11 Easy Calm Down Activities for Preschoolers

We all know that preschoolers can be full of energy and sometimes get easily overwhelmed or upset. There are multiple emotions at play. It is difficult for them to navigate through a myriad of emotions. After all, we all have been through that, haven’t we?

Leave alone children, many adults find it difficult to navigate their emotions!Because we all experience a wide range of feelings, including unpleasant ones, it’s important to help our kids learn to regulate or properly channelise their emotions.It is definitely  something that they would need to learn in order to cope with the many challenges in life! Luckily, there are many easy and effective calm activities that can help preschoolers regulate their emotions and feel more in control. In this blog, we will explore 11 easy calm down activities for preschoolers that can be practiced at home or in a classroom setting. These calm activities are simple, and fun, and can help children learn to manage their emotions in a healthy way.

Deep Breathing:  This is one of the calm activities that can be practiced starting from a very young age. Yes, it is that simple 🙂 Just take deep breaths. Trust us, it is one of the most effective ways to calm down! It is simple to teach as well. It is important to teach them to do this proper;y, though. Your toddlers should breathe deeply in through their noses and then exhale through their mouths.They could count to three with each inhale and exhale.

Blow Bubbles: This is one of the many calm activities that children love. Blowing bubbles can be a fun way to encourage deep breathing and help preschoolers relax. You can even add some lavender essential oil to the bubble solution for a calming aroma. This can be one of the daily fun activities for preschoolers.

Progressive Relaxation of Muscles:Starting from your toes and working your way up to your head, you will flex and relax all of your muscles as part of this exercise. Encourage your preschooler to tense their muscles for a few seconds, and then relax them. Many parents consider this to be a great way to keep their younger ones fit and include this among other calm activities.

Sensory Bottles: One of the calm activities that can be a great tool for calming down is playing with sensory bottles. Fill a plastic bottle with water, glitter, and small objects like beads or sequins, and let your preschooler shake the bottle and watch the glitter fall.

Yoga: Yoga is a great way to promote relaxation and mindfulness. Yoga needs no introduction, eh? It is known to be one of the best activities for kids and can be incorporated as a part of their calm down time. Yoga poses that are appropriate for children can be straightforward, entertaining, and straightforward to learn. These poses can be practiced at home or in a classroom setting. Young children can benefit from learning to listen to their bodies and becoming more in tune with their own emotional and physical requirements by participating in yoga practices. Look up some child-friendly yoga poses and practice them with your preschooler.

Drawing or Coloring: Looking for more activities fun and engaging for preschoolers? Here you go 🙂 Drawing or colouring can be a calming activity that allows preschoolers to express their emotions. Give your little ones some paper, crayons or markers and see the magic happen! They will be able to express themselves beautifully. Maybe even express emotions that they won’t be able to express with words. Isn’t that wonderful? The act of colouring can be soothing and meditative, helping children to focus on the task at hand and reduce feelings of anxiety or overwhelm. Encourage your child to draw or colour their feelings, and ask them about their artwork.

Listening to Music:  Everyone knows that music can calm the mind and body. Put on some calming music and encourage your preschooler to listen and relax. Do you know that a child’s breathing and heart rate can slow down when they listen to soothing music? This can help them feel calm and at ease. Additionally, music can stimulate the brain and promote creativity and imagination, which can be beneficial for preschoolers’ development. Parents, ask around! When it comes to fun activities for preschoolers, it can’t get better than listening to some music! It is fun and also helps in calming them down. Double whammy, eh?

Reading a Book: Considered by many as one of the best calm activities, reading a book can be a fun activity that offers preschoolers a moment of quiet and relaxation. A calming story or message can help children feel more at ease and can provide a sense of comfort during times of stress or anxiety. Yes, a storytelling session will help with that. You know what else? Reading out a story helps you in developing a deep bond with your little one! Parents, do encourage your children to pick up books and read. It is a gift that keeps giving. Reading a book together is one of the activities for kids that can be part of their daily calm down time.

Squeezing a Stress Ball: Squeezing a stress ball can be a physical release that can help preschoolers relax. You can make your own stress ball by filling a balloon with flour or rice.

Taking a Bath: A warm bath can be a relaxing activity that can help preschoolers wind down before bed. Add some lavender oil to the bathwater for a calming aroma. Many parents consider bathing to be an integral part of a child’s calm down time.

Imaginary Calm Place: An imaginary calm place is a mental space that preschoolers can create in their minds to help them feel relaxed and safe. This place can be anything they can imagine, from a cozy treehouse to a peaceful beach or a magical forest. Children love to describe the sights, sounds, and smells of their imaginary place. Remember we spoke about deep breaths earlier? Get them to take deep breaths as they imagine themselves in their favourite imaginary place . Many doctors believe that this is one of the best calm activities for children.

Helping preschoolers develop emotional regulation skills is essential for their overall well-being and success in life. By practicing the  11 easy calm down activities for preschoolers listed in this blog, parents can help children learn to manage their emotions in a healthy and constructive way.

Going through the blog would have given you an idea about how easy it is to carry these out at home or even in a classroom! At Eurokids, we believe that every child should be given a holistic development. Our curriculum emphasizes mindful learning that helps manage emotions, develop self-regulation and improve concentration through self-awareness. With patience, consistency, and practice, preschoolers can develop b emotional regulation skills that will benefit them for years to come.

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