Fascinating Facts About Earth for Kids

 Since the beginning of time, human beings have been a curious breed.

Right from discovering how fire can be created using a couple of stones, to building an Artificial Intelligence that is undoubtedly the future, man’s sense of curiosity has led him a long way.

The best part about Preschoolers is, this innate sense of curiosity knows no limits. This is the perfect time, then, for them to absorb all kinds of information. Like some fun Facts About Earth this article is peppered with.

Are you ready to absorb some cool Earth Information that you can in turn present to your preschooler? Let’s delve right in, and explore some interesting Facts About Earth that might leave you pleasantly surprised.

Earth Information for Kids

Looking for some Points About Earth you have never stumbled upon, during your time on this glorious planet? These Facts About Earth will surely make you see the planet we live on, in an entirely new light.

1. The Earth is not perfectly round

Forget the age-old fight about whether the Earth is Round or Flat. We all know the earth is round, but not entirely so. It is actually closer to the shape of an ‘ellipsoid.’ This shape is similar to a sphere, but slightly larger around the middle, like a Football. This is a bit of Earth information that your kids will delight in knowing.

2. It is the only planet that is known to contain life

While it might be fun to believe in Martians, the Earth is truly the only known planet on which life exists. Scientists have looked all around the solar system for other planets that might contain life, but to no avail. Undoubtedly, the abundance of Oxygen and Water on our planet can be largely credited for the Earth’s ability to support Life.

3. Our seasons are on account of the Earth’s ’tilt.’

Did you know that the Earth is tilted 23.4 degrees on its axis? The axis is an imaginary straight line that runs through the middle of our planet, from the North Pole to the South Pole. What this means is, different parts of the Earth are tilted towards the Sun at different times of the year. This is what causes the seasons we know all too well.

4. The Earth is more ‘Water’

Yet another of those interesting facts about Earth. There is more ‘Water’ on Earth, than ‘Earth’ itself! A whopping 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, leaving behind a meagre 29 percent of land for humans and animals to make their home.

5. It is situated in the ‘Goldilocks Zone’

This sounds like it is straight out of a fairytale, and it is! The Earth is positioned at just the right distance from the Sun for water to remain liquid. This ‘Perfect Position’ ensures that our Earth is neither too hot nor too cold, and is christened ‘The Goldilocks Zone.’

6. The Earth moves at a dizzying speed of 1000 miles per hour

This bit of Earth Information for Kids, is sure to get those little ones scratching their heads and thinking, ‘Why don’t we fall off the Earth then?’ You can tell them we don’t feel this dizzying speed, because we are held close to the surface of the Earth by that magical force called Gravity!

7. It is an Old Soul

The Earth has been around for longer than most people think. It is through the study of rocks on our planet that Scientists have estimated the Earth to be around 4.5 billion years old.

8. The North Pole on Earth is really a region that moves!

The North Pole is actually located on drifting ice, in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. This is what makes it move, and also difficult for scientists to study. This is another one of those Points About Earth that will leave your little preschooler fascinated.

9. It is known as The Blue Planet

You have probably heard of the Earth being referred to by this moniker, but do you even know why it is called The Blue Planet? That beautiful blue colour of the ocean that we get a glimpse of from space, is solely on account of the reflection of the sky. The reason our sky appears blue is because our atmosphere disperses blue light far more efficiently than Red or even Orange Light.

10. The days on our Earth are getting longer

You read that right! When the Earth was formed all those billions of years ago, the length of a day would have been roughly six hours. Today, an average day on Earth, as we all know, is 24 hours. However, this figure is gradually increasing, to the tune of around 1.7 milliseconds every century. Why? Because of the moon, that is slowing down the Earth’s rotation on account of the tides it helps create.

11. The Earth is the fifth largest planet in our Solar System

This is on account of the huge, 12,800-kilometres diameter of the Earth. The planets Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn and Neptune are even bigger than the Earth.

12. It is not the centre of the Universe

Forget human beings, even the Earth is not the centre of the Universe! Did you know that for 2000 years, humans actually believed the Earth was at the centre of our Universe? Today, we know that in fact the Sun is at the centre of our universe, and the Earth orbits around it.

13. The Earth is located in The Milky Way

Along with our solar system, the Earth is located in a galaxy called The Milky Way. This is an isolated collection of around 200 billion stars bound together by gravity.

 At EuroKids, we are of the belief that introducing the Earth to preschoolers helps them sharpen their curiosity about the natural world. Learning more about the Earth will help them garner a newfound appreciation for it. Further, it might even motivate them to help Mother Earth!

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