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Easy Simple Organization Ideas for Toy Storage for Kids

“Home Storage can get a bit tricky when kids and their belongings are involved. Your kid’s toys need to be accessible but also, if they do not have a designated space for storage, will easily create clutter.”

Atika Khan, writer at Time of India

Messy rooms are not limited to those inhabited by teenagers. When your kids are very little, you will often find yourself trying to grapple with that sense of chaos that stems from their messy playrooms. Toy organiser ideas, then, become something of an absolute must where it comes to finding some calm in that chaos.

The thing about playroom storage that most people don’t quite get, is that it must be in sync with the child’s sensibilities. When it is, you will find those toy storage ideas actually make your child ‘want’ to keep their rooms clean!

Before we get into finding the best ways to organise those toys, though, here’s a look at why Toy Organization is so essential, in the first place. Nevertheless, when you practise toy organisation ideas, involve your children to teach them responsibility.

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Why Does Toy Organization Matters? 3 Key Reasons for Better Kids Toy Storage

Looking for Toy Organizer Ideas is a far more vital exercise than you might have imagined. Toy organisation ideas play a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness of the room. Here’s a look at the benefits that the best playroom storage ideas lend us.

  1. Better Organization leads to better play
  2. We all know what a cluttered desk does to our minds, right? When children learn to organise their toys, the resultant clutter-free environment enables them to find the toys they want to play with more easily. Not distracted by mess, the quality of their play becomes enhanced.

  3. Keeps them safe
  4. The last thing you want is for your child to step on toys they might have left lying around after playing, in the middle of the night or early in the morning. This might lead to serious accidents, which you want to avoid at all costs.

    Did you know that organising a kids playroom can save time?

  5. It makes Clean Up time easier
  6. When it comes to cleaning baby toys, the best way is to establish designated spots for each toy. By organising and storing them properly, it becomes a breeze to clean up the room. This not only saves time but also allows both parent and child to engage in other enjoyable activities, rather than constantly struggling to put things back in order. Easy clean up time is one of the benefits of playroom storage for kids.

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8 Easy Tips for Organizing Toy Storage

Use these best toy storage ideas and organisation techniques, to make the process of storing toys an easy affair for both you and your little one.

  1. Use Small, Lidless Bins
  2. The disadvantage of using huge playroom storage spaces is, things inadvertently seem to get lost in them. It becomes even more difficult when those huge storage bins are equipped with lids. Further, when organising kids to room storage, you can opt for transparent bins for quick and easy identification.

    To do: Get smaller bins without lids, that will make it far simpler to put those toys away.

    Tip: You might wish to put these on top of a low cabinet, to make them as accessible as possible.

  3. Plastic Stackable Open Storage
  4. Plastic Stackable open storage is essential in organising kids’ playroom storage. This toy organisation idea is a most budget-friendly option where it comes to storing your kids’ toys.

    To do: You want to go in for simple plastic vegetable racks that stack on top of each other and keep things like building blocks, out of the way of those trudging feet. Easy to access, this is an option you can find in just about any hardware store.

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  5. A good Kids Toy Organizer
  6. There are plenty of good toy organisers in the market that can help with toy organisation, but it helps to do a bit of research before you zone in on the one you deem best. This will serve as a toy rack your kids can return to every now and then, to get their favourite toy.

    To do: Focus on the space you have, if you’re looking for something that doubles as furniture and a storage space for your kids’ toys.

    Tip: When zoning in on the right Kids Toy Organizer, it will help to make an assessment of the ‘kind’ of toys your child has. Also, choose one that is ‘short’ enough for your child to easily look into the bins and boxes on their own.

  7. Keeping Small Toys Organized
  8. Usually, it’s the small items like Lego pieces and Jigsaw puzzle pieces that tend to get lost. To prevent this, it becomes essential to pay attention to how you store them in a kids toys organiser.

    To do: Use see-through shoe boxes with lids, for all those little pieces.

    Tip: You might want to paste a label on each box to indicate what is inside it.

    Did you know that keeping small toys organised can reduce clutter greatly and improve fun playtime for children?

  9. Organising toys for children of different ages
  10. Toy storage ideas should be tailored effectively in the case of children of different ages sharing the same playroom.

    To do: You want to store the toys of bigger children higher up, out of the crawling reach of tiny tots. Needless to say, toddlers should have their toys within easy reach of them.

    Tip: You want to use ‘open’ storage units for both smaller and older kids. Also, you might wish to designate differently-coloured bins for each child to store their toys.

  11. Get a good Shelving Unit
  12. Kids toy room storage can be extended with sectional shelving units. This is probably the first thing that comes to your mind, when looking for something that will make for the perfect toy rack for your kids.

    To do: Keep select toys on the shelves in this unit, apart from those that you toss into those bins, boxes or even bags.

    Tip: You might wish to stack your kids’ favourite toys in these.

    Bonus: Eventually, as your children outgrow those toys, you can replace them with books or even stationery.

  13. Edit that Set of Toys
  14. Your children get bored of the same toys faster than you might think.

    To do: Make a careful observation of the toys your children actually play with. You want to hold on to these, while you gradually weed out the rest. Having lesser toys only leads to better toy organisation!

  15. Maintaining an Organized Playroom
  16. Establishing a sense of routine is vital in ensuring your playroom stays organised. You can also encourage kids to organise their toy storage rooms with reward systems.

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    To do: Try and set up a clean-up during lunchtime and one that happens before dinner. This will prevent things from getting out of hand in the long run.


Messy playrooms create a sense of chaos in kids and in parents. Toy organiser ideas are one of the important solutions to find some calm in that chaos. In this article, we have elaborated on the benefits of toy organisation and tips for organising toy storage. Which of these toy organisation ideas are you going to practise today? Do you have more ideas to share with us? Please leave your comments below.

 At EuroKids, it is our belief that you have to let children become proactive where it comes to storing their toys. It goes a long way in instilling in them the necessity to take value in their belongings, and also keep their play spaces clean.


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