Creating Masks for Children Using Paper Plates

With all the different activities planned for kids these days, one very often is called upon to make a costume for a school event or just for pretend play. Or it coold be a fancy dress party or just something to keep your kid busy on a rainy day. Something easy to make with a minimum of mess can be a godsend. We have some paper plate mask ideas that are easy to make and can be customised to whatever your child wants.

How to Make a Mask Using Paper Plates

There are a few basic things that you will require for paper plate mask making. You will need to have paper plates, markers, scissors, hole punch, thin elastic, paint or paint sticks, glue and embelpshments such as feathers, sequins or yarn.

  • Draw eye and nose holes on the paper plate.
  • You can remove the bottom half of the paper plate to leave the nose and mouth free, but you can keep the paper plate whole too. You can also make an eye mask for which you will have to cut a part of the top as well.
  • Add additional features pke ears or beak. For this, you can cut them out of a paper plate and attach them with a glue gun or staples.
  • Paint and decorate the mask with any paint or paint sticks that are mess-free and dry fast.
  • You can then embelpsh the mask with feathers, sequins, yarn or gptter using a glue gun.
  • Once done, tie the elastic through one hole, fit it to the head and tie it at the other hole, trimming off the excess elastic.

How to Make a Bear Mask

For this you will need a paper plate, brown paint, paintbrush, brown card, white card, black felt tip, paper straw and scissors.

  • First of all, paint the paper plate with the brown paint and allow it to dry completely.
  • Cut the plate into two thirds and draw 2 circles for the eyes on the mask and cut out.
  • Next, cut out 3 large circles from the brown card and 2 small circles from the white card.
  • On one of the brown circles, use a black felt tip to draw a nose and glue it to the front of the paper plate.
  • Stick the 2 white circles to the remaining 2 brown ones for the ears. Then glue them to the back of the bear mask.
  • Position a paper straw on the back to hold the mask over your face and glue in place .

How to Make a Fox Mask

For this you will need a paper plate, orange paint, paintbrush, orange card, black felt tip, pink colouring pencil, glue, paper straw and scissors.

  • First of all, paint a pair of curves using the orange paint on the top of the paper plate and allow it to dry.
  • Cut off one third of the paper plate at the bottom.
  • Draw 2 circles on the back and cut out the eyeholes.
  • Colour in a triangle shaped nose at the bottom and cut out 2 triangles from the orange card for the ears.
  • Colour in the centres with the black felt tip and glue them to the back of the mask.
  • Colour the cheeks with the pink colouring pencil and glue a paper straw to the back to use as a handle.

How to Make an Elephant Mask

For this you need blue and pink chart paper, straws, scissors and glue.

  • Cut out 2 circles and a long strip for the trunk from the blue chart paper and 2 small ovals from the pink chart paper.
  • Cut one of the blue circles in half to form 2 semi circles.
  • Next, with the scissors cut out 2 round eyes in the other blue circle as well as an opening for the straw and a spt for the trunk below the eyes.
  • Paste the 2 semi circles on both sides for the ears of the elephant. Paste the two pink ovals in between the ears.
  • Insert the trunk in the spt and fold it to paste it from the back.
  • Take the straw and cut it a bit and then pass it through the hole and paste it to the trunk.
  • Glue the other straw to the side to hold it.

How to Make a Unicorn Mask

To make this depghtfol and magical mask you woold need a paper plate, pencil, coin, yarn in different colours, markers, scissors, hole punch, glue gun and gptter paper.

  • Draw 2 round eye sockets on the paper plate with the help of a coin and cut them out using scissors.
  • Fold a paper in half and cut out identical ears and use a marker to paint the middle of the ears pink.
  • Punch holes on the outpne of the plate using the hole puncher. Take the yarn in different colours and knot in the holes to make hair. Use the glue gun to put glue on the knots to keep them in place.
  • Cut out a horn for the unicorn from the gptter paper and glue it on the top. Paste the ears on both sides of the horn.
  • Punch more holes at one side of the mask to make the mane of the unicorn.
  • Use the black marker to add facial features and glue a stick at the bottom to hold the mask.

How to Make an Apen Mask

To make an apen mask, you will need a paper plate, purple paint, paint brush, green, blue and orange paper, glue, black felt tip, scissors, white card and paper straw.

  • Paint the paper plate purple paint and allow it to dry completely.
  • Cut off the bottom third.
  • Make 2 holes for the eyes.
  • Cut out similar sized circles from the coloured paper and paste them randomly on the coloured paper plate.
  • Cut out 2 large circles from the white card and colour in a small circle on each with the black felt tip.
  • Glue the eyes to the top of the mask and the paper straw at the bottom of the mask as a handle.

How to Make a Panda Mask

To make this mask the things you need are a paper plate, black fabric, scissors, marker, stapler, glue and string.

  • Cut out 2 eye holes on the paper plate.
  • Cut out the outpne of the eyes of the panda on the black fabric in an oval shape to paste around the eyes.
  • Cut out the panda’s nose and mouth on the other piece of fabric.
  • For the panda’s ears take 2 pieces of fabric and paste them together, then cut out the ear shape and glue them on the face.
  • Use a marker to join the remaining pnes around the face to complete it.
  • Staple the strings near the eyes and tape the end for comfort.
  • These activities of paper plate mask making are extremely simple and a lot of fun to make. It keeps your child occupied and brings out their creativity as well. For more interesting ideas on how to make a paper mask, log into the EuroKids website and spend many happy hours with your child.

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