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Eco Friendly Living Ideas for Kids: Empowering the Next Generation

Climate change is no Urban Myth.
By the time our children grow up, that change might get ‘out of hand.’

Not if our kids have something to do about it, though!
Our children are the torch-bearers of a brighter tomorrow. Tomorrow we can help them create in the now, through their positive actions in the present. If we can get them to be environmentally conscious at an early age, there’s no denying the positive benefits our planet will reap in due course of time.

While ‘changing the climate’ might seem like a tall order, it can most certainly be achieved! The idea is to get our children to adopt an Eco Friendly living style. If you have been looking at How to live an Eco Friendly Life, this article is just what the doctor ordered. In it you will find everything from Eco Friendly Living Tips, to the Best Eco Friendly places to live.

Eco Friendly Living Ideas for Kids

Looking at how to live an Eco Friendly life? The idea is put ‘Sustainability over Convenience’!
Luckily for you, we have you covered with these stellar Eco Friendly Living Tips!

Start at home

Probably the best way your child will adopt an eco friendly lifestyle, is when they see you do the same!
To do: You want to do the ‘little’ things at home, that make a ‘big’ difference! Like, the following:

  • Maintaining your car in the garage, while you explain the importance to your kids.
  • Taking short showers, and encouraging them to do the same.
  • Planting a tree, for a better and ‘greener’ tomorrow.

Watching Movies

You heard that right! Movies can be a most helpful tool, to make an impact on those impressionable minds.

To do: We would recommend getting your kids to watch Pixar’s Wall-E. It’s a great movie, to help teach kids about the ill-effects of consumerism.

Reducing their carbon footprint

In today’s day and age, it’s common for kids to ask you to drop them in the car, just about every place they have to go.

To do: Teach your child about the importance of reducing their ecological footprint, by walking or cycling instead of using the car. Show them that by doing so, they are not helping save the environment. Oh, and getting in some invaluable exercise, too!

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

This one’s an adage for the next generation, for sure! Certainly, one of the best eco-friendly living tips.

To do: It’s not only important to get children to understand the importance of recycling, they must do it too! Help them do other things, too, like the following:

  • Carrying reusable cutlery, bags and bottles to school.
  • Using pre-used wrapping paper, to pack presents.

Continually reinforce the concept of Environmental Awareness

Children have a mind of their own, just like you do. They aren’t going to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle, until they understand the sheer importance of it.

To do: You want to get them to absorb the importance of taking care of the environment. A hike in the outdoors, for instance, is the perfect setting to explain the delicate balance of nature to your child. You can explain to them how important trees are, in giving us the oxygen we breathe.

Using Eco Friendly Living Products

One of the greatest dangers of Consumerism is, it gets people to turn a blind eye to the damage many of our cherished products might cause to the environment.

To do: You want to place an emphasis on using only Eco Friendly Living Products. The best thing you can do here, is to explain to your children the dangers of plastic toys. Encourage them to buy toys, nevertheless. Only those that are safe for the environment!

Teaching them to Care for Plants and Animals

Did you know that empathy is something that can be ‘learned’?

To do: Most children naturally love and care for other human beings. It’s important to get them to extend all that love and compassion, to plants and animals, too. Cool Tip: Getting them to have a pet at home is a great idea. So is having them water plants in your house.

Teach them not to Litter

We have all been guilty of throwing a candy bar wrapper on the ground in our childhood years, haven’t we?

To do: You have to teach your little ones that littering is an absolute no-no! Tell them that it’s easy for something like a plastic straw carelessly thrown on the ground, to find its way to the ocean. Explain to them that it could end up in the body of a fish. If that’s not bad enough, that fish might just find itself on their plate some day!

The Best Eco Friendly Places to Live

We’re not suggesting you move your residence, but here’s a list of the Best Eco Friendly Places to Live!

  • Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Are you looking for clean air? Wellington has an abundance of it! Its relatively sparse population could be one of the prime reasons.

  • Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • This city that lays a great emphasis on sustainability, aims to be the first Carbon Neutral Capital in the world by the year 2025.

  • Vancouver, Canada.
  • This city in Canada has launched what is known as the Greenest City initiative, which has a set of realistic goals for the near future.

  • Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Looking to reduce your ecological footprint? Head over to Zurich, where bikes are offered all over the city, free of charge!

  • San Francisco, California.
  • Despite its booming population, this city ranks high on the sustainability map, on account of its stellar waste management plan.

At Eurokids, we do all we can to encourage our children to inculcate an eco-friendly lifestyle. We strongly encourage all parents to do the same. Caring for the environment helps them realize that they are part of something much greater, and that they have an obligation to protect our planet

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