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Discover 21 Creative Ways to Showcase Children’s Art in Your Living Space

As parents, every little piece of art created by our kids is priceless and we feel it’s only right that they are displayed properly. But unfortunately with the busy life we all lead, they more often than not  end up in a pile despite the best of intentions. If you are looking to display their creations in a befitting way and which are also easy to change as their art style develops and changes, we have several options for you.

It’s important to put up their artwork and projects regardless of whether it’s on the fridge or in a formal frame as it shows them that you have pride in them and support their work. Whether they are simple pencil sketches or elaborate paintings, children love to see their art showcased in the home. It motivates them to continue with their creativity and their sense of worth goes up.

Art Display Ideas for Home

We have for you a wide range of options that can be adapted to any space and home. They are also easy to change the art whenever new pieces are made as your children continue to create and grow. Most of your children’s artwork stays for a short period of time. After it has been enjoyed for a bit, it is recycled to make room for fresh art pieces. Sometimes, you may want to display a favourite piece of art permanently in the home.

First of all, you have to decide how you would like to display art pieces in your home. Then, you have to decide which pieces you want to keep. Do you want to show off recent projects for a short time or would you like to create a more long term exhibit. This blog looks at 21 creative and different things to do with kid art and how to store precious keepsakes. They include both painting display ideas and creative gallery wall ideas.

Painting Display Ideas

  1. Display and Storage Frames
  2. There are frames available for kids’ artwork that look like professional frames and have easy storage. You can store additional pieces of your children’s artwork in these frames for later use.

  3. Kids Art Poster
  4. You can convert all the favourite art pieces of your child into a poster and kids love seeing their artwork displayed this way.

  5. Wooden Bead Clip Garland
  6. You can use a wooden bead and clip garland to hang your kids’ artwork. You don’t necessarily have to buy it, you can make one at home  with a ball of wool and clothespins.

  7. Corkboard Wall
  8. If you have sufficient space, you could turn one wall into a corkboard for displaying all of your kids’ art. You could even turn a chalkboard wall into a kids’ art gallery.

  9. Matching Frames for a Coordinated Look
  10. A coordinated gallery wall can be made by using inexpensive frames of the same colour. You can easily change the artwork and matching really gives it a good look.

  11. Hanging Display Wire
  12. You can create an art gallery for kids by using a wire curtain rod system to display your kid’s art and have them all hanging in a row.

  13. Floating Wall Shelves
  14. Floating wall shelves or ledges can be used as a kids art display area. It’s simple to change the artwork whenever you want and just prop up framed art pieces or painted canvases. You can move them around as much as you like without those annoying holes in the walls.

  15. Magnetic Wooden Hangers
  16. Simple and magnetic wooden hangers also allow you to change your child’s artwork whenever they create something new. You could also use pants hangers to display kids’ artwork and for quick and easy rotation.

  17. Decals
  18. To create a  gallery wall of your kid’s artwork, you could use some temporary decal frames on a blank wall or make fake frames from washi tape. You could then hang your kid’s art with tape or pins.

  19. Make a Kids Art Book
  20. You could create a book with your kids’ artwork and make it a prized possession of your house.

  21. 11. Use a Smartphone App
  22. You could use a smartphone app to photograph your children’s artwork and tag it with names, dates and descriptions. With just the push of a button, you can print a book of selected artworks of your child.

  23. Peel and Stick Frames
  24. Photo frame wall stickers are available to show off your child’s artwork. These are removable as well as reusable items and can be used as you wish.

  25. Cork Board + Push Pin Clips
  26. There’s nothing like the classic cork board with push pins to hang your kids’ artwork. You can display a number of things together and change them easily at will.

  27. Art Display Bar
  28. A few extra curtain rods can help you create art display bars. This is a real fun way to reuse materials you already have, and create the feeling of a gallery for your children’s artwork.

  29. Letterpress Art Print
  30. If you intend to keep a favourite piece of art for the long term, you can turn your kid’s artwork into a letterpress print.

  31. Kids-Only Art or Mixed Artwork
  32. You can dedicate one wall to display all your kids’ art in one spot or you could even mix their art in with the other artwork you have displayed around the house.

  33. Vertical Display with Hanging Wires
  34. If you have limited space, you can create a vertical hanging display which you can even make with hanging wires.

  35. Washi Tape Gallery Wall
  36. Nobody really likes putting nail holes in their walls, so you can display all the artwork of your kids using washi tape and create a gallery wall. There will be no holes in the walls and you can easily change the artwork when you want. Washi tape is available in myriad fun prints and colours.

  37. Consider the Type of Artwork
  38. Sometimes the materials that are used for the artwork make a great and instant frame themselves. Canvas by itself can be hung anywhere. Or a canvas painting can be hung by creating a hanger with beads and wire that just requires a hook. Cardboard is strong enough to be set on a shelf without framing. Sculptures can be easily displayed in little nooks, shelves and bookcases.

  39. Matching Frames
  40. This works really well for art that has 3D elements like cotton balls or pipe cleaners and doesn’t fit in a normal frame. Take some old frames and cover them in spray paint for a uniform look. Pull a line of monofilament across the frames and hang pictures from it with tiny clothespins.

  41. Create Magnets of Your Kid’s Work
  42. There are apps available to scan your kid’s work and make magnets to feature new artwork on the fridge.

There are numerous other creative ways to showcase your children’s art at home and all you have to do is log into the EuroKids website and you will be spoilt for choice.

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