parents and children. You don’t want to make it harder for them by being cold and not sharing enough details about the environment or the infrastructure.

Being a good communicator helps in this industry. You should work on your communication skills and also focus on your body language.

We are sure you will help parents and children feel welcome in this new session! For more details visit Euro Kids website!

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