Empowering Kids through Opinion Writing: Tips, Examples, and Topics


‘Everybody has an Opinion, so why should I bother having one?’

This is a question many people undoubtedly pose themselves, every now and then. At every large gathering, there always seems to be some Opinion or the other, on relevant themes like Politics and Sports. We use the term ‘relevant’ here, to reinforce the fact that unless you have an Opinion yourself, you will be ‘irrelevant’!

It’s true, children must be taught at a very early age that it is vital to form their own opinions.
This article is an endeavour to introduce  Opinion Writing to Kids. This includes Opinion Writing Topics and even Opinion Writing Examples.

But first, let us learn How to Write an Opinion!

Opinion Writing: How to Write an Opinion

There are several ways in which we can teach kids the art Of Opinion Writing. Before we get them to pen down their opinions, though, they must learn ‘how to form’ their own opinions!
Presenting a look at what we deem the most effective ways for children to learn making their own opinions.

A Chance to Introspect

How do you get children to start thinking about forming their own beliefs?

To do: Start by discussing the topics that are closest to their hearts. Ask them questions that will pave the way for some genuine introspection. In that way, they will come to see that they can form their very own set of beliefs.

Asking for their Views

Aside from asking them to ponder about things they care about, you can ask several other questions of them, too.

To do: Ask them simple questions, like ‘What is the best way to spend a Sunday?’ You might be surprised to learn that your kids actually want to go for a picnic in the Outdoors, rather than stay at home and watch Television!

A Space to Express themselves Freely

So what if your little one is not an adult? That is no reason their Opinion must not be respected by you!

To do: You have to ensure that you allow your children to voice their opinions freely, without any sort of judgment. The last thing you want to do is butt in when they are speaking, and tell them they are wrong.

Absorbing New Ideas Through Reading

What is the best way to expose children to a plethora of really good ideas? By introducing them to the love of reading Fine Literature, of course!

To do: What you want to do is pick books for your children that themselves have characters with strong opinions. When they lose themselves in the pages of a good book, they will find themselves faced with plenty of different ways of thinking about the things in their lives.

Writing their Opinions

One of the best ways to drill something in the minds of human beings, is to get them to Write it down!

To do: Have your child jot down an Opinion Statement of their choice, every single day. Something to the tune of the following:

  • I like Strawberries more than Raspberries
  • It is important to exercise regularly for Good Health.

Opinion Writing: Opinion Writing Examples

In the last part of the section  above, namely, ‘How to Write an Opinion’, we saw a couple of examples of opinions that kids might express.

Here’s presenting even more Opinion Writing Examples, to help children explore the various nuances of Opinion Writing.

  • I like eating Butter Chicken because it is so flavourful.
  • I feel it is important to not watch too much television before going to bed.
  • I think that people should not throw their garbage on the road if they want to help save the environment.
  • I like going to the beach because my parents let me dip my feet in the ocean water.
  • I like going to school because that is where I get to meet all my best friends every day.
  • I like solving a jigsaw puzzle because that is a game I simply cannot stop playing until it is finished.
  • I like going to the park because I( have fun there and also get a good amount of exercise.
  • I think it is important to have a pet because everyone should care for at least one animal.
  • I like Science because that is a subject that allows me to visit the laboratory and perform cool experiments.
  • I think we should have a bath after getting wet in the rain, to prevent ourselves from catching a cold.

Opinion Writing: Opinion Writing Topics

If you want to get your child to start voicing their opinions every now and then, it’s a really good idea to begin at home! How exactly do we make that happen?

The answer: With some Opinion Writing Prompts, that are sure to elicit some sharp, and even surprising at times, opinions from your little ones.

Without further ado, here are some Opinion Writing Prompts you might like to pose to your children.

  • Do you believe that kids should be allowed to grade their teachers in school?
  • What do you think is the future of Artificial Intelligence, 10 years from now on?
  • In your opinion, at what age do children really become adults?
  • Do you believe that human beings should consume meat?
  • Is money the most important thing in the world?
  • Why is it that Science is a field that is predominantly chosen by boys, and not girls?
  • Do you believe that video games are a form of Sport?
  • What is your opinion of reading Actual Books, as opposed to reading them on Kindle?
  • What is your opinion on telling a White Lie?
  • Do you believe that it is important to travel the world and see new places?

At EuroKids, we believe that having an Opinion is integral for the personal development of all children, big or small. Not only does it give them the ability to express their thoughts and feelings, it exposes them to the beliefs of others, too. Moreover, it also helps them showcase their originality in the world.