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Ensuring your child’s well-being in day care: 6 strategies to support their health and happiness

It is the second coming!
Of the flu season that is. Sorry, we know we sounded a bit too excited like we were about to say something good but here we are. In the second spell of flu season. From January till March. Or maybe it is the first? Anyway if you were wondering when the other one is, that happens in the months of monsoon. It is flu time!

Sigh. That does not bode too well for your school going kid though. No matter if it is Jan or July. Especially if your kid is young and just about in day care. Or even preschool. You need to protect them from all the evil flu germs. Which can be hard considering they will be in a social environment in day care.

But fear not! We got child well-being covered over here! What that means is we are about to spill the beans on strategies that can keep your kids from the clutches of the flu. Here goes!

  1. Get them a flu shot
  2. That is step numero uno in our ‘maintaining child health in day care’ strategy programme! That was a mouthful. Anyway, studies show that young kids from ages 0 to 5 are more prone to complications arising out of what might seem like “harmless” flu. Reality check: it is not harmless. It can cause severe breathing problems. And even pneumonia! So it is absolutely, 100%, vital and crucial that you get your kids their flu shot. Call up your doctor and schedule it as soon as you can. Sooner the better always!

  3. And get the rest of their vaccinations up to speed too
  4. Daycare wellness ensures strategy number two! Now that you are already talking the vaccine talk, check your baby’s vaccine card. Is any vaccine due? You see, getting shots on time can make a big difference to your baby’s overall health and being.

    There is a reason why doctors keep toddler vaccination on a schedule. Because they know that in order for them to be fully effective, sticking to the timetable is crucial. Plus, the schedule ensures your baby gets protection from various viruses and illnesses. So check the card and ensure your toddler gets their booster shot. For sure. Without any delays. Because you know they will be around other kids and adults in daycare. Only makes sense.

  5. Choose your daycare wisely
  6. And we mean really wisely. If you have got a checklist of what your ideal day care should be like, stick to it. And do not settle till you find the perfect day care. No compromises here. Especially because settling for the wrong day care can cost your baby’s health. And you do not want that, we know.

    When hopping from daycare to daycare to check them out, see how much importance is placed on child health in that day care. Is the centre sanitary? Are the washrooms spick and span? Is there free and easy access to soap and water for both adults and kids? Is the place frequently cleaned and sanitised? Knowing about the hygiene level and practises a daycare follows can help you make the right decision.

  7. Label your kids things
  8. Some aspects of maintaining day care wellness are your responsibility too. Like labelling your kids personal belongings before sending them off to daycare. Why? To prevent accidental use of the wrong sippy cup, of course. There is a good chance that germs may transfer if your baby ends up with another baby’s pacifier. So label it. Prevent mix-ups.

    Also, wash and sanitise the items you send your child with to daycare everyday. It is just about being extra cautious. Never hurts. Make sure you use warm water for the washing. And disinfecting wipes to wipe clean any item that cannot be washed daily. Like bags. Or holders.

  9. Teach healthy habits for daycare kids
  10. Following healthy habits for daycare kids is so, so important! It is that fine line between exposure to germs and being saved from germs. Often that line is invisible. But with healthy habits, it can be crossed. Safely.

    As for habits you can teach your kids, these include washing their hands. Especially before eating food or after visiting the washroom. Sneezing into their elbow, if they do not have a tissue around. Using a tissue to wipe runny noses. And so and so forth. Also, speak with your daycare provider so they can help your kids practise these habits regularly and religiously.

  11. Ensure your kids get good sleep
  12. And access to good nutrition too! That is why the saying ‘a healthy child is a happy child’ exists! Because sleep and nutrition combined can help your child achieve that. Though not a part of childcare hygiene tips, ensuring your baby gets access to quality sleep and nutritious food can go a long way in building their immunity. Which, in turn, can make them stronger and more resistant to common infections.

    However, that does not mean you ignore the childcare hygiene tips we just told you about in the previous point. No, the two go hand-in-hand. They still need to wash their hands and use a tissue no matter how strong their immune system is.

  13. Be considerate
  14. Now this one is only and only for you, parents. And by that we mean this is only something you can do. It is not up to the daycare or your kids. You need to ensure not just your child’s wellbeing but those of other kids at the daycare too. Which means you cannot send your child to daycare if they have caught a cold. Or if they have not spent at least a day without getting that second round of fever.

Avoid rushing your child to the daycare the moment they start feeling better. They might still be carrying germs. Which opens up the possibility of them infecting other kids. Now if you do not want other kids to pass on their germs to your baby just because their parents sent them to daycare, then you have to practise what you preach too. So be a team-player and protect everyone by keeping your kid home till they get a clean bill of health.

Another thing you should do is follow the rules of the daycare. Daycare centres always have rules in place to ensure each child they take care of is protected and safe.

You know there is one more thing you should do. You should choose your kid’s preschool with as much care as you chose their daycare with. Trust us, you do not want to settle on that front either. You want a preschool that supports your child’s learning and growth with curriculum and activities that are engaging and constructive. Like EuroKids does! For more on how we do it, visit us!

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