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Exploring the Benefits and Future Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Artificial or not, ‘All Intelligence is Real’!
AI has become more or less finely-integrated into our daily nuances of living. It comes as no surprise, then, that its prowess has already extended to the field of Education! It’s not uncommon for a student to hand in an assignment to their teacher, that sees them get a decent amount of help, if not a ‘hundred percent’ of it, from the latest, happening AI tool. Namely, ChatGPT, of course! So, is it safe to say that AI might well be the End of Education, as we know it?

In this article we will probe the role of AI in Learning, in the future to come. We will see how Artificial Intelligence in Education can actually help students garner some tangible benefits, helping them maximize their Learning Skills in unique fashion. We will also take a look at how those Benefits of Artificial Intelligence, extend to AI Applications in Education. Ready for a ‘Real’ Journey into the world of an Intelligence that is by and large ‘Artificial’? Let’s begin, with a brief summary of what Artificial Intelligence in Education offers, at the most basic level.

AI in Learning: An Overview

When was the last time you asked Siri to belt out one of your favourite tracks? In case you didn’t know, it is none other than AI, that’s responsible for this magical, new-age ‘tool.’ Plenty other AI tools abound, like self-driving cars and that ChatGPT we know all too well.

Siri is in fact a great example of a tool that is used to search for information that humans ‘don’t necessarily need to find themselves.’ Keeping that in mind, it is only prudent that we use AI to make the lives of students simpler. After all, the power of a machine to solve complex logical problems and even handle large amounts of data, is unparalleled. Even if the machine that is solving those problems is created by none other than ‘humans’, of course!

Artificial Intelligence in Education: The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

With the Transformative methods of Learning that AI brings to the table, it truly has the power to revolutionize Education. Presenting the benefits and future potential of AI, for students and educators alike.

Instant Access to a Plethora of Resources

Remember the time you would go to the library, to find a piece of information that was critical vis a vis your homework? Thanks to AI, you can have all the information you need at your fingertips, and more! Forget ‘a’ Library, AI tools can help you gain access to ‘several’ libraries at once!

Automated Assessment and Grading

Teachers find themselves struggling with the amount of work they have on their hands, simply because there’s ‘too much’ of it. Thanks to AI, that mundane process of Grading and Assessment can be taken care of, and teachers can focus on what they do best – Teaching, of course!

AI Applications in Education

These days, there seems to be an app for pretty much everything out there. Why not one for Education? This is an area that holds a good deal of potential for AI in the future. With AI-based apps, the process of ‘learning’ can be customized for every ‘unique’ student. Time to bid adieu to that ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, and usher in an age of ‘tailor made’ learning for students.

  1. Minimal ‘Space’ Usage
  2. Do you remember the time you went to school with a bag crammed with textbooks? Thankfully, our children will not have to bear the brunt of those heavy bags! With AI, there is minimal space that is required for the most extensive Digital Lessons. Besides, these can be accessed remotely from anywhere, too.

    Bonus: Using less paper means saving more trees, so this is a Win-Win situation, really.

  3. The Curation of ‘Smart Content’
  4. The fundamental premise underlying all of AI, is to be as ‘innovative’ as possible. This can be seen where it comes to the role that it plays in creating some truly ‘interactive’ educational content for students. This content is not only of the highest possible quality, but it is also ‘adaptive’, designed to make learning easier for children. Here again, the potential to continuously scale new heights where it comes to creating ‘smarter’ content, is limitless!

  5. AI Tutoring Chatbots
  6. Even the students that pay the most attention in class, need help outside the classroom! Unfortunately, teachers only have so much time and cannot cater to the individual learning needs of all students, after school hours. That’s exactly where those AI Chatbots step in. They will answer questions at lightning speed, and ensure that all those ‘hiccups’ in learning, are taken care of.

  1. The Use of Predictive Analytics
  2. Yes, a teacher might know how well a particular student is faring ‘in the now’, but do they have an inkling of how that student will perform in the future? Thanks to the ‘Predictive Analytics’ that AI offers, teachers will be able to not only predict the future performance of students, but also identify students that are ‘at-risk.’ Moreover, they will be able to curate ‘strategies’, to help children ace their knowledge skills, in the time to come.

  3. A Secure Testing Environment
  4. It’s true that the role of AI is central in making the lives of students easier, but not so easy that they don’t need to learn at all! Where it comes to that process of monitoring those online exams, AI tools can do a great job in ensuring there is no ‘cheating.’

  5. Timely Content Updates
  6. You get a notification whenever your phone or laptop needs a Software Update, right? Thanks to AI, students will constantly be updated when there is new ‘content’ added to the syllabus.

  7. Enhanced Student Engagement
  8. Last but not the least, AI helps motivate students to learn more. Thanks to all that instant feedback they receive with AI-based learning, the process of learning becomes more ‘enjoyable’ for kids. Needless to say, ‘Happy students make great Learners’!

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