Essential Moral Values for Kids: Teaching Right from Wrong

Without the right set of values, we would be like fish out of water. Not knowing where to go. How to be. What to do. In fact, a moral compass is exactly what we need to become good people. The kind that all of us always want to be. Strive to be.

Now it might seem like a difficult road, but if you start walking on its path right from your childhood, it will feel like rainbows and butterflies. Okay not exactly that but it will feel natural, right.
That is why inculcating the right moral values in kids is so, so important. So they can be good people too. At least certain basic values should be taught to kids, no questions asked.

Here is a list of moral values for kids to help you out. But before that, how about deep diving into what they are and their benefits first?

What are moral values?

You probably already know it but if you want an easy definition that you can use to explain it to your kids, moral values are any codes or principles that help understand two things:

  • What is right
  • What is wrong

Sure there are grey areas sometimes, and it can get really difficult then to distinguish the two. Lines get blurry. But that is not something you need to teach your preschooler about just yet. It can wait for when they grow older and probably hit their teens. That might be the best time. As for now, this easy definition of ‘what are moral values’ should suffice.

Importance of moral values: why your child should have them

Let us get right down to business instead of boring you with a long introduction to this subhead.
The core importance of moral values lies in the fact that it can help kids understand right from wrong.
To a child, the difference between the two is not going to be super clear. More often than not. And you cannot blame them for that. You should not even scold them easily either, because they are still not entirely wrong in not knowing what wrong is.

They are at the age when they are still trying to figure out this crazy thing called the world that surrounds them 24×7. Heck, even as adults we have not figured out the world yet. Majority of us still falter, still wonder, still feel lost. And we still sometimes end up doing the wrong thing. Something that can be prevented if we follow a strong moral code. So blaming kids is hardly the right thing to do. What is right instead is teaching about morality.
Besides that, another benefit of moral values is by teaching your kids right from wrong, you can shape them up to be good people. And is that not the real purpose of life? To be as good as we can?

Honestly, there is a different sort of satisfaction when you know deep down in your heart that you have done the right thing. Nothing can beat that feeling. It feels like a bright ray of sunshine even when thunderclouds loom large around you. Surely, you want your kids to know that feeling as they grow older. That alone should encourage you to teach them moral values.

List of moral values for kids

Though you should always try to teach your kids as many values as you can, helping them assimilate basic ones into their moral code can really go a long way. A long way in making them better people and the world a better place.

  1. Respect
  2. They say you should respect your elders. We say you should respect anyone and anything.

    That is right. Respect is not something that should be restricted to people older than you. You should teach your kids to extend their respect to other kids younger than them. As well as to animals, food, and the environment.
    By respecting each of them with due respect, kids will learn to appreciate and value what they have in life. And that is much better than taking things for granted.

  3. Honesty
  4. Never lie. That should be the mantra in your house. Teach your kids how lying, being dishonest or cheating might feel like the easy way out in the moment but it can have long-term repercussions.

    For example, your kid might lie to you about getting poor grades in a test. Though in the moment it might save them from getting scolded, the downside is they will not be able to get your help in the subject they are weak in. Which can lead to a consistently poor performance.

  5. Compassion
  6. And concern. These two are inseparable. And when they join forces, they give rise to a beautiful human being. Teaching your kids to care about others can breed other strong values such as sharing, problem-solving and more!

  7. Persistence
  8. Giving up is all too easy. But going on has its own rewards. Tell your kids how rewarding hard work can be. How it can help them achieve whatever they dream of. That ought to get them determined!

  9. Kindness
  10. Just like compassion, kindness too can solve so many of this world’s problems. But there is a catch. Though kindness as a sentiment might be in your kid’s heart, the way they show it is what makes the real difference. From small to big gestures of kindness, kids should know how to pull them off. For example, while donating money is kindness, so is simply listening to somebody who has had a bad day.

  11. Gratitude
  12. Where would we be without gratefulness? Instil in your kids the value of feeling and expressing gratitude. By counting their blessings everyday, your kids are bound to develop a greater appreciation for everything they have.

  13. Sharing
  14. Is caring. Everybody knows that. Sharing is a selfless act. It teaches kids that they do not need to be too possessive about material things. Rather sharing them can actually double the joy kids derive from their possessions.

  15. Cooperation
  16. They say this about charity, but even collaboration should begin at home. By doing things together as a family, you can take your child’s focus away from ‘me’ to ‘we’. This is such a good way to build that sense of community and belonging among kids.

  17. Responsibility
  18. Most kids will love learning this value as it will give them a sense of ownership and authority. From picking up their shoes to cleaning their dishes, there are a lot of little ways in which you can teach your kids to be responsible.

  19. Generosity
  20. The last on our list of moral values for kids is generosity. Similar in spirit to sharing, generosity goes one step ahead. It is not just about sharing positions, but about lending a helping hand or doing something good or kind for someone beyond one’s own comfort. A value with a very pure intention.

    When you think about all the benefits of moral values for kids and moral lessons, you cannot help but get them started on this mindful journey right away. And you know what? At EuroKids, we are always there to assist you. Being the leading preschool chain in India, we help in developing the right kind of moral codes and ethics in our tiny tots. Besides, making learning fun that is! Drop by any of our branches that is convenient for you to know more.

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