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Crafting together: A step-by-step guide on creating a scrapbook with your kids

Nothing screams nostalgia like scrapbooks do! From holding sepia tone pictures to handwritten letters from times past, every fold is a story waiting to be revisited. A memory preserved beautifully.

This is exactly what makes scrapbooking for kids such a wonderful idea! Through this simple, creative and fun activity, you can teach your kids the importance of cherishing sweet memories while fueling their imagination. (P.S. it is also such a great way to inspire or fan the love for crafts in your child).

Now you might be thinking about different scrapbook ideas for kids that you could try. Or perhaps you were pondering over how to make a scrapbook for kids.

Well, contemplate no more as we are cracking down the whole scrapbooking process for kids step-by-step.

Things you need to scrapbook with your kids

Move on from traditional scrapbooks! We mean, you can use that if you want but you can even try out variations such as scrap-box or scrap-folder. They are just as much fun and creative spin on traditional scrapbooking.

That said, here is everything you will need to conduct a scrapbook activity for kids that they will enjoy!

  • A scrapbook
  • Coloured markers and pens
  • Scissors
  • Stickers
  • Ribbons
  • Punch-hole machine
  • Bone folders

How to make a scrapbook for kids

If you talk about the steps in making one, it is actually pretty simple. Call it one of the simplest DIY activities your kids can spend hours on unsupervised as long as they are working with child-safe crafting supplies. Of course you can do the hard parts yourself such as punching holes so there is no risk of injury to your tiny ones as they soldier on independently.

Anyway here are 7 steps to scrapbook for kids:

  1. Step 1
  2. Choose a theme for your scrapbook, which could be anything from travel to first-day at school. Let your baby decide the theme that excites them.

  3. Step 2
  4. Think of all the stories related to that theme that you want your scrapbook to tell. Jot them down in a notebook. For example, if you chose ‘first day of school’ as your theme, highlight moments such as shopping for school supplies, having a uniform fitting, making the first friend etc.

  5. Step 3
  6. Sort out all your pictures and tokens related to the theme so you can add them to your scrapbook. To carry the same example forward, you could click pictures of shoes, save the first eraser and add it to the scrapbook and so on and so forth.

  7. Step 4
  8. Now get all the materials and supplies we told you about in the previous section and get ready for serious scrapbooking! Do not forget to get the pictures and the little keepsakes and tokens too.

  9. Step 5
  10. Once you have chosen your scrapbook and gathered all the supplies you need, start creating individual pages. You could design a layout that matches the theme. For example, for the school scrapbook, you could use the school’s colours and emblem all throughout to indicate the theme. At this stage, make sure you also design the title page with the theme clearly spelt out on the cover.

  11. Step 6
  12. Decorate your scrapbook. Just go crazy! Let your kid’s imagination run wild in the decoration department. They would enjoy unleashing their creative process this way.

  13. Step 7
  14. Finally, assemble your scrapbook pages in sequential order so you and your baby can enjoy them together for a long time to come!

Scrapbook ideas for kids that are bound to be a hit!

Now that you have got the steps right, it is time to snowball scrapbooking ideas and see what lands! But where do you begin? After all, the idea should kind of appeal to the whole family because you are doing it with your kids. It is a family activity! Well worry not because you are about to discover some really scrapbook activity for kids right about now!

  1. Travel memento
  2. Turn that family trip you took into a beautiful scrapbook with pictures and postcards from your travels! We suggest a hardbound book for this as it could be quite token-intensive. Since it is a memento, you can fill it with coins and stamps and what-nots.

  3. Ring bound book
  4. Think of it as an on-the-go scrapbook activity for kids. If you are on a roadtrip and you want to keep your kids occupied, have them collect postcards at each pitstop on the way and ring them together with the help of a metal ring and a punch hole.

  5. School binder
  6. This harks back to our example of the ‘first day of school’ scrapbook. This scrapbook design for kids can actually be a great memory for when they grow older.

  7. Envelope scrapbook
  8. Got a lot of small, memorable knick knacks and tokens lying around such as buttons, stamps, coins and lucky pennies? Stuff each of them in airmail envelopes and ring them together, labelling each envelope of its contents.

  9. Mini book scrapbook
  10. Now you can execute this scrapbook design for kids in two ways. Either you paste small topical books to a bigger scrapbook. Say for example, it is a family tree scrapbook and each member has their own little booklet with a picture on top. Or you make a bunch of mini scrapbooks that your kid can hand out as little mementos to their friends and families!

  11. Memories scrapbook
  12. This is perfect for the special friends in your child’s life. Make your kid document when and how they met their BFF with this one. As scrapbook decoration for kids, they can use glitter pens to scribble down memories and even stick letters and cards and photos they have gotten from their friends!

  13. Polaroid scrapbook
  14. The name explains itself! A really fun project if you get your older kid one of those mini instant cameras so they can document all the pictures they take with it.

  15. Family photo scrapbook
  16. This one will turn out to be such a treasured keepsake when your little one is older! Have your baby label each family member whose photo is in the book along with the story behind each picture as they remember it. They are going to love reading this!

  17. Folding scrapbook
  18. Perfect for your travel memories, get an amazing shot of your family at a popular tourist spot printed and blown up on cardstock. Now fold that picture into accordion fold and add it to your kid’s travel scrapbook. Unfolding the picture will have a grand effect!

  19. Nature scrapbook
  20. From pressed leaves and flowers to your child’s sketches and drawings of the nature they see around, this scrapbook can be a fun summer holidays project for your munchkin!

  21. Monogrammed cover
  22. More of a scrapbook decoration for kids idea, you can have your baby stencil their name on coloured paper and then use it to cover the scrapbook that contains memories of just their personal experiences.

  23. Sketch book
  24. Just a scrapbook that is a curation of all the drawings and sketches of your kid – right from their first one when they were 3 to their first portrait that blew your mind!

  25. Pet scrapbook
  26. Your baby is going to love collecting, labelling and decorating all the pretty picture of their furry friend in this scrapbook!

  27. Ribbon photo frames
  28. You know how you have those metal four corners of a frame in which you can stick a picture? Well, they are not good for old, delicate pictures. As a fix, you and your kid can make frames out of folded ribbons, which will not only look pretty but will be gentle on your old pictures.

  29. Map scrapbook
  30. Could be a fun geography project. Or even just a pictorial memoir of all the places you have visited together as a family.

  31. Newborn scrapbook
  32. Recording every milestone of your munchkin from when they were born up till now. Your kid will have so much fun learning about their baby version!

Scrapbooking is such a fun and creative way to bond with your child while taking a trip down memory lane! It truly is about creating memories that last a lifetime, memories you can flip through any time you want. For more such interesting blogs, visit EuroKids.

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