Exciting Travel Games for Kids- Must-Try Entertainment for Road Trips and Flights


The journey is the destination ~ Dan Eldon

When travelling anywhere, by plane or car, it’s important to bear in mind that the journey constitutes every bit of the holiday, too. Whether it’s downtime spent in the hotel, or keeping the family entertained during long car journeys, there’s a plethora of travel games to keep everyone in the family happy.

Whether your child is a toddler or a teen, they will find something in this list we have carefully compiled, of travel games for kids that will leave them crying out for more.

The Best Travel Games for Kids

All the travel games we have listed here are easy to find. So, make sure you stack up on at least a few of them, to keep the entire family disconnected from their devices on that road (or sky) trip!

  1. Rory’s Story Cubes
  2. When looking for entertainment for road trips, don’t miss this one.

    Players have to roll dice and tell a story based on the pictures facing upward on the dice after they have been rolled. Tip: You might wish to carry along a small tray, to roll the dice on.

  3. Impromptu Story Creation
  4. One of the best road trip activities, this one.

    One of the players has to pick three words, like perhaps ‘broom’, ‘fish’ and ‘saucer’. The rest of the travelling contingent has to make up stories using all the three words.

  5. Scavenger Hunt
  6. If you’re looking for some good entertainment for road trips, this one’s a great idea. Children will love keeping an eye out for items on cards, ranging from stop signs to license plates with certain letters on them.

  7. Magnetic Tic Tac Toe
  8. Clearly one of the most engrossing road trip activities, this one’s a fun travelling version of the classic game. Bonus: It’s near impossible to lose pieces of this game, on account of their being ‘magnetic’.

  9. Chinese Checkers
  10. Classic games never go out of style!

    This one’s a great game for kids who love to strategize. Note: Ensure you get the magnetic, travel-size version of this game.

  11. Pass The Pigs
  12. Rolling pigs, instead of dice? You got that right!

    The scoring takes place by how the pigs land. Note: That backseat divider in the car is a great place to ‘roll those pigs’!

  13. Fortunately, Unfortunately
  14. This one’s a great game to get kids’ creative juices flowing and have them respond on the fly.

    One kid says something like ‘Fortunately, it began to snow’. Another person might add, ‘Unfortunately, there was too much snow in the driveway to get out’. And so on.

  15. Paper Bag Puppets
  16. Travelling by airplane?

    Use those statutory paper bags to create puppets and weave wonderful stories!

  17. Travel Scrabble
  18. Boost your word skills with this classic word game.

    Grandparents or tweens, everyone in the family loves creating words from whatever alphabets they pull out randomly from a pouch.

  19. Sing-Along Memory Game
  20. Everyone sings along while a popular song plays and when the person in charge of the song ‘mutes’ the music, the rest have to continue singing the words. See who can do it and who is beat!

  21. Spot It!
  22. This one’s a great memory game that comes with 55 cards stored in a compact circular tin.

    Between any two cards, there is one and only one, matching symbol. Spot it faster than others to win!

  23. Alexa Voice Audio
  24. Since we’re living in a largely virtual world, why not make the most of what technology has to offer? Use Alexa effectively to play fun games like ‘Twenty Questions’.

  25. Kanoodle
  26. This one’s a set of 12 puzzle pieces with over 200 challenges of varying levels.

    You have to choose a design from the accompanying book to create 2D and 3D puzzles.

  27. Play with Sensory Sticks
  28. One of the perfect games for smaller children.

    This game provides children with the ability to hone their sensory skills.

  29. I Spy
  30. This wonderful game can be played just about anywhere with 2 or more people!

    One person says something like ‘I Spy with my little eye, something with the colour red’. The object must be visible to the other players, who have to guess what it is. Based on their guesses, the player holding the secret responds with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. This goes on until someone correctly guesses the secret object.

  31. Impressions
  32. A great game to get the entire family involved.

    Everyone takes turns creating impressions of famous people like movie stars, while the others try and guess who it is.

  33. The Alphabet Game
  34. If you’re in a moving car, this one’s the perfect game.

    People have to look out the window to spot things that start with each letter of the alphabet.

  35. Road Trip Word Search
  36. A fun word search game that you can print out and bring on your next road trip.

    The objective is to identify words on a sheet of paper. Words that kids will definitely see on the road, like ‘traffic’ and ‘seat belts’.

  37. Would You Rather
  38. You know your family members well. Why not get to know them better?

    One person thinks of a question that has two possible outcomes. Like, ‘What would you prefer drinking? Orange juice or a chocolate milkshake?’ The person being asked chooses one of the outcomes as their answer, before asking another player a similar question.

  39. Iota The Great Big Game in a Teeny Weeny Tin
  40. This one might seem simple, but it’s clearly not.

    You have to add cards to a grid, ensuring that the attributes of color, shape and number are either all the same or all different across the line.

At Eurokids we do everything to keep little children busy. We know just how important it is to include games to keep them entertained while on road trips. Besides reinforcing early learning in key areas like critical thinking, they ensure that not only the destination, but the journey becomes fun, too.