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Educate Your Children on These Fundamental Safety Precautions

“Kids are naive. They do not have a clear understanding of what is good or what can harm them. As parents, it is your duty to help them understand the different aspects of life. These safety rules will protect them when you are not around them.”

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You can never be safe enough, when it comes to your kids.

Continual parental guidance is the norm, at home and even outside.

‘Don’t go too deep in the water!’ is a phrase all parents find themselves screaming, when their little ones venture into swimming pools. What about the times children are left to their own devices? Safety rules for children need to be continually drilled into those young minds. That is, until they finally realise that their safety is largely in their own hands.

There’s no doubt why we should follow safety rules. Read on for some great safety tips for kids that will help keep that ‘Danger lurking around the corner’, well at bay.

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Do your kids know about the safety rules to be followed at home?

16 Fundamental Safety Precautions Every Child needs to take

Here are safety rules for children that are an absolute must to adhere to, to keep them well out of the jaws of danger.

  1. Knowing their contact information
  2. The mere act of knowing their contact details, can aid children greatly in the time of an emergency.

    To do: Get your child ready to be able to share their full name, your name, their address and a nearby landmark. Older children should be able to share a phone number, too.

    Tip: Practise memorising this often, as children are prone to forgetting easily.

  3. Never Trust Strangers
  4. ‘Don’t take things from strangers’, is something we were all taught as kids, and with good reason. Being aware of strangers is one of the crucial safety rules to be taught at home.

    To do: Tell your children to not take anything from a stranger, and not go anywhere with them either.

  5. Road Safety
  6. Children are vulnerable to road accidents, especially when they aren’t under adult supervision. Here’s some pointers you could teach them, to ensure road safety. Road safety is also one of the important safety tips for kids.

    o   Look right, left and again right, when crossing the road alone.

    o   Know what the different traffic signs mean.

    o   Get out of the car on the pavement side only.

  7. Never play with dangerous products
  8. There are several things commonly used in households that pose serious danger to children. Ensuring safety for kids is essential to create awareness of the surroundings and protect their overall wellbeing.

    To do: Keep them away from things like electrical appliances, matchboxes, knives, etc.

  9. If they get lost, they must stay where they are
  10. The most common mistake children make when they are lost is to leave the place they are in, to find their parents.

    To do: Tell your child that if they find themselves separated from you in a public place, like a supermarket, they need to stay put. That way, they will never wander aimlessly to a remote place. Also, in due course of time, you will find them.

  11. Don’t allow anyone inside
  12. You never know who might be lurking around your neighbourhood.

    To do: Tell your child that at all costs, the door must not be opened to anyone while you are away. Also, the door must always be closed. This will prevent the likes of thieves and unwanted intruders from getting in.

  13. Not letting anyone touch them without their consent
  14. You must teach your child the difference between safe and unsafe touch, at an early age.

    To do: Tell them that if anyone touches them without their consent, they must report it immediately to you. When making a list of safety tips for kids, you cannot ignore this one.

  15. Internet Safety Tips
  16. You never really know who is chatting online with your child, do you? By providing required internet safety tips you can protect the safety of your kids from the ill- effects of cybercrimes.

    To do: You need to ensure that your children only add people they know, when they are using chat programs, or even on social media platforms. Further, you must teach them about cyber safety by checking who is viewing their profiles, photos and videos online.

  17. Not Keeping any Secrets from Parents
  18. Hiding something from you that they are ashamed of, might be a serious cause of concern.

    To do: Tell them that no topic is off-limits, and that talking about issues helps them get resolved faster.

  19. Safety Rules for Kids at School
  20. We know why we should follow safety rules, but the ‘where’ is equally important, too. Here’s a lowdown of the safety rules for kids at school that every child needs to know.

  21. Never wander outside School Premises
  22. Children need to know that they must never leave the school premises unattended. It is essential for school officials to create awareness to protect the safety of children.

    To do: If they need something from outside, they must ask a teacher or staff member for help.

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  23. Knowing the school’s Emergency Protocols
  24. Most schools have fire and earthquake drills, and even emergency evacuation plans.

    To do: Your child needs to know these plans thoroughly, to avoid any resultant confusion in the case of an emergency.

  25. They must not tolerate Bullying
  26. This is one of the most overlooked safety rules for children.

    To do: Teach your children to stand up for themselves, and not succumb to bullying of any kind. If left unchecked, bullying might just take a dangerous turn.

  27. Seek Medical Help when required
  28. Oftentimes, children feel ashamed to ask for help, in the process hazarding their health. Parents and the educational authorities must teach kids to seek medical help when they experience genuine concerns to ensure safety for children.

    To do: Tell your child that if they are feeling discomfort of any kind, they must report to the medical room with immediate effect.

  29. Being careful in the Playground
  30. Far more injuries happen in the playground, than one might expect.

    To do: While it might be the duty of the school to ensure playground safety, you have to tell your kids to be careful while playing. Things like running on uneven surfaces and playing on faulty equipment are a strict no-no!

  31. Not doing anything they aren’t comfortable doing
  32. Forget bullies, even your child’s friends might put them in harm’s way.

    To do: Tell them that they must resist peer pressure at all costs. If they are asked to indulge in a dare that makes them do something they feel uncomfortable about, they should say a firm ‘No.’


Children’s Safety rules must be continually drilled into young minds until they finally realize that their safety is mainly in their own hands. In this article, we have provided 15 essential safety tips to ensure protection for your little one from potential threats.

At EuroKids, you can rest assured that we do all we can to create the safest possible environment for your children. That being said, though safety rules cannot guarantee safety, they can help prevent inevitable accidents. Teach your kids the safety tips outlined here as early as possible, to keep them out of harm’s way.


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