Easy Craft Ideas for Kids

Easy Craft Ideas for Kids

With the gradual onset of the pandemic, most schools and colleges have been shut down. Children are stuck at home, wondering when they will meet their friends again. In testing times like these, it is paramount to guide the children towards being active and productive every day. This is essential for their mental growth and physical wellbeing.

You can take up new activities, such as art and craft to help the kids focus on new and creative tasks. Encouraging your child to engage in this activity will not only foster their creativity but also enhance their concentration in kids, leading to overall cognitive development.

What are the best home craft activities for kids at home?

There are a variety of art and paper Craft ideas for 3 and 4 year olds, which you can introduce to your child or to an online playgroup. Working in groups makes these paper crafts much more appealing for the kids. They can learn from each other and also develop a collaborative spirit.

Best Preschool craft activities for kids

Here is a list of easy home craft activities for kids that can supplement your child’s daily online kindergarten or online preschool routines:

  1. Paper House Craft Idea: Making a paper house is easy. You need two sheets of square paper to begin with. First, you must fold the paper diagonally to form a triangle. Repeat this process with the second sheet of paper as well. Then merely fix the two triangle sides vertically using the gap created by the folds. This will create the structure for the house. Then you can add a roof with another sheet of paper and attach it with glue.

  2. Paper Aeroplane Craft: Paper aeroplanes are one of the most popular paper craft ideas, especially in online playschools, and as a craft idea for 3 and 4 year olds. There are various ways to make a paper aeroplane by folding only one sheet of paper. The unique result of everyone’s paper aeroplane makes this craft idea highly engaging.

  3. Pencil-Shavings Recycled Art: Kids are quite intrigued with sharpening their pencils before any task. You can guide them to use these pencil shavings to create fine art by sticking them on a piece of paper to form various figures and shapes such as landscapes, trees, etc. This craft idea also teaches kids to recycle, reuse, and become responsible about the environment at large.

  4. Ice-cream Stick Pen Stand: You can use clean ice cream sticks to make a crafty pen stand for your desk. Start by cutting a plastic bottle into a cup-sized form. This forms the base of the craft. Then, you can fix the ice-cream sticks, one next to the other, around this cup-like structure with glue. After the sticks have been fixed with the glue drying up, you can colour and draw on them to make it appear creative and unique.

  5. Origami Paper Birds: Origami is a form of art wherein you use only one sheet of paper to fold and create objects such as birds, boats, figurines, among others. Although origami can be complicated for kids, it is one of the best ways to train and teach your kids creative arts. You can start with one of the simpler origami projects, such as a boat or a fish. Both of which can be done in less than 10 simple steps.

  6. Paper and Cardboard Bookmarks: One of the most popular Do-it-Yourself (DIY) projects for kids include making creative and colourful bookmarks and bookears. You can do this by first drawing on a rectangular piece of paper and then sticking this artwork on a cardboard. You may also choose to attach an ornamental string to this and tie it to your book.

  7. Styrofoam Plate Animal Masks: Take a large styrofoam or paper plate and draw the face of any animal on the convex of the plate. Then cut out your drawing with safety scissors. Cut an opening for the eye and at the eye level, make two holes on either side. Attach an elastic string to these holes or a ribbon. Colour the mask to make it look more appealing.

  8. Artwork using Dry Leaves and Flowers: You can stick various types and sizes of dried leaves and flowers that you can collect from your home garden or a nearby park to create landscape and sceneries. You can even cut out the leaves into various shapes to form objects in your craftwork as required.

  9. Scrapbook Paper Collage Idea: Whenever you read a good article or see great design, art or photography, you can cut out that portion and store it. After accumulating a substantial number of cuttings on any particular topic, you can stick these in the form of a paper collage in a scrapbook. You can also keep your collages abstract.

These are a few examples of easy paper craft ideas that you can introduce to your kids. They will benefit from the creativity behind such art and craft projects and learn to apply themselves and innovate on the go. Such skills pave the way for a bright future in today’s children. Get crafty with your kids today!

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