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Doulas- Exploring Their Role and Considerations for Your Baby’s Birth

The term ‘Life Coach’, is one you increasingly hear in today’s day and age.
If you have ever wondered ‘What is a Doula?’, the answer is: this: A ‘Birth Coach!’
An increasing number of people are looking for someone, who can guide them through the arduous process of childbirth.
In this article, we will take a closer look at ‘What is a Doula’, and even attempt to explain what is a Doula vs Midwife!
Are you ready to discover all there is to know about Doulas? Let’s begin, with an examination of what being a Doula exactly entails.

Doulas: Who they are and What they do

A Doula is essentially a trained companion, who provides non-medical support to a mother during childbirth.
Note: The support that is provided by the Doula to a mother here, is both Emotional and Physical.

A Birth Doula is a Doula you will find by the mother’s side, helping her ease into the process of childbirth. Their prime responsibility is to help provide a feeling of ‘safety and security’.

The following are some of the ‘nonmedical’ techniques a Birth Doula will assist the mother with.

  • Breathing
  • Moving into different body positions
  • Massage

Interesting Fact: The word ‘doula’ has its origins in the Greek word doulē, that means ‘maidservant.’

However, a doula is not someone you hire as a ‘servant.’ Rather, they are a trusted ‘helper’, whose role is to ease a mother through the process of childbirth, even though they are not trained medical professionals. Perhaps especially so, because the kind of support a doula can offer a mother is something no healthcare provider can!

Explaining What is a Doula vs Midwife

While plenty of people think that the terms ‘doula’ and ‘midwife’ can be used interchangeably, that could not be further from the truth! A Midwife, unlike a Doula, is a ‘Trained Medical Professional’, who provides care for the mother from the prenatal to the postpartum period.

You might be thinking, ‘This is certainly not making things any easier, where it comes to helping me choosing a professional best suited for assisting me in childbirth’, right?

Luckily, the ‘What is a Doula vs Midwife’ conundrum can be easily solved, by ‘having both’! After all, both their services are different! Of course, that doesn’t mean that you need to have two, or even one, of these trained professionals. It’s all about the individual priorities of parents, vis a vis the process of bringing their baby into the world.

Why Hire a Doula: The Case for having a Doula

So, Why hire a Doula? As we have seen, the role of a Doula is primarily ‘emotional’, and not ‘clinical.’

Presenting a list of reasons why you should hire the services of a Doula, to potentially help improve the experience of childbirth.

  1. Especially helpful for mothers who are alone at childbirth.
  2. In the case of a mother who finds herself faced with the prospect of not having a partner around at delivery time, a doula can be a blessing in disguise! Face Timing their partner who might be posted overseas, won’t help much where it comes to providing the critical support that a doula can.

  3. It is an intensely emotional experience.
  4. It’s true, the nature of childbirth is such that not all partners are able to cope with it effectively. This is exactly where your doula steps in, being trained for things the likes of ‘sounds’ that Mama makes. Sounds that can, along with other factors, make for a most frightening experience for the partner in question.

  5. They know ‘what you need’, exactly ‘when’ you need it.
  6. Want to take a break? Your doula will advise you when the perfect time is, to take one. They will even tell you when it’s time to ‘push’, and focus on tasks like Breathing. There’s a good reason that they have been christened your ‘Labour Coach’, after all!

  7. Curating the Perfect Birth Environment.
  8. The birth of your child is an experience you will want to play on loop in your mind, time and again. That being said, of course you want it to be a special experience! Whether it’s curating just the right playlist for your listening pleasure as you give birth to your child, or setting the right ‘ambience’ by dimming the lights, your doula will do it all for you, and more!

  9. Your doula is dedicated to Just You.
  10. Yes, those nurses and doctors who are working alongside you in your most precious process of Labour, will have other patients to attend to, as well. On the other hand, your ‘doula’ is all the more special, because they are one hundred percent dedicated to ‘only you.’

Tips for Selecting a Doula

If you have decided to opt in for a Birth Doula, the next step lies in choosing the one that’s ‘just right’ for you.

Here are some key considerations, when it comes to choosing the right Doula for your childbirth needs.

  1. Being certified with an accredited organization.
  2. It might be prudent to find out, if they have signed up for Doula Classes with a reputed organization.

  3. A sense of ‘connection’.
  4. The one thing all expectant mothers should remember is, they are going to find themselves most vulnerable at childbirth. Simply getting a trained Doula who has aced tests in those Doula Classes, isn’t enough. When you interview doulas, choose the one you sense a ‘Connect’ with.

  5. Choose one that’s highly recommended.
  6. It always helps when you hear stories of praise about that potential doula, from past clients. After all, you are entrusting them with the birth of your child, and that rare privilege must only be granted to someone most trustworthy!

At EuroKids, we believe Doulas can most definitely have a positive impact on the birthing experience. However, the choice of having one or not is an intensely personal one. If your gut tells you that having a doula might be beneficial for you, it might be a good idea to start looking for the right one Now!

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