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Cloth vs Disposable Diapers For Kids

Choosing diapers for kids is one of the most critical challenges of early parenthood. While selecting diapers for kids is a very personal choice of every parent, it is essential to consider the pros and cons of your decision. One of the most significant advantages of cloth diapers for kids is that they ease potty training. On the other hand, the advantages of disposable diapers for kids include the convenience of change.

Wondering which are the best diapers for kids? Cloth or disposable? Make an informed choice for your baby’s comfort and health.

Getting Started With Clothing Diapers

Compared to when you were a kid, now there are numerous options for cloth diapers for kids in the market. Modern cloth diapers have a waterproof outer layer and an absorbent inner layer. The outer layer is meant to soak the moisture and absorbent and prevent the leak.

Flat cloth diapers are the most inexpensive option available. As the name suggests, they are a piece of flat cotton cloth that is folded to give the structure of a multi-layered diaper. To fix them properly, you would need safety pins or cloth clips. Although, there will always be a risk of a pin pricking your child. Hence, due to safety and comfort reasons, they aren’t the best diapers for kids.

The other cloth diapers often used are All-In-One Cloth(AIO) Diapers and All-In-Two Cloth (AI2) Diapers. AIO are easy to fit and come with in-built fasteners as they have low absorption and longer drying time. Hence, not advisable for nighttime. They are an excellent choice for preschools, daycares, and babysitters when picking diapers for kids. The wet inserts in AI2 can be removed and replaced with fresh ones. That’s why they are convenient to use, carry and change. They even come with disposable covers. Although sometimes, diaper duty can become messy when using AI2 due to the extra step involved in attaching an insert.

Another cloth diaper that attracts new parents is Hybrid Cloth Diaper. It is a cross of both cloth diapers and disposable diapers. They are designed to make handling cloth diapers easy and reduce disposable waste. You can use these diapers for kids while traveling or attending a function. You can even use wet wipes to avoid skin rashes.

Pros of Cloth Diapers

– Among many advantages of cloth diapers, the foremost is that they are low investment, i.e., less expensive than disposable diapers.
– They are reusable.
– They ensure fewer diaper rashes in the long run.
– It is easier to start potty training with them as kids will start having a feeling of being wet.
– If you like organic products and are environment friendly, they are the best option for your lifestyle.

Cons of Cloth Diapers

– Cloth diapers can be messier and more cumbersome
– They come with ‘more laundry’ effort
– They are bulky and might discomfort your kid with the fit
– If you are using them while traveling, you must find ways to dispose of/carry poopy diapers

Understanding Disposal Diapers

The most significant advantage of disposable diapers for kids is the comfortable fit they give kids. They are super thin, super light, and super absorbent. It makes your kid less irritable and reduces your efforts, saves time, and makes diaper duty less messy.

But one question that pop’s into every parent’s mind is whether these are safe diapers for kids. Unlike in old times, the materials used to create these diapers are now much safer. E.g. bioplastic and polypropylene are covered with aloe and Vitamin E to avoid rashes.

The other materials that go into the making of disposable diapers are:

Sodium Polyacrylate: It is the core material of disposable diapers that acts as an absorbent, making disposable diapers the preferred choice for kids. Although it is covered with layers to avoid skin contact with the baby, it can cause some irritation to the baby.

Dyes: Well, most of the dyes are not harmful in nature. But in some cases, they have been said to be the reason for rashes.

Dioxins: When the wood pulp used to create diapers is bleached with chlorine, dioxins are produced. The residuals of these dioxins are harmful to kids. In fact, dioxins can also cause cancers if the kid is exposed to larger quantities and prolonged duration.

Are you still confused if disposable diapers are the best diapers for kids? Well, we got your back. Know the pros and cons of using disposable diapers.

Pros of Disposable Diapers

– They are highly absorbent, less messy, thin construct
– They are leak proof
– They come in different sizes based on the age and weight of the kids
– They are easy to carry
– Do not give the feeling of being wet to your kid

Cons of Disposable Diapers

– They are more expensive than cloth diapers
– If the diapers are not regularly changed, they can cause skin irritation or rashes
– They can’t be reused or stocked (as kids grow fast & they will need a different size)
– The kid can get used to wearing a diaper, and potty training can be challenging
– Disposing of them has harmful effects on the environment


There is no perfect diaper that suits all kids. One type doesn’t fit all. Sometimes, just one kind of diaper might not always work for the same kid. Based on the baby’s skin type, age, weight and pooping habits, you can evaluate the advantages of disposable diapers for kids. If you care a lot about the environment, consider the advantages of cloth diapers for kids. Kids are too young to express their needs and challenges, so as a parent, you need to make sure you know all the options for diapers for kids. It should be comfortable for your kid and suit your preferences, lifestyle and ease.

At Eurokids, we understand the importance of diaper duties. We ensure to make your kid feel at ease.

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