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Discover Indian art and culture for kids

Globalisation is the dictum of the modern world and western influence plays a huge role in it.

While it is important to be open to the cultures of the world at large, it is also crucial to embrace and uphold one’s culture and traditions. Fortunately, India has always been a rich country in this regard, boasting a harmonious multicultural heritage that is bar none.

Sadly though, this rich heritage of India is losing its sheen in a bid to be globalised. Kids these days are losing touch with their local arts and cultures and adopting those of the west in urban societies.

It is important to remember that it is our inherent art and culture that makes us unique, that has found its way to the map and into the hearts and minds of people across the globe. It is important to celebrate what we have and be proud of our uniqueness.

If you are wondering how you can teach your kids about Indian art and culture, these tips might help you.

  1. Introduce your kids to Indian and art culture via stories
  2. Read your kids bedtime stories every night? That might prove to be a great window to teach your kids about Indian art and culture.

    Stories such as Panchtantra, Jataka Tales, Tenali Raman, Akbar-Birbal among others are both entertaining and witty, with each of them coming with a positive takeaway that kids can apply in their lives on a day-to-day basis.

    Besides getting exposure to noteworthy Indian literature. Who knows, they might enjoy these stories so much, they may even start reading them on their own!

  3. Celebrate Indian festivals at home
  4. Every festival celebrated in the country is a true reflection of Indian art and culture. Whether it is Holi, Diwali, Durga Puja, Pongal, Onam or Bihu. Each festival serves as a joyous occasion to celebrate the traditions followed in different regions across India.

    Celebrating them with full gusto at home is not only a great way to help your child learn about them, but it can also help your kids assimilate the values of each festival on a deeper level.

    Plus, celebrating all the diverse festivals we have can also make your kids more tolerant and appreciative of different cultures. So be sure to celebrate Indian festivals for your kids every time you can!

  5. Holiday to different heritage spots of the country
  6. From the Sun Temple in Konark to the forts of Delhi and the intricately carved temples of Kanyakumari, Indian art has a lot to offer!

    When planning your annual vacation with your kids, be sure to factor in a heritage Indian site in your travel plans. Visiting these places can pique the curiosity of your children and help them understand the importance of Indian art.

    Moreover, whenever they visit a new place with you, they get the chance to interact with the local people of the place, witnessing their traditions firsthand, which can be a very enriching experience. And if you land up there during the festive season, you might even find Indian festivals for your kids that they can learn about and understand, thereby appreciating the importance of Indian festivals for children.

  7. Encourage their participation in cultural programs
  8. Schools in general make it a point to host culture programs that celebrate the rich diversity of our country. Even residential societies host annual cultural functions around important events such as festivals, Independence Day or Republic Day.

    Encouraging your kids to participate in these programs can help them feel more connected to their roots. It can also make them familiar with Indian dance forms and folk music, thus opening new avenues of Indian culture for kids.

  9. Add an element of Indian art and culture in their games
  10. Kids are busy-bees! They’re always ready to move on to the next fun activity and pursue it with full energy. Adding elements of the local culture in their games can be a great way to teach them about the importance of Indian arts.

    For example, you could get Indian art puzzles or teach them Indian games such as hopscotch and more to get them interested without it seeming like a task or a burden. This is certainly a better way than teaching them via lessons.

  11. Encourage them to take up Indian music, dances as a hobby
  12. It may seem as if Indian culture for kids is restricted to simply Bollywood dance and music, but you can expand their horizons beyond that by introducing them to Indian classical music and dance forms. Making any of them a part of their hobbies will help them absorb Indian culture.

    There are plenty of activities to choose from. Your kids can pick up Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Odissi etc. among the dances. Or they can pursue Indian classical music and pick up instruments such as the sitar, the table, the harmonium or even the flute.

  13. Take them to local exhibitions
  14. Although travelling is a great way to learn about Indian art and culture, it is not always possible. For those instances, making your kids attend local exhibitions can be a great idea.

    Most exhibitions display the choicest of Indian art, be it in terms of painting or handicrafts. Taking your kids to such exhibitions will give them a front-row seat to the niche aspects of Indian art forms and thus increase their appreciation for them.

  15. Use locally produced handicraft items
  16. Not only is this a great way to support local arts and artisans, it is always an excellent way to inculcate respect for locally produced goods in the hearts and minds of your kids. By seeing how good locally produced items can be, your kids will automatically turn to them, instead of relying on foreign makes.

    Getting your kids excited about Indian art and culture might seem like a lot, but if you adhere to the above tips, it will be easy. Indian festivals for kids will become more than just about presents and they would be more open to adopting local culture, traditions and arts into their lives. At EuroKids, we strive to do the same for all of the kids in our school. Learn more about how we do this by visiting your nearest EuroKids centre.

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