EuroKids Preschool In Pune

EuroKids Preschool In Pune

EuroKids International Preschool is a modern preschool which operates in the English language. EuroKids International Preschool is designed for children between the ages of 2 ½ years and 6 years. The curriculum is planned to meet the needs of all pupils, with emphasis on early learning skills, creativity, interest-led learning, problem solving and team work.

EuroKids International Preschool Pune offers a progressive curriculum that focuses on the whole child’s development – intellectual, social, emotional and physical. All age groups are taught by qualified teachers who are passionate about teaching young children.

EuroKids is a chain of preschools located in Pune, Maharashtra. EuroKids offers various curriculums for different age groups. EuroKids is the best Pre-School in Pune to make your child’s first step towards their future journey of success!

EuroKids is a licensed and accredited preschool in India. EuroKids offers an education that is second to none, with state of the art facilities and an experienced, qualified and loving staff. Their focus on developmentally appropriate early childhood learning has been proven to improve academic achievement and socio-emotional skills.

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